Dyson DC14 Toy Vacuum Cleaner By Casdon Assembly & Review

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In this video I unbox, assemble and demonstrate this toy vacuum cleaner based on a Dyson DC14 bagless upright cleaner.

This detailed little toy has two motors, one provides suction through the hose and the other produces the realistic cyclonic action.

Requires 4 C type batteries.

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Gina Rohr says:

We bought one for our son one a month ago. He absolutely loves vacuums and this review made this one sound great and it looked similar to our dyson.
The lower front head portion of the vacuum regularly fell off. The wand consistently got stuck and some of the attachments just balanced on the vacuum. After a month, the wand attachment area completely broke. I was so done with this toy, I threw it out. Poorly made, and constructed. The yellow dyson toy vacuum is much more reliable and durable.

Merle Kampura says:

. I’m

Eddie Guerrero says:

Back then i was so obsessed with vacuums so this could of be perfect for me

Emilie Boulch says:


Dank Memes says:

Oh geez. I had one of these. One day I went to “dust” the coffee table with the “dust brush” and left some nice scratches on the table.

GearGrindzGaming says:

I had one of these but noticed it was fake and then i got my own dyson ball

Ricardo Vontobel says:

Eu publiquei não

Saleh Rangwalla says:

are those colourfull beads polystyrene

Brayden Kelly says:


New Toys Best Toys says:

Nice review.

Jake Todd says:

You mist won

Jacob Mayer says:

I have one

Ajay Patel says:

Love the British

Memuna Abudu says:

H lguZ kij. U0y,,lkl

Ever Nyman says:

I had this one to! And I was Lucky enough to get this one vacuum

Amina Israar says:


Joel Harris says:

Are they still being sold at many retailers?

Nicola Edmonds says:


Paola Uriarte says:


Jonnyboy Morrison says:

hi Ibassic duz the dyson v8 work better than the v6????????????????????

Kyle Virgin Media says:

New subscriber!!!

PhotoMusicMan says:

I am a huge Dyson fan and for some reason I want this too!

Alex12 says:


د المري says:

Wow Very nice..thank you.

ty bing says:

the toy is made out of the same thing the real thing is plastic…get a kirby

Dar!Der !Dor says:

give me vacuum cleaner

Gavin Murphy says:

your making me want the vacuum cleaner

Siguy 12305 says:

did you just flip me off!?

GoldenKittyCat says:

We are gettong my brother this for his 2nd birthday in a few weeks. He is absolutly dyson mad!!! As soon as I go upstairs he want me to bring my Dyson DC04 Absolute + down, when I do he starts running around going “Ooooooooooooooooooooo”

Speaker channel says:


Taylor Saunders says:


swift gamer 666 says:

cool toy

Nate J says:

That is a really updated design compared to the DC07 toy! I can’t even remember what the handle was like on the toy version!

TheUndyingCrow says:


billy mcauliffe says:

Great get the kid to do the house work hahahaha

Isaac Garrett says:

I am6 roger

Jessica Suderman says:

Can I have a Kirby sentries 2

Michael Bologna says:

This toy sucks!!!!

Beth Martin says:

Love ❤️

Aaron Wilson says:

I used to have one of these when I was 4.

Riley James says:

me wish i had that gogo ga ga

Saleh Rangwalla says:

i hate polystyrene

Dylan Crafter 2 HD says:

I own a real dc 14 animal!

Matt McSparrin says:

B. Ffvc
Dcpdpcfvffccccvv I v.

James Lambert says:

do 2

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