Dyson Cyclone V10 Review: Best Cordless Vacuum!

Dyson Cyclone V10 Review!
More Dyson Cyclone V10 Info: https://goo.gl/Jr7HPh
Dyson just launched its brand new Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum, and it’s the most powerful vacuum Dyson has ever made. The V10 is Dyson’s smallest, lightest, most powerful motor yet and took more than five years to develop this latest iteration. Despite the V10 motor being 40% smaller, it’s much more powerful spinning over 125,000rpm.

In this Dyson Cyclone V10 review, I give you a look at how it works, and why this is the best cordless vacuum 2018 has to offer. In fact, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is the vacuum that convinced Dyson that it no longer needed to invest in producing new upright vacuum cleaner models.

Some of the Dyson Cyclone V10 features:
New format with bin rotated 90 degrees combined with the powerful V10 motor has allowed us to create suction power that matches an upright machine

Newly designed user interface located on the battery pack signals if there is a blockage or if it’s time to wash the filter.

Charges in 3.5 hours compared to 5 hours with the V8.

The washable filter is now only one piece which makes it even easier to clean. No longer two separate filters to clean.

The new bin in the V10 is 40% larger than the V8 Absolute cord-free vacuum.

The new bin orientation makes it much easier to eject dust and debris from the bin into your garbage.

Balanced in your hand – you can reach under low furniture or reach up high.

New: three power modes to choose from to suit any task on any floor type.

Sponsor: This video was made in collaboration with Dyson. #DysonInvents #DysonV10

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Carol-Anne Macdonald says:

I bought this hoover a few weeks ago worth every penny.

whatroads4x4 says:

ive used dyson. it sucks. i rather use a car vacuum cleaner

charging method man says:

Quake rifle…

Dan Cridland says:


Mervyn Sullivan says:

Bought one today. Impressive.

DatPunch says:

I love my V8, bought it a year ago for about 530€ on Amazon. Once Dyson, always Dyson :p

Gaurav Garg says:

where is the battery review?

Karen Gertis says:

How long does it last on the highest setting? Also is it comfortable for people with arthritis?

jzizzles says:

Stick with the v8. The V10 only last 10 minutes. You can do 1 room at a time. But it takes 3+ hours to charge.. So you need to buy 5 of these to vacuum a small house. Waste of money!

Cody Robinson says:

What’s the main difference between the $499, $599 & $699 Dyson V10??

Inana Jng says:

i have a question, i have a portable dyson vacuum that i use to clean my car
and it needs to hold pressing it for it to work that sometimes gets tiring…
i am wondering if the bigger vacuums like this one are the same? or maybe like
there’s an automatic hold so u don’t need to keep pressing??

Hobbs Lane says:

Have a Dyson cordless lasts max 15 min never long enough. Bought a Shark Stick vacuum plug in, 2x suction never runs out, 1/3 the price. The Dyson battery wouldn’t hold charge and took Dyson 2 months too send replacement. Backordered forever.

FUGI 2425 says:

It’s $1000 in Australia

Paola Cajares says:

I was using it and not even 5 min past and the battery was out

superchibiwings says:

I ended up here while watching One Piece Anime. Now this got my interest.

YA / says:

Stop wasting food!

gettingitfirst4 says:

This is an a review it’s a commercial. Here’s a review, we bought the Dyson cyclone V 10 absolute and it only vacuums for 15 minutes and then it’s completely dead on Max. We’re returning the $700 vacuum cleaner immediately

Justin N says:

700 dollars Vacuum for the same result as normal $100-$200 vacuum, hell no.
p/s: stop wearing shoes inside the house and clean it one a week, you gonna be fine with any vacuum.

anthonyallen146gmai says:

thanks for the effort but you didn’t tell us what YOU thought of the vacuum!! ie good and bad points

Ginger Rogers says:

If your thinking of buying the V10 go to a shop and lift it as I did and I found it much heavier than the normal Dyson handheld I was told by the sales staff it’s because of the battery .So please try it first .
Also I love Dyson but why haven’t they sorted out a on off switch yet ?

Sung Byun says:

I love my Dyson and would like to upgrade,  but the price?  That is way too much for bunch of plastic parts.  Motor might be high tech, but not worth $700.  I rather go out and get two of Dyson V7s.

B Reddy says:

Great review (and nice kicks too haha)

u unz says:

I aint switching two heads between hard and carpet floors, and then have to worry about battery packs. It could have easily been a detachable corded feature and still have the option of battery. Sorry, my money going to Shark this time.

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