Dyson CY22 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

In this video I demonstrate the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum cleaner including pet hair pick up on carpets & upholstery and hard floor cleaning performance.

I also look at the new Dyson bin emptying technology that is supposed to clean the shroud every time the bin is emptied.

At the end of the video I list the pros and cons of Dyson’s latest top of the range cylinder cleaner.


Suction Power
Bin Volume
Cord length
Maximum reach


Karim Tabbara says:

Which one you recommand?
this dyson or the new miele Blizzard CX1?

Rime-e-Lettere says:

Thank you for the through test runs, very impressive Dyson indeed, it seems to be worth the money.

aldoncap says:

This is available now in Dubai,

Julia Sharples says:

Have you tried the upright cinetic would love to see that

Tiny Jim says:

who agrees that daisy is just the cutest?

Rubidicaby Hernandez says:

I saw the tangle free turbine tool in Walmart today

fiaz shah says:

Can I ask how many vacume cleaners you’ve got. Is there a vacume heaven in the attic?

Alexander Rex Evensen says:

Yeah, this pretty much sold me on this, it’s quite expensive though. They also have their pet cleaner head as well, which looks really handy. I guess I’ll have to save up 🙂 Thanks for the video.

shinchiwarrior says:

good video. Man you have a dirty house.

pilar molina says:

Why. Do you. Love. Vacuum. So much

jay tank says:

rodger you have demonstrated the video outstanding;y so well done

susan scott says:

Great video, thanks.

Norfae'zah Mohammad says:

Hi there! I have been watching your reviews on both Shark and Dyson pet vacuum cleaners. I have 3 DSHs (but thick fur) and 1 medium lengthed fur cat. They shed, quite a lot, on upholstery, carpets, furniture.. practically everywhere. And I occasionally find their litter crystals on the tiles as well. Between Shark and Dyson – which brand and model would you highly recommend? Many thanks for your feedback!

Susan Czark says:

Wonderful review, thank you. Do you have a canister vacuum that you recommend that cleans well but is quieter than the Dyson? I am on my second Miele canister (their purported superior filtration prompted their purchases). I am pretty unsatisfied by their suction, durability and sticker prices, but they are quiet. Thank you!

Phillip Phan says:

thanks for the review. How about storage. With uprights, everything is onboard. How about for this new cylinder style?

PhotoMusicMan says:

Please would you review the Dyson Small Ball Animal Upright. I bought it and it is now my favourite Dyson cleaner. Light and powerful and I’d love your opinion. Thanks.

Julia Sharples says:

What do you think of the cinetic upright would love to see your review

Vasyl' Kren' says:

Recommend Vorwerk Kobalt 140

joseph chiarello says:

i want to get this cleaner but i’m not crazy about the fact that you can’t pull the filter and wash it your self. how big of an issue is it for you? does this machine need to be serviced by dyson to clean the filter? i’ll stick with my DC28 for now i guess… :^(

greyztone says:

Thanks for the review. I’m interested to know what you think about it on the stairs as some reviews have complained that the shape and weight of it make it impossible to balance and heavy to hold. Any thoughts? Thanks again!

Underground HipHop says:

thank you for this

Screwyouguysimgoinghome says:

i m really tired of how WRONG all these vacuum tests are! The ONLY valid test for a vacuum cleaner is to put it on a DIRTY carpet! and now just throwing some hair on the carpet and then picking it up…its just wrong

Chillash007 says:

This or v8 anyone???

tech & gamer for life says:

I’ve got a CY23 and I’m thinking would a Cinectic cylinder part fit on the bin of a CY23 as it looks like it would. Thanks

applecom1de says:

wtf it’s so loud :O

robert kenny#2 says:

I got a fright lol when u opened  the bin lol keep up the good vids rodger

User Name Missing says:

I got this one and this a crap. Works fine for 2 month and now it does not do the job anymore. crap.

ilrimpianto says:

What about picking up SHORT animal hair from carpets and upholstery?

Louise Fallon says:

When I use the turbin brush I feel as if its too powerful and lifts my carpets is there a button to lower the power? I know there is one on the other tool.

Benji 101 says:

That dyson free turbine tool head is great it pick up the carpet propaly

noctis1 Ru says:

Please, would you make a video of resetting the main brush head?

Old Uncle Silas says:

I think you should close the lid and then push it up. That’s what i saw in the dyson demonstration video

daniel kinney says:

The 2nd one did look better to me

Ritesh Uppal says:

hinde. move. 2016

PhotoMusicMan says:

I have the Total Clean Big Ball Cylinder (not cinetic). It is the same as the Animal but came with two more cleaning attachments and was cheaper than the Animal when I bought it from Dyson UK. I like it but not as much as my Small Ball Upright.

Jackie Kraemer says:

is it supposed to come with the square flat head for hard floors. mine is not in the box.

TIL says:

Just got a V8 Absolute and it’s absolutely awesome!

Muhammed khan says:

actually the suction power is 322 air watts

Matt C says:

You mention picking up large amounts of flour is not recommended. Is this because aerated flour or other fine dust can explode? I don’t think it’s because it’ll clog or otherwise damage the machine.

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