Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration

A full demonstration and review of the largest cleaner in Dyson’s upright range, the Cinetic Big Ball Animal.

The only one with: No bags to buy, No filters to maintain and No loss of suction. For homes with pets.

Engineered for homes with pets.

Self-adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across carpets and hard floors. With suction control for difficult tasks. Our machines adjust automatically to every floor type – picking up dust others leave behind.
20% more brush bar power for strong suction on all floors.²
Increased power drives bristles deeper, to release more dirt.
Ball technology™ – streamlined profile for easy steering around the home. Our vacuums can be steered around furniture and into difficult places with a simple turn of the wrist.
Expels cleaner air than any other cyclonic vacuum. – Instant high reach wand. Stretches to the top of the stairs – no cumbersome parts to lift-away and carry.
Our hose and wand release in one smooth action, making it easy to clean up high.
Includes hygienic bin emptying, crevice/brush and stair tools. – Tangle-free Turbine tool. The only turbine tool that removes ground-in dirt and hair without the tangles.
Energy: D-rated, Carpet: C-rated, Hard floor: A-rated, Emissions: A-rated.
5 year guarantee – parts and labour.

Dyson helpline: 0800 298 0298
Carpet Pickup: Y
Cordless: N
Depth: 340 MM
Handheld: N
Hardfloor Pickup: Y
Height: 1100 MM
Width: 438 MM


Olivia Morton says:

My hair gets wrapped round the carbon fibre head on the Dyson fluffy

Performance Reviews says:

What’s your opinion on how long the HEPA filters last? Over here in the states I understand we have a different motor here. I have found about a year both of those filters need to be changed. Also here and I believe this is only to the u.s. market the motor seem to go bad I believe this is because there’s no pre motor filter and the US models don’t make as much power so the Cyclones aren’t as effective as they need to be.

Mark Pritchard says:

Btw guys there is no D in Roger. Well maybe later. Hahahaha

EmperorJustinian says:

You can’t imagine how much I’ve been looking forward to this. =)

fargeeks says:


as soon as I check this video I literally see a Dyson ad

Mark Pritchard says:

Not my favourite of Mr Dysons balls. I wonder if that is the last of the Cinetic uprights or will there be a Big Ball 2? There will probably be a Small ball 2 shortly. What a load of Balls!

Aaron Martin says:

Great video Rodger

craigsclocks says:

Hi Roger, I like your demo on this Dyson and see how they work but for some reason I don’t have a drive too want one. Do you think I’m missing out on something ? I am into the Sebo,Miele,Vorwerk and vintage Hoover. BTW. I did ask you a question on the front sponge wheel on the new Shark Rocket if it gets a lot of stuff wrapped around it… Thoughts??

Harrison Read says:

Dasiys face when you said treats. So cute.

pugso59 Wilson says:

I wonder if Dyson will eventually make all their vacuums with cinetic technology like they did with the ball.

Renzo Bomban says:

I have this, it’s a great vacuum but sometimes it just is heavy.

יעקב בלום says:

ibaisaic i am a big pan i vacin al av your vadyovs and you mi paivart yotyobr ☺️☺️☺️☺️

P M says:

Anyone know why Dyson didn’t continue developing their no filter models (dyson cinetic) & went back to to using filters in their machines ?

Revolt2010 says:

These are like the Apple of vacuum cleaners. All looks and price, but no substance, no reliability, average suction. Just overpriced plastic garbage.

SomeOddRobloxian says:

I have a dyson DC41 😛

Barry Chapman says:

This is getting stupid what does it matter what dB nose level it there’s far to many regulations I’m glad I kept my noisy old Hoover, thanks for the demo.

The Vac Mat says:

Looks good ! Great video sir

PhotoMusicMan says:

Big balls. Mmm.

saminyt says:

i love dyson

just a vacuum fan says:

Back with the balls and the vacuum test in a good way

Hasan Ali says:

A very detailed and good review!

Maxbhart07 Hart says:


Dawn Leatherlandhunt says:

Can you play the music when you were doing your hard floor in the next vid please I would appreciate it if you could

Brian Torobin says:

I’ve always wondered if storing the wand inside the hose would make it dusty and dirty. After all, that lots of dirt and hair and dust and grime pass through the hose itself, and there must be some residue left on the inside lining of the hose. Do Dyson users find the wand gets dirty because of this design?

Richard Garner says:

Roger I like your socks and your kitchen floor

nabxf says:

I can’t stop watching these videos

A bit of everything says:

how loud is it
i love dyson

Mr Brown Jack says:

Great review!!!!:)

George The Spuddy says:

So is that Dyson illegal to use

Lennox1492 says:

Decibels meaning noise? Omg what the hell else will the EU technocrats regulate? Totally not fair

Qasim Mir says:

It would be interesting to show the post motor filter and ducts to see if ‘Cinetic’ actually works.

Jon Patrick McConnell says:

Excellent video Roger! I love how much detail and practical information you provide with your videos! I love my Dyson Cinetic Big Ball, but I keep it more as a collectible as I love that is has no filters to be maintained, but that also is the reason I am saving it. Just not sure as I prefer to be able to keep tabs on the cleanliness of the filters and be my normal meticulous caregiver.. LOL. Thanks for your videos though, LOVE Dyson Week!!

Lily Ingham says:

Thank you 🙂 this is the best review for this hoover that I have found! 🙂

Matt C says:

Hi Roger, another great video. A couple of questions …

1) Did you notice the exhaust vent on this machine getting very hot, very quickly? Mine does and I’m not sure if this is normal.

2) You note in the comments that the post motor filter can become clogged with dust. Would this not damage the motor? I notice when emptying my machine dust can get in the central column of the cyclone, which leads directly to the motor I believe.

You made a good point about the suction relief valve. For some reason, the Cinetic Big Ball can’t breath through its ears and the valve is always kicking in. Do you find this happens on the other Ball cleaners such as the new Animal 2?

Final question. Have you ever used a Dyson DC55 – now known as the Dyson Ball on Dyson.co.uk and how is this different to the Cinetic Big Ball other than the Cinetic technology.

Thanks in advance ☺️

PhotoMusicMan says:

I have this cleaner. I love the cinetic technology but this one is very heavy to push. Dyson are still selling this on their website as @ 30th March 2018.

Derrick Hutson says:

New upright ??

יעקב בלום says:

ibaisaic i am a big pan and i lov dayson vik ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Timothy Connell says:

Any way you can check the post filters in the ball? I would love to see how well the cinetic filters.Thanks

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