Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Vacuum Review and Demo #DysonUnfiltered

A review and demo of the Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Animal Upright Vacuum. I totally should be on QVC.

I received this vacuum to review.


Jae Quan says:

3:24 That’s what she said

Tony's Tech says:

aim for 1080p please

Jeffery Vidaurri says:

Just bought one today and saw this video. Thanks for confirming a good buy!

Casey2060 says:

I love it. I just bought dyson cinetic silver… best thing so far behind my dc28

walmartpimp2 says:

I want this so badly.

supportrtroopz says:

Great video Erica, I just bought one & can’t wait to get It, I have been looking on which Dyson to get & you sold me on getting this one, I can’t wait to vacum lol

annie52e says:

What’s the diameter of the ball?


all I can say is I am sold on you!

Craft1man says:

That thing sounds like a jet engine 🙂

Lisey Baker Hughes says:

Just got one and ithe canister is making a weird noise.  It got tons of my golden retriever hair up…I feel like the plastic is going to break. Hoping it’s durable…

CeZaR NeBuN says:

don’t get me wrong, it is a nice vacuum but it’s very hard to push on bare floor…i have a love hate relationship with mine

donna lamont says:

Great video. Do you have a video on how to wash the filter? Thank you.

Tahj Carter says:


Ka Yan Hess says:

hey there, wondered how easy (or not) it is to use it on the stairs?

Mark A says:

@enzo reci Dyson sent me the dyson animal+allergy unit as a test unit. From what I gathered both my unit and the one you see on the video is the same exact unit except for cyclone color mine is titanium and just came with extra attachments like mattress tool, tangle free turbine brush, ceiling fan tool, and the 2 new allergy tools/attachments that are not available on the market yet, a special composite duster which is excellent on furniture and a redesigned flexi crevice tool with 2 extra tips one is good for hard to reach areas and you can clean the walls in the area at the same time. The price difference is only $100 between my animal plus allergy unit because of the extra tools.

paul sha says:

big balls, sucking…..

Fainfero Fainfero says:

Just I LOVE U :*

cariza5 says:

Erica Dyson are my favorite British Company.

Old man Joe says:

I just bought one, love it so far.  The suction on this unit is amazing lol!

Mark A says:

Good video, I also received a dyson cinetic big ball animal+allergy unit. My reviews are not as good as yours though lol I just started and never before did any review on any product. But I am a proud dyson dc65 owner that I want to share my experiences with dyson products

Robert Wiliams says:

You like big balls!

CeZaR NeBuN says:

all dogs shed :)…some more some less

Ronny Fernandez says:

Is Occasional kitty litter bad to suck up with this vacuum ? Great video btw 🙂

Keely Cobler says:

I AM SOLD. Never been more in love with a vacuum.

Chris Lamb says:

does your hose attach to your handle?  like does it clip in or does it kind of just slouch down the tube?

Jarhead Fishing says:

What is better a standup or the small canister looking one? I have 2 dogs and 3 cats in the house with a little one running around…. I want to surprise my wife and I with something thats worth grabbing for cleaning, please help

Jakob W says:

Since this has no HEPA filters, what is the EXHAUST like?

UniversalParadise TV says:

Mark where did you get the animal plus allergy?


How do we clean the inside of the canister to keep it from looking dusty? Is it supposed to be cleaned to keep the canister clear or not ? I just received one, and the instructions look like pictures. There is plenty on the warranty, and says at the top of pages ” IMPORTANT! WASH FILTERS ” which I think could be the cones? Thank you for the video!

j swagg says:

how much did it coast?

Terry Suchma says:

Dear Erica,  Great Video!  I want to respectfully suggest that you should not empty the canister in the house.  I recommend you do it either in the garage or outside as there is much vapors of  microscopic dust mites that you might not want around your house with your family.  I never empty my canister in the house.  Just a thouhgt.

SuperYtc1 says:

I’d show this bitch some big balls. Give you that to suck on.

gg GG says:

Anyone think this is the be all end all of dyson? I was thinking about getting this as an upgrade form the dc 25 but I’m still pretty comfortable with the 25…any thoughts?

Hamza Hassan says:

Is  the dyson ball  better than DC14, or is DC14 better?

UniversalParadise TV says:

Oh I thought you bought it.

Ben says:

love your review keep them coming more vacuum reviews

Ajib Aktar says:

erica can I give you a mouthful and will you let it dribble out of your mouth

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