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Dyson DC65 Complete Vacuum Review: http://www.smartreview.com/dyson-dc65-animal-complete-upright-vacuum-cleaner

SmartReview.com met with Suzy Traynor, Dyson’s spokesperson to get a full extended demonstration of Dyson’s Best Bagless Upright Ball Vacuum, the DC65 Animal Complete. We not only got a demonstration, but an explanation of how this new Dyson works. It has 25% more power in the cleaning head than last year’s DC41 upright vacuum that it replaces. This vacuum is great for those with pets, as it easily handles pet hair, and the vacuum has been approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. It can maneuver around furniture easily thanks to Dyson’s Ball Technology. SmartReview provided a shoelace for the tests, as we wanted Dyson to demonstrate that even a shoelace would not tangle in its “tangle free” Turbo Brush. It worked flawlessly (no tangling). See our full review on the DC65 Animal Complete (at the above link).

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Michael Shaheed Molyneaux says:

I specifically like the tangle free turbine tool. It’s well engineered. 

Ruthie Power says:

But.. It looks like the pet hair is still getting wrapped around the brush reducing its effectiveness.. not sure I would buy… thats why I hated my current machine. I have a great Pyrenees and was continually stopping to pull fur out of the roller

blakaeg says:

She’s really good at reviewing. Would rather see her on HSN than Crystal. I love how she whips out the wand.

zimjun7 says:

@ 8:00 and a little before and after.   That’s the tool that I can use under my BED!!!

John Garcia says:

Great vacuum, fantastic demo. But not many people want to finance their vacuum, the $500 price tag is a little bit of a sticker shock.

Joejocar3 says:

How are all of these attachments stored? Do they snap onto the machine or does a rack come with the vacuum?

News & Views Today says:

I just wish they would do something to reduce the massive output of SOUND! Can’t believe they haven’t addressed this issue by 2017.

Pacome Zokou says:

I will buy one on Wednesday. Love a good vaccum not those wannabe ones!!!!

Smart Review says:

Dyson’s Newest 2014 Vacuum, the Dyson DC65 Complete.  Full Demonstration. 


Leonel Gonzalez says:

what about the dyson dc40 multi floor 2015

Bhavin Parekh says:

How does the DC65 perform with shag carpets? Some of the reviews on amazon were critical in this regard. Thanks.

Miguel Romero says:

is the brush bar powerd by air or by motor? I currently have a dc69 animal canister vac and am NOT impressed, ESPECIALLY with the brush bar.  Im looking for a dyson vacuum with a motorized brush bar. any suggestions?

Colleen Chilcott says:

Hi Thanks for sharing this video, I will be buying one of these on Monday your video helped me to decide which one to get. So much better than just asking someone in a store. Cheers

John Hunter Phillips says:

On ours, we cannot get it to pull back, In other words, it seems to be stuck in the upright position.
Any suggestions ????

Youtube aholic says:

Tempting, tempting…

Muttley says:

The more suction the better ;).

Marchas Silver Recliner Report says:

How long does the filter last and what is the cost for a replacement?

GETREAL! says:


Barbara Flory says:

C an you help me? I have the Dyson animal control DC-41. The retractable part of the hose, which I call the monster slinky, is way too tight. I cannot use it with my attachments because it will not release enough for me to raise my arm. It is a super tight recoil. Am I missing a step? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

Varsha Mishra says:

Can you clean under bed? espl a big king bed.

Dianne Finch-Smith says:

In the close of the video, Susie Jones states that the DC65 is the only Dyson vacuum model to have a 10-year warranty. According to Dyson customer service, this is NOT accurate. There is a 5-year warranty on all models with no exceptions for the DC65.

Luke Davies says:

When is it out in the UK?

Steve&Kayla Vlogs says:

She can come clean my floors anyday

RateMyEmployer.org says:

nice review.

Carson Williams says:

I love dyson

Jiggs Aviation says:

I love Dyson I have the newest Dyson

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