Dust Daddy Review: As Seen on TV Vacuum Attachment

My review of Dust Daddy, the vacuum cleaner attachment that is designed to get into nooks and crannies.

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daniel skiba says:

…still vacuuming?…

Living While We Can says:

I like the Bailey is in the videos

spazztech Luxx says:

Yes, but can it vacuum the little toilet paper balls out of my asscrack?

Andrew says:

You the man bud, just saved me $20. I almost feel like sending you it as a thank you…. Almost, but thanks again

FsgamingHD says:

Well this “sucks”

Tacos Forever says:

Personally I use this contraption to douce and it is very effectivity

El Nino says:

Daddy reviewing a dust daddy

Cody Chetty says:

Is this patented?

Adam Bryner says:

that thing is a piece of crap…thanks for doing this so I don’t have too! thumbs up!

Summer Toney says:

I’m guessing you shop at target a lot. I stock the hardware section at my store and I’ve seen nearly all of the products you’ve reviewed in the ASTV aisle lol.

Hey Dude says:

Dust me D A D D Y

fLx says:

so entertaining

PCMR nathan says:

I was kinda surprised to randomly find a small youtube channel based in vegas lol. I live in green valley. I have a little story for you, my dad installed the fire alarm system in the mandalay bay that gave police the position of the shooter. Good thing they hired union lol.

Dawn Swinney says:

Love that you save me money by testing products that “work well on TV ” ,but just Kinda !


Yo… You should change that HVAC filter and get them ducts cleaned.

Max Åberg says:

You my good sir have an excellent beard

Tacos Forever says:

Man your silverware drawer is so dirty why don’t you ever clean it jeez

Alvin Jackson says:

Can’t stop laughing!!! LMAO It looked like you were having a fit (or a seizure) when you were trying to suck up the “small items”. Hahahahahahahahaha!

RickLeow YouTube says:

Did you have the vent on the grip at it’s max suction?

nexus1g says:

“While I film and narrate the whole time.”

Well, you’re batting .500.

HitopAddict93 says:

Need to review liquid dry wall !!!!!

ItsLasnAz says:


Iustin Oprea says:


xiaoecho says:

Nice cutlery

Jan Tuitt says:

OMG Bailey is a real trooper lol. Great demo as usual, but that contraption is so not worth it. The attachments that came with your vac does the same or even better job. Also, wanted to ask if you’ve done a review on the Hurricane Spin Duster? I can’t find any reviews on it and it’s not available here yet. It seems to do a great job on TV and I want it lol. Keep the videos coming.


D u s t D a d d y

res1492 says:

Why is your head upside down?

Prjndigo says:

I just use my E-Go 56v leaf blower to clean the silverware drawers
Then the shop vac on the floor

MadMan says:

It’s. So. Dumb.

Jay Wise says:

You need to do a comparison review video of the Power Pressure Cooker XL vs The Instant Pot.

Chad Pugh says:

Wow that’s a gimmick.

L3gion3r says:

Looks like garbage to me

Trenton Deel says:

You should show clips of the ad and then do your test. Some of us haven’t seen the original ad on TV so it would sweet to see a clip of it and then you do your comparison. Just a thought

Prjndigo says:

The real question is whether it does as much maring and damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

SilvARK er says:

Loving all the reviews recently, good job!

Berto R. says:

I’m guessing this tool is only good for vacuuming very fine particles without sucking up any other items you would with other vacuum attachments, like screws and beads. Hey any chance you’ll review the Chill Chest? Supposedly is a cooler that keeps things cold without having to use ice lol. Seems like a new product but not sure. You can see a video of it by searching Chill Chest on YouTube lol

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