Black & Decker VH780 780-Watt Multi-Use hand held Vacuum cleaner and Blower REVIEW | Indian Consumer

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From the Manufacturer
The Black & Decker VH780 Multi-Use Vacuum And Blower solves the problem of keeping any space clean in a quick and effective manner. With a motor power of 780W, suction power of 750W and airflow power of 1900 l/m, this vacuum and blower helps in cleaning the dust hidden in the nooks and corners of any place. The 6-metre cord helps in reaching high areas using little effort. The 14 accessories that are included serve the purpose of cleaning various types of spaces that are hard to clean like garages, shelves, and other dust-collecting spots.

A specially curved loop handle makes it so easy to use, that you will find yourself on a cleaning spree and you won’t even be tired. The vacuum’s capacity of 370 ml helps in cleaning for longer periods, which is also a great time-saving feature.

This cleaning appliance by Black & Decker solves multiple problems associated with cleaning and helps you to get rid of the dirt which can aggravate allergies for some people. With the Black & Decker Vacuum you’re sure to have a clean house, without having to strain your back.

Product Features

Has an inflating feature for cleaning rafts and mattresses.
Requires a supply of 230 volts.
Has a 1 year warranty.
Comes with a built-in clog indicator.

-Small adapter fits easily into a cigarette lighter socket
-Built-in clog Indicator for cleaner filters and top performance
-No dust bag for utmost cleaning convenience
-Inflating function for mattresses and rafts
-Warranty: 1 year on product
-Power: 780 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
-Includes: Vacuum cleaner, Crevice tool, Fabric brush, 3 blower attachments, Carpter glide, 3 suction attachments, 3 piece plastic tube, Hose assembly, User manual and Warranty card

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Dharmesh Patel says:

Which nozel should be used to clean sofa?

Ur IndianConsumer says:

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Roshni Vasyani says:

Pls tell me the cost and delivery chrgrs

Inder kunwer says:

I want clean my car which vacuum cleaner is best


Amazing video..thank u it helped me to buy.

manisha lal says:

Does it clean pet hairs from carpet etc….

09nitin says:

thanks for the review man. As its almost 1 year now, are you still using it. How’s your experience after 1 year of use. I am about to buy one, do you still recommend it, as it seems there are other options available on same price range like Panasonic and eureka forbes.

Lokesh J says:

what’s the difference between vh780 and vh801 in terms of performance and usability?

Soahum Bagchi says:

difference between microfilter and cloth filter ??

Supreme Outcasts says:

Top notch reviews. 🙂

Front 242 says:


Vedang Tamse says:

I have been using this for quite a while now… any idea where I can get a spare micro filter?

Saubhadra Badajena says:

Nice video bro, I just go through your link for amazon and flipkart but price is showing above 3k.

Vaishali Singh kakraan says:

plz esy vecume cleaner ke bary btay jo carpet ke saath 2 diwaar se lgy bed ke peechy se dust clean ker sky…uska price or kha se buy hoga..plz ans…

Naveen AN says:

how frequently should we clean up the filter for normal dust?

Andrew Thiyam says:

I’m almost at the edge of buying this decent product. But I’m concerned about the filter filling up fast in just a couple of minutes while cleaning.

Pravin Koli says:

Hi ….i want vaccum cleaner for floor and all other use..that are in your video…can you suggest me a product…

prajak says:

since it’s been more than 2 years that u made this video I want to ask if it still works well for u . m planning to get 1 for me. pls reply .

Nanditha Arrthi says:

Which design of black n decker is better? VH802 800-Watt or VH780 780-Watt and what are the differences?

fahad whosane says:

nice video bro… is this vacuum cleaner is satisfactory or should i go for some other one. suggest me for handy vacuum cleaners if u can

SagaciousFrank says:

Loving the thumbs up at 2:28

Andrew Thiyam says:

Hey, good job buddy.
1 Qs. though. Quite a few consumers a complaining about the VH-780 heating up quickly and getting auto cut/turned off due to the filter filling up fast while cleaning. Is this true? What’s your personal experience as an owner?
Were you able to use it for like 10 minutes non-stop?

Gajinder krishan says:

hey i use a nozzle on front fro suction now its not coming out
please any tips

RohaaN Ansari says:

bro cost of this product is more than 4000 on Amazon. what should I do? how did you get it in that price?

Adithya Shetty says:

I’m about to buy this. I see you uploaded this in 2014, Does this still working?

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