Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum – REVIEW

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This automated Smart Clean robot vac from Bissell has a lot of neat features for an affordable cost, very competitive to its competition.
Triple action cleaning system: dual edge brushes, centered brush-roll and powerful suction to pick up dust, dirt, hair and debris. Easy self-adjusts to hard floor or carpet. Automatically docks and recharges itself when low on battery. Cliff detection avoids stairs, and an included invisible wall barrier to easily block it from entering rooms or areas.

Huge thanks to Bissell for sending me the unit to review. All opinions are my own.

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Dominic's Curiosity says:

Ya….get a Hoover or Dyson.

Neil harshil says:

Great video Ben

Paula Harris says:

Have you used it in an area where pets are kept?

techstyle123 says:

How did it get half way downs stairs when it can go down drops

DOSBoxMom says:

How do you get the roller brush out? Bissell’s video on that subject goes too fast (and obviously hasn’t factored in just how much hair and stuff get wrapped around that brush when one hasn’t vacuumed for a while). I’m pulling out what I can with the brush in place, but it would be much easier if I could remove the brush.

Job Franco says:

what’s the tool for price analisys? @AuthenTech – Ben Schmanke

B Nagy says:

Ahh 10more years and ill buy one 😀

Steve Torres says:

I bought one and then found this review. I find this review to easy going and almost like a commercial. I regret the purchase. It’s Over priced and not worth it if you have a family. Single people can benefit from this because they do not have to watch or listen to it. They can start it and then run out of the house. Real people can buy a $5.00 dust mop and save $249.00 worth or aggravation. The patterns do not cover all areas and easily gets hung up. The filter clogs up fast and loses suction with a pet in the house. The 90% area is probably for only a 10x 12 room, multiple rooms…. you can forget it! And finally, the noise sounds like a blender on high speed all day long. That’s the real truth about this machine!

George Hastings says:

wait another 5 or 10 years till they have decent power and aren’t just a toy

Towerest Gaming says:

I rather sweeps my floor than a lousy robot takes you hour to finish (jk)!

sukhjeet Singh says:

That good

Charlissa Berry says:

how do you think it will be with a lot of pet hair… i have cats and dogs

Jade Benz says:

The only problem that I will have with junior Rob broom is it won’t be able to handle corners, am I right?…

Meme page admin says:

Bro please compare this one to the anker robovac 10, they are both the same price and I’m stuck between the two!

R Graham says:

the instructions say do not rinse the filter with water.

Duff's Wildlife says:

Will it go back to the charging dock when the battery gets low? Or does it die during vacuuming?

Forcemaster2000 says:

Good quality review, subscribed!

King Reef says:

does it slow down when it about to bump in obstacles, and does it resume at the area after recharge?

Lt.Dan says:

90 percent cleaning is good enough for me

Ashley Mariotti says:

Totally awesome Ben!! 🙂

Ben Taylor says:

Hey Ben my name is Ben too i really enjoy your videos!

sukhjeet Singh says:


DragonsREpic says:


A Rabbit says:

Good review. I am getting the 1975 soon. I already have a Roomba 600 series which is a pain to use on my main floor but works mostly well in my upstairs bedroom. I still vacuum with an upright, but these robots save me time during the week so I don’t have to use the upright as often.

The oblivious octopus gaming says:

i have a bissel powerforce helix it ALMOST knocked of my poster i have five of posters or 3

Marilyn Palmer says:

A question for the tech, how is it with an exorbitant amount of hair from a black lab and a black cat who shed tons of hair (PS the cat is long-haired!)

David A says:

Irobot rebadge? Or no

romer abordo says:

wow give me 1 of that plzzz

JyByrd Jybyrd says:

Great review.  We just had vinyl floors installed throughout our house, and we just purchased this robot vacuum to compliment our cleaning efforts.  We got it for $199 on Amazon today 4/10/16.  Thanks for the review, it really helped us out.

Toy Station says:

Thanks for the review! It was really helpful 🙂

97510jan 97510zen says:

Great Robotic Floor Cleaner.

sukhjeet Singh says:


mohamed saleem says:

it is good but like a huge insect creeping your floors

JyByrd Jybyrd says:

4/17 actually

oblemc says:

Good job. I love your videos. Very cripsy images and nice reviews. You should “make it big”once you get more subscribers :).

Eugene Cousins says:

good review

Colleen H says:

I have this Bissell and we named her Alice (After the Brady Bunch house keeper) Alice is great. I love her – since she does the work for me and yes – agree with your review completely. Can’t get rid of the stand up vac yet but I have a housekeeper (Susie) who comes 2x per month and Alice makes Susie’s work easier. Thank you Alice. A welcomed addition to our family. (She is a great distraction for our little Yorkie too! )   🙂

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