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The Bissell Powerforce Helix Bagless vacuum may be one of, if not the cheapest full size upright vacuum cleaners on the market, so the question is not is it bad, but rather how bad is it. Spoiler alert, not as bad as I was expecting.

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The Bissell Powerforce Heix is indeed a very cheap vacuum but it does have some things to recommend it besides its price, for example It is lighter than most upright vacuums at only about 13 lbs.

It has a five level height adjustment from bare floors to high pile carpets though I though I only tested it on a low and medium pile test carpet, I found that it did pretty good. It picks small to extra large pieces of debris on its high setting and it does a fairly good job of deep cleaning when you switch it back to a lower setting. Not too suprising since decent carpet cleaning is the wheelhouse of just about any upright vacuum.

Its power was pretty good for its price range, I got about 62 inches of water of suction which is above average for lower end bagless vacuums as far as airflow which is slightly more important metric it achieved 56 cfm at the hose. Which is decent for a vacuum in this price range, but still fairly low.

Another plus is that unlike many other cheap vacuums you can easily disassemble the entire cyclone unit without tools for cleaning it out, which I really wish other bagless vacuums were designed to do, and which I highly recommend doing periodically if for no other reason than to reduce the bad smells that will show up over time with this unit.

Moving on to the negatives, Like most cheap uprights you cant turn off the brushroll for vacuuming hard floors which means that the spinning brush tends to kick debris out of the back of the unit. Though I should say that on its hard floor setting it did this less than I expected, certainly less that the cheap hoover models like the t series and tempo which also do not have a brushroll shutoff switch.

Its also not very good at picking up medium to larger debris in hard floor mode, so to make a long story short, like most cheap upright vacuums its not great for hard floors.

So despite not being great at hard floors it does better that its competitors in the same price range with hard surfaces.

Obviously at this price you should not expect a sealed system or hepa filter, and Powerforce Helis does indeed leak like a sieve, so if you have alleriges or asthma please consider spending the extra money on a sealed system like any Shark vacuum which tend to be the cheapest you can get into a sealed upright vacuum.

Its tool set is decent but the hose is pretty short and the tools are cheap and its pretty awkward to use the hose for picking up larger debris. Also it has a fairly short power cord at 22 ft.

You get a 2 year warranty and you probably will need it since it is obviously cheaply made but that is to be expected.

So to answer the question how bad is the Bissell powerforce Helix, well, its not that bad, certainly worth what they are charging, but I still would avoid it if you have a lot of hard floors, if you use the hose and attachments a lot, or if you have allergies that could be affected by the clouds of dust you are ceratin to inhale.

Links in the description for prices and reviews of all the vacuums I have mentioned here.

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Vacuum Prince says:

That’s the wrong hose

glowing adub says:

Review the Hoover air steerable

ca31 says:

These vacuums are horrible. The cyclones are a big failure where a lot of the fine dust goes into the filter. I use a mop when I vacuum hard wood floors with this unit. (I have the 1797). I mop the floors in sections and then when I’m done and have the pile, I put the mop behind the vacuum and vacuum the pile. So what gets thrown out the back, it will get sucked back in on the next backward pass.

Daniel Patterson says:

I accidentally got a sock stuck in cleaner head while using the hose. It ran for about 30 seconds before I stopped it the belt is still on it, but is it safe to use?

Michael Stinson says:

is that the hose it came with

Matthew H says:

Oh it’s NOT a lift-away?

susan phipps says:

Yeah great!

Cj Smart says:

My grandma currently has this HORRIBLE vacuum cleaner!!! The suction is lousy.

Please tell me that you have recommendations on the best ones on the market. I am willing to pay $100 or more on the best machine.

Performance Reviews says:

This is a quick broom not a full size vacuum.

Daniel da Boss says:

Thanks for doing this video I was thinking of getting this to clean up really dirty carpets

strykerzr350 says:

The Helix Turbo Rewind is somewhat better, the plastic will get sand blasted and lose its see throughness. Within owning it less than a year, I have had to replace the brush roll.

Matthew H says:

Can you explain your leak test please? It looks like you are doing a positive pressure test. That would be irrelevant for when it’s operating (in terms of dust escaping), and it’s not clear how much dust would fall out while this vacuum is not in use.

Savage AF says:

I have this vacuum and love it. Works great.

Black Like My Soul says:

Will there be a part 3 for hepa filtration tests?

William Chadwick says:

I got mine as a gift so I really can’t complain; but it doesn’t really help with one of my peskier problems: my two cats scattering dry cat food on the carpet. It doesn’t pick the cat food up very well, and often leaves as much cat food behind as it picks up.

Matt H says:

Do the power force bagged upright the cheap 34 buck model like Walmart sells, just wondered if it’s as good as a hoover tempo at least

Said Rashahid says:

can you do a review of the bissell powerforce helix rewind turbo or pet hair eraser series

Douglas Holt says:

Thank you for your straightforward review. It was helpful while I was making a decision.

prival fang says:

TLDR – the cyclone fucking blows. I am talking washing it after every 2 uses. basically all of the dirt goes to the filter. the brush roller is so narrow and the suction on the floor is lop-sided, the internal hose from the brush roller to the couplet is WAY to easy to clog. and the thing sounds like a fighter jet. there.

It's-a me Megatron. says:

Will you check out a few corded hand vacs like the Dirt Devil Ultra and the Eureka easyclean?

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