Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum REVIEW & TESTS

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Probably the most interesting feature is its tangle free brushroll. We tried our best to get it tangled with pet hair in the pickup tests but it didnt. I also checked as many reviews as I could and the consensus seems to be that it really does prevent or even eliminate tangles on the brushroll. So that is a huge plus right there.

It has lots of attachments including a crevice tool with a battery powered led light which I haven’t seen before. It also comes with a suction powered pet hand tool for upholstery or stairs which we found to be pretty effective.
It has a two in 1 brush attachment for the handle which clips on, it was fairly effective but not all that easy to switch from the regular brushes to the rubber brushes.

Ok so lets jump in to the pros.

Its pickup on carpet was very good, it has a 5 level height adjustment which we found did good for low pile and thick carpets.
It also was a great deep cleaner on carpet scoring a perfect 100 on the embedded sand in the carpet test which was a nice surprise.

It has a really long hose which, even when the vacuum is turned on, and we found that we could reach almost to the top step of our staircase which is rare.

It has a switch that shuts off the brush roll, so it easily transitions from carpet hard floors which is usually only seen on high end Bissell vacuums like this one.

A few final things before we move on to the cons, the wand is very easy to detach for hard to get debris or upholstery cleaning.

It has an unusually big dust bin which is easy to empty, and though debris and hair can occasionally get stuck you can twist off the interior screen without tools, which also makes it easier than most to deep clean.

It has Febreeze infused filters which is a nice touch, and it has a pretty long cord at 30 ft.

So to the cons.

While the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser has above average suction at 76 inches of water lift its airflow was a little below average, we measured it at 67 cfm at the hose and 45 cfm at the wand.

You notice the lackluster airflow mostly on hard floors where I should first say it does fairly well but it is prone to leaving bits of debris, and not just because of the aforementioned bind spot which is a bit of an issue too especially if its heavy debris like sand. Also in order to get larger debris you need to raise the height adjustment which makes it even less effectice on fine debris.

We also saw that while it did pretty good on the crevice pickup test you it really would have don’t a bit better with more airflow.

So to this point its great on carpets but maybe a little below average for hard floors.

One odd thing is that you have to manually turn a knob on the side of the vacuum when switching from using the hose to using it in its regular vacuuming mode. Which I have never seen before and it really hard to remember to do but I suppose you could get used to it.

I also wish the wand was a little bit longer, I said it was easy to remove and that’s true but you have to do a lot of bending over to get to debris on the floor.

While it is a sealed system the filters are not HEPA filters which means it couldn’t pass our sealed system HEPA filter test.

Also at 18 pounds its moderately heavy, 18 pounds is on the upper end of weight for upright vacuums and you do feel it, its not that bad, but its not light by any means either.

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The plebe potato French fries says:

What did the shark rotater powered lift away do on deep cleaning

MrVacmaster says:

Is there any chance you could make a video about the bissell cordless hard floor expert canister vacuum

Spencer Fields says:

I love this channel. Keep up the good work!

are vee says:

Good video. So-so vacuum. And until I bought the Shark P50, I never had problems with vacuums that had severe brushroll tangling issues. It’s funny that Shark needs to advertise ‘0 M’ technology, but all the many other brands I’ve used without such marketing gimmickry have had no tangling problems. The Shark P50 has no ‘0 M’. Sorry for the digression into. I don’t have the Bissell, so not much I can say about it. Also, besides the brushroll tangling, the P50 is a fine machine.

Daniel da Boss says:

Also would you consider doing a cheap bagged vacuum comparison between the dirt devil breeze bagged I think it’s call and the bosses power force bagged thanks

leothefish 111 says:

Ohh i knew you were going to do this video!!

Steve Jones says:

I have a UK model Vax Mach 9 in my collection, which a model very similar was also sold in the US under the Eureka Airspeed Zuum name, which has the diverter knob for suction to the hose, or the floorhead, and the one thing with these is its very easy to forget to turn it back to “floor” after you have used the hose, and you dont always realise, as you carry on vacuuming the carpets, but not picking anything up, as the suction is still going up the hose. The brushroll on your Bissell Pet Hair Eraser machine remains tangle free due to its very large diameter brushroll, which helps to avoid tangling. The UK Dyson Light Ball and Ball Animal2 have a large diameter brushroll similar to that, and they seem to need less maintenance to remove wrapped round pet hair too. Small diameter brushrolls are the worst for getting wound round with hair, so the mini turbo tool would suffer from that problem even if the main brushroll in the machine did not.

Train Dude says:

I wonder how it did not pass the sealed system test even though you said it was a sealed system

Train Dude says:

I thought the dust bin was supposed to be not prom to fishing ot debris

kode1996 says:

This was a great video! I useed this as a garage vacuum for a while. Now its retired. lol. The filtration is horrible .
I would have to open all 3 doors to breath. Hard floor performance is horrible, it won’t pick up cat litter, the gap between the bottom of the cleaner head and the floor is excessive. Have to turn on the brush bar, then it just kicks most of it at your feet. Probably one of the most bulky machine I’ve ever used in my opinion.

PowerSax911 says:

Love the channel!

Have you considered doing a suction and air flow loss tests on your reviews? I’m curious to see how well some of these do with a full bin compared to one that has been cleaned out thoroughly. I’m really curious to see how bagless vacuums can do against bagged vacuums when they’re both full. I just want to see if “no loss of suction” claims are legitimate or not!

NickholasNightHunter says:

I’ve been waiting for this video

Said Rashahid says:

What about the pet hair eraser lift off

phantom squadron says:

Can u do a rug doctor flex 2 please

Daniel da Boss says:

Thanks but he filters ate terrible

sharkfan300 Reyes says:

You should test the Bissell pet hair ereaser lift-off

Aaron John says:

Can you tell us how the brush bar work like in tangling the hair

ouis4436 says:

Can you do the smoke test on this vacuum to see if it is a sealed system?

Aaron John says:

First finaley its been so long

Kenneth Larsen says:

Would love to see a review of the brand new Electrolux Pure F9 if they are even sold in the US

brandon genthner says:

I have the original pet hair eraser it it still works amazing after 8 years of use

Cody Robinson says:

Is Dyson V10 still a better vacuum?

Nicholas Anderson says:

Plz if u can make space for the shark nv105

Train Dude says:

Oh yeah bissell owns frebreeze that’s why you see lots of frebreeze filters on Bissell vacuums

Sam says:

Man, Dyson is just light years ahead when it comes to vacuums.

jeremy bartkus says:

These vacuums always looked cheaply made in my opinion. I’m not a fan of the tool dial on vacuums either. At least the tangle free brush roll works well.

The plebe potato French fries says:

What did the shark rotater powered lift away at deep cleaning

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