Bissell 9595A CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology Full Review

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AudiophileTubes says:

Bissell should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this substandard product! I purchased one and right off the bat, the cord does not stay on the small notch at the top of the vac! It falls off even after a few seconds use! I had to use duct tape wrapped around the handle in order to keep the cord in place, so it wouldn’t drag on the floor. Also, one shouldn’t have to frequently reach into the messy dust bin and remove a part in order to get rid of backed up/clogged up dirt and dust!

Wenxin Wang says:

I decided to buy one on Amazon. Thank you for introducing it so much.

Jean S says:

Honest review. Would never buy this. Thanks!

Commander Erik says:

how often should i replace the filter?

Valerie Jenice says:

I think people should just sweep their bare floors or use a dust mop on wood floors, but that’s me. lol This was a very good video. I’m about to replace a 6 year old Bissell Cleanview that has a bare spot on the cord. Thanks for the presentation. Oh, by the way, I would’ve used a lower setting on that carpet you first vacuumed. 😀

Dominic's Curiosity says:

That was a tricky rug you use it on

FanOfVacuums2 says:

I wouldn’t say that the brush roll is new or innovative by any means. Over fifty years ago, Eureka make a brush roll that they called the disturbulator. It used three different rows of brushes. They had a row of stuff bristles, a row of soft bristles, and another row of bristles that were in little sections. Whether they based it off Eureka’s or not, Bissell’s “OnePass Technology” is something that Eureka did over half a century ago. On top of that, Eureka put them in a much nicer and more effective unit back then.

Devin Williams says:

thank you because a lot of pieces came with it and the picture in books was so small with numbers smh they should know better

lamonica anderson says:

that’s a nice vacuum cleaner

Silvana Di Ravenna says:

Thank you for posting this! I couldn’t figure out how to put the vacuum together. The instructions are vague.

Brendan O'Gara says:

Bought this, very happy with this vacuum

Wilson Aleman says:

u didn’t even use the turbo tool -_-

Mary Ann Hult says:

Thank you for the demonstration! I could not tell from the paper instructions where, exactly, things were to go. I would recommend that when showing a tool, hold it away from the product, so it can be seen better. I just used the vacuum and it picked up a lot of dirt. It was a little messy to empty the canister, but if it picks up things that I don’t even see (could hear them being picked up) I can live with it. I also appreciate that it is not real loud. This replaces a Hoover that lint, dust, etc., were always caught in the roller and could not be cleaned.

EpistemeUM says:

Thanks! Was reading reviews online. Many people on amazon don’t know you can remove the filter in the canister… using knives and tools to pick stuff out through the crack! I referred a couple here. Good stuff.

Robbiemeka says:

Well I learned not to put my vacuum on the table…stupid

Carol Scott says:

Great demonstration and makes me confident in buying this vacuum. Thanks

Youchen Ren says:

I am glad that he talked about “Cons” as well, not only the Pros. I like this brand, nice Demo!!*

avantika dhavale says:

what is the supply power?

Bradley Durfee says:

how do you turn the brush mine isnt spinning

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