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My Roomba 980 Review:
My Bissell SmartClean Review:

I’ve tested and reviewed many robot vacuums so far, and the Best of the Best WAS the Roomba 980, it was reigning king for a long time, however its price point is extremely high and unaffordable for many people, and today you finally have an alternative. This is the Mi Robot Vacuum from Xiaomi, it has super advanced and intelligent whole-house navigation, with great cleaning, featured-packed app, and all this at a very affordable price point!

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George Dawson says:

Cool video

Josué David says:


Craig Wilson says:

So the app language is no longer all Chinese? Some earlier reviews mention this. Has it changed?? Thanks for the thorough comparison.

Fantastic Suhail says:

Cute robot though.

Marissa G says:

I’d like to know how Mi withstands the test of time. Regardless, if it’s competitive in price, the consumer is still paying $300+ for something that may or may not last for more then a couple years.

Adrian Mendoza says:

Great vid!

airduce says:

Just a heads up for everyone in the United States… I ordered one after seeing this review. Purchase price was around $270. Just got a notice that it will be delivered and my credit card is charged $420 – there is $150 import tax! Lesson learned…

Sailor Steve Holt! says:

I just read an article about China’s ambitions to dominate electronics. Clearly, it was right. Is this Xia-mi’s first product outside telecommunications?

It costs significantly less than the competition but the beautiful design makes it look expensive/high quality. They even thought about the packaging. (Plain box, no busy graphics, just a simple line drawing.) Like the MUJI of electronics. Is there a noticeable difference in performance between the Mi and Roomba’s products? If not, then how the hell are they able to sell it at such a low price point?

Sebastian Fierros says:

Do another rc car give away

jzizzles says:

The best robot vac by far. I purchased version 2. But haven’t used the wet mop feature. Seems gimmicky.

However, for set it and forget it, the Xiaomi is the best purchase I made by far. It’s a nice vac to keep your place tidy. I would go over the area with my bissell crosswave maybe one a month to do a hard clean.

Using the xioami 2-3 times a week to pick up hair and dust and what not. I also have the Xiaomi air purifier and the xioami security camera. Good to have everything controlled with 1 app!

Waiting for Xiaomi do make outdoor cameras!

xDP9x says:

I genuinely like your channel. Unlike most others, this one is useful and I’ve turned to your videos multiple times to help me decide if something is worth buying or not. Good job man! Your channel is definitely underrated.

AIR skaterz says:

Awsome review

Camden Cook says:

I’m 16 and have no interest in vacumns but somehow you’re videos always get my attention. Great job!

Marius Merchiers says:

3:25 Um please recycle 🙂

sameer ansari says:

What the hell automatic moving robot awesome vedio thank for review

FrancoTash says:

Do u think this can be link to Google home?

paralyzingtech says:

Is this the 1st Addition or second addition

Dominic Mirabile says:

Ben, you have a voice in this issue. Can you please contact Xiaomi to fix the carpet issue? It hasn’t been fixed for months; I’m tired of clicking resume every 10 minutes. Numerous people have tried to contact them, but they essentially say “too bad.” Please! You have a big channel!

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

I have Coupon Codes!: (hurry they don’t last forever)
“MiRobotCN” (China warehouse)
“MiRobHK” (Hong Kong warehouse)

Lixin Zhang says:

The second version of Xiaomi vacuum robot which can mop the floor has been released for a couple of months.

Isa Aslam Irwan says:

Another great video. Nice job there.. keep on the great work XD

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