Best Vacuum For Pet Hair & Allergies TESTS – Dyson vs Shark vs Bissell vs Sebo

#1 Shark Apex Duoclean Zero M
Our Review:
#2 Shark Rotator True Pet NV752
Our Review:
#3 Dyson V10 Absolute
Our Review:
#4 Kenmore Elite 31150
Our Review:
#5 Sebo Felix 1
Our Review:
#6 Dyson Multifloor 2
Our Review:
#7 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650a
Our Review:

A slightly cheaper alternative to the Shark Apex DuoClean is the Nv803 Duoclean Speed its much lighter, but doesnt have Zero M (the anti tangle tech)
Our Review:

An even cheaper Duoclean is the Shark Duoclean Nv771 which is also very light but is not a powered lift away.
Our Review:

We have the Kenmore Elite which we chose because of its really high rating on Consumer Reports, The Sebo Felix 1 which is the most expensive vacuum in this competition, and the darling of many vacuum enthusiasts. The Shark Rotator True Pet which shows up on many lists of best vacuums for pets, the Bissell Pet hair eraser, which Bissell says they engineered for homes with pets and it has a special brush that resists pet hair tangles, of all Shark Duocleans we own I chose the new Apex Zero M because it’s currently the only Shark Duoclean with Zero M technology which like the Bissell prevents pet hair tangles on the brush. And finally we have two Dysons the Dyson Multifloor 2 and the Dyson V10 Absolute cordless vacuum which has won our best cordless vacuum competition and is the only cordless vacuum that cleans good enough and has long enough battery life to compete at this level.

So lets start with the power, here we measure suction as well as airflow at the hose and at the cleaner head, we then added the numbers and found that the Kenmore Elite is leading with pretty much a 3 way tie for 2nd place.

With the pickup tests we tested all types of debris from fine debris like sand to medium and extra larger debris but with an emphasis on pet hair pickup on both hard floors and carpet.

Here the big winners were the Shark Apex and the Dyson V10 Absolute, in part because of their amazing hard floor performance with their soft rollers. But the Apex is basically unparalleled with both hard floor and carpet pickup. Some quick points on the losers in this area. They Dyson Multifloor 2 was not good at all on hard floors with pet hair and other debris, and the Bissell was only decent with pickup, and it also has a pretty major blind spot due to the belt being near the middle of the roller.

The carpet deep clean test, where we rub sand deep into the carpet is done on a pretty thick medium pile carpet so its actually two tests in 1. When we tested cordless vacuums the V10 was the only one to get a perfect 100, in this test I rubbed the sand even deeper but even so there were 4 perfect scores with the Apex getting a 98, the Sebo Felix and Kenmore were the only ones with a slightly lower score here at 92 and 90 respectively.

As far as thick carpet performance the main loser was the Dyson Multifloor 2 which was incredibly difficult to push on thicker carpets, and it stalled out several times. The Shark True Pet also stalled out a few times on thick carpet, but at least with the Shark it has a switch which reduces the suction for thick carpets and when we tested it on its thick carpet setting it ran perfectly, all the others passed this test with no issues so here are the results of these two tests.

Two other tests that are important for pet owners is the filtration and the attachments set. With the filtration The Kenmore Elite, Shark Apex, and Dyson V10 and Shark True Pet all had sealed systems with HEPA filters, and passed our test with a perfect score,

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M Frank says:

I heard durability-wise that Shark isn’t good. Thoughts on that?

CherryRibble MyButt says:

I don’t know why I’m watching this, I have no intentions of buying a vacuum anytime in the near future

Nick Tech Talk says:

Do you have any plans on reviewing the Shark Ion P50?


I’ve owned some Bissells, hovers and eurekas. The shark I bought 2 years ago it’s a beast. The suction is amazing and it’s better than my shop vac. There are some things I don’t like about it but they are minor. Shark Navigator lift away deluxe. I like to put a dry sheet on top of the HEPA to freshen the air.

Collin Rohwer says:

Dang, I wish I watched this before I bought my Bissell pet last week.

Another thing that would be helpful in your videos is a summary on each vacuum at the end with final scores, but that would be a large time commitment when making the videos.

Ricky Draper says:

How do I get the filters out to clean them. On a stain up right vacuum cleaner

BabyK18316 says:

I appreciate you doing all these vacuum tests and being short but thorough and straight to the point great for research and it doesn’t drag on. I’ll know what to buy for Black Friday thank you

InFernow says:

My Shark Apex (Model AZ1002) that I bought at best buy came with that motorized pet attachment. Loving the thing so far. Not sure if mine was the base model or not lol.

thisn00b again says:

no miele uprights ?

Samuelfish says:

So just spinkle some “pet hair” onto a new short pile carpet and immediately vacuum it up? Pfft.. I could’ve swept that pet hair off. That test is so unrealistic.

In the real world, pet hair gradually accumulates on a daily basis and gets packed into the carpet fibers thanks to us walking around the house all day.. By the time you get around to vacuuming it could be 7 days or even more. Lets say it’s been 11 days, that pet hair would be embedded into the carpet fibers and then I’d like to see the results from these contestants.

This so called “test” was completely useless.

Latticia Gaffney says:

I have a Dyson pet vacuum ever why did you use that one

Richard Love says:

How did you score the v10 for cord length…also it’s not really fair to judge a vacuums overall performance then throw in a bad score for price, just judge it on actual performance and leave out the price.

Ciara1211 says:

No, calling for a re-do. Pet hair doesn’t just sit in clumps it weaves deep into the carpet,. Let a lab roll around on your rug for a half hour then try to vacuum jt

Eric Andreski says:

Why is this in my recommended???

Byron Stanga says:

I don’t see how any vacuum could be better than my Shark. I’m glad I bought it a year ago and it is the best vacuum ever! I’ve had the dysons Etc….

H.T 2B says:

Where is kirby

Natasha M says:

Great review!

cdarkes84 says:

How would you rate the shark navigator lift away? Got it for granny for xmas. We’ve always been dyson people but thought we’d switch it up.

CC CC says:

Meilie is the best I have the shark and they break all the time

Nicholas Bennett says:

Lol I wish my pet hair just sat on top of the carpet

Sylvie Haddad says:


Nessa Kaweewat says:

Soooo helpful

Crystal Rose says:

I want to see a mix of cat hair and dog hair on a sofa then use hand attachments. Like micro fiber materials.

Shawn Jamison says:

That shark really did quite well considering the price they sell at! I hate Dyson, I’ve never seen so many problems with any other upright bagless. How does the shark compare with the high end bag canister vacs like the Miele c2 that people seem to rave about? Is that really worth the extra investment for someone with two dogs and two floors to clean, and a mix of hardwood and high pile carpet?

curt weigel says:

Thanks for doing the tests!!!

gund2281 says:

Vacuum repair/sales people are laughing so hard at this. Or should be. You don’t even test decent vacuums here. These are just about all garbage. I mean, even the one quality brand (Sebo) you use their worst model.

mail4 Colomom says:

this is crap! you always make it funny! but you don’t! screw you fat channel!

shane thomas says:

A kirby vacuum will outperform any other vacuum. The downside is it $3000+ price tag for a new one, but They can be found used online for much cheaper. A kirby vacuum is literally overkill for anything you try to vacuum, I’m convinced it sucks up the dirt from underneath my house through my floor.

Questchaun says:

547 dollars for the Dyson. YIKES!

Sameera Gohir says:

Pet hair doesn’t just sit on the floor waiting to be vacuumed! A real pet owner knows that pet hair is like a needle and weaves its way into carpets, sofas and anywhere else it seems to land!

Billy Darley says:

you really need to add kirby to the mix just for comparison. some might argue there is no comparison like nothing beats kirby but it would still be interesting to see.

Ken Hall says:

So Dyson V10. I sell alot of those.

christina st onge says:

I like my mom’s Kirby it’s from the 70’s it can still do things strong suction to eat toys and break legos and 2. Justify childhood fears of Kirby eating toys lol

mike856ms says:

The Kirby with it’s optional pet hair brush roll is the best in my opinion.

RigginTheRod010 says:

Since I bought the Bissell 2x Revolution pet pro carpet cleaner I was going to try to stick with Bissell vacuum cleaners but doesn’t look like it got a good score

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