Best FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Review – KITCHEN LIFE HACKS!

I have found an amazing kitchen life hack that actually saves you money. Watch the video to find out more!
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In this video The Deal Guy is showing one of his favorite kitchen life hacks! This Vacuum Sealer is one of the best foodsaver reviews you will see on YouTube. This FoodSaver review not only a great overview but a great vacuum sealer deal.

I hope you enjoy this best vacuum sealer review or best foodsaver review if you know what I’m already talking about!

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benderue says:

Just opened mine plugged it in and no lights come on; dammit its broken…:(

adam skiba says:

bag, power, time, throw that onion to the bin, it will be cheaper, in real life only a half or less of onion needs to be stored ,so in this case… better trow it away, carrots either expensive to.

luis gill says:

weed fresh too

Daisy Rodriguez says:

man, I’m so bummed that I missed this deal. I wished I would of found this video 2 months ago

Winnpop says:

Hi Deal Guy I appreciated info on the vacuum saver review.

Chrysalis 0 says:

Awesome, I think I will buy this for my mom.

profiAcc says:

watch 4:55 at 1.5x speed, or even better at 2.0x

AShahKhan says:

Lol dont recommend vacuum sealing small amounts of onions especially if you use them everyday, u’ll be using more bags and it will offset the savings of the produce/meats. Its better for meats though for sure

Fresh enjoy says:

Very nice. We will learn from you.^.^

Jason Blackwell says:

I need one

Witness For Yeshua Mashiach says:

Don’t buy from the link in the description box below. He is selling you a different ‘cheaper’ model than what he shows in his video. WOW!!! I was going to buy, but I clicked on your link and you are promoting the sale of a cheap no name machine that isn’t the same machine you hype and promote, displayed in your video. Just sad.

Joseph G Krestan says:

Great information on products, before purchasing. Thanks Joe

Bradford Townsend says:

Your not supposed to seal onions. See the food saver web site.

Maydelaine Lumiwes says:

where to buy like this. whom to contact

Jack Mazza says:

This will help you as far as the tie.. Double Windsor.

Nicktropolis90 says:

God I need that vacuum sealer in my life!

Review The Cheapest says:

Good review. Thanks for the info.

ComocosonoEWL says:

Keep in mind that you need need need to use only food saver bags. Using any other types of bags besides those made by the same company will lead to the machine not vacuum sealing correctly and you believing your device is broken.

SweetSome says:


Raven Harvill says:

Are these good to ship baked items for online orders?

Dee Powerz says:

Can you smell your food while sealed ?

Eternal Battle14 says:

I need this for sealing weed in order to sell it on Darknet!

Carrie Smith says:

Does it seal myler bags

IamADRIAN says:

Fun fact the link to the food saver deal contains Malware. You’re Welcome.

Super Shepherd says:

If I save 2 onions and next day I use one, how can I reused the bag? Do I just seal it again?

Bob Stahnke says:

Great Video. But I read that you cannot vacseal onions?

iGlitter Grace says:

Food vac is a waist of money!!!.50 per bag versus

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