Best Cordless Vacuum – Dyson vs Shark vs Bissell vs Hoover vs Eureka vs Dirt Devil vs Deik

Best Overall Cordless Vacuum
#1 Dyson V10 Absolute
Our Review:
#2 Shark Ion P50
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#3 Dyson V8
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Best Budget Cordless Vacuum

#1 Dirt Devil
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#2 Bissell Multi Reach
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Others Tested:
Eureka Power Plush
Our Review:
Deik Cordless Vacuum
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Hoover React Whole Home
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With the budget cordless vacuums that main thing that separates them from the premium vacuums like the Sharks or Dysons besides the price is their lack of HEPA filtration and or a sealed system. All 5 of the budget vacuums we tested did not pass fog test which either shows a lack of HEPA filtration an unsealed system or both , but this is typical of any type of vacuum under a certain price range.

That being said there is a lot to like with the budget vacuums. Here is a quick summary from our tests.

The Hoover React had the most power at 37 cfm at the wand with the Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus coming in second at 33 cfm

The Dirt Devil had the best battery life at 24:06 with the Deik 2nd and the Hoover React 3rd Though it should be noted that the Dirt Devils battery life number was on its low power setting which tested at 29 cfm. It was also the only budget cordless that had 2 power settings.

The best budget cordless vacuum for hard floors was probably the Eureka Power Plush with its soft roller, but that is about all the Euraka Power Plush was good for as it was terrible with carpets and it had the worst battery life. But the 2nd place for hard floors was the Bissell Mutli Reach which was really good, followed by Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus

On carpet most of them did good with the pickup tests with surface debris, whether that was fine debris, pet hair or large debris, but deep cleaning carpets is hard for all cordless vacuums, that being said the three that did the best were the Dirt Devil, the Hoover React and the Bissell Multi Reach Plus.

So our choice for the best budget cordless vacuum was the Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus, it also comes with good attachments, and is extremely inexpensive, with the main negative being that it is prone to clogs, and can loose power easily, the next choice would be the Bissell Mutli Reach which is a bit more expensive but is really solid overall.

All three of the premium cordless vacuums we tested proved to be sealed systems with HEPA filtration so that is a huge plus especially if you have asthma or allergies.

As far as the specs, the Dyson V10 had the most power on high power and the Shark Ion P50 had the most power on Low Power.

Battery life numbers require some explanation, all these numbers are with the cleaner head attached despite the fact that you can get higher battery life numbers if you test them without the cleaner head attached.

Its seems that the Dyson V10 and Shark Ion P50 have basically the same battery capability but the V10 give you more options, including its low power setting which takes the CFM way down to 24 but give you 46:16 of runtime which is by far the longest., and we found that 24 cfm was sufficient for most tasks, So you have to give the V10 the edge here.

On hard floors it also depends, If you get the more expensive “Absolute” versions of the Dyson V8 or V10 which come with the soft roller or Fluffy brush, then its pretty close to even, since soft rollers are amazing with hard floors, picking up just about anything and everything they come into contact with.

On carpets, despite the fact that the Shark Duoclean does better at sheer ability to gobble anything on top of the carpet, the Dyson V8 and V10 with their standard motorheads attached do much better with deep cleaning carpets as we saw in the flour and black carpet test.

To make a long story short I have to give the premium cordless crown to the Dyson V10 Absolute, it is the most expensive of all 3, but the price has come down considerably since its release early in 2018, and it’s a much better value these days.

But a close 2nd place would go to the Shark Ion P50, I love its versatility and its handling and I really love the Duoclean technology, so it’s a really good utilitarian choice.

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MizzAugust says:

I would like to see tests, by someone like myself- over 50, female, past professional cleaner, who knows everything about vacuums, through the ages. That would really be the best test, by a person – In a Real Home, with Real conditions-by someone who has used them for many decades, as we know how comfort , suction, volume level & versability count. Thanks for your review though.

Vincent Robinette says:

How does the best of these cordless vacs compare to a high powered heavy, like a Kirby G series? Just curious. Are these designed to be your main vacuum? or are these a go-to quick picker-upper?

PvpBeast713 says:

Dislike cuz I couldn’t skip the ad

steve jones says:

Very informative, answered a lot of questions I had thanks for the video

J says:

Great review, now which one would be best for removing short dog hair from a fabric couch?

Spanc01 Nand says:

A YouTuber that breifed his video in the description !

CEO says:

Dyson v8 is the perfect one
And for me the real winner


Two things you forgot to consider. 1) emptying dust bin. The ION P50 is more ergonomic because it’s a bigger dust bin and it detaches from the vacuum, with lids on both ends. 2) ION P50’s dual brush is simultaneously engaged at all times, meaning your hardwood will get sanded by the stiff brushes on the carpet roller.

Craig Mclaughlin says:

V10 battery built in, V8 battery can be switched out(3 screws Phillips) for longer run times(6000mah $55 aliexpress). Have V8, nice vacuum, grab and go. Height adjust would be nice as some report pyle being pulled up, red brushes are the hard ones, black are soft for hard floor.

Angela Watson says:

Very helpful

Elizabeth Morales says:

One of the best most informative videos!! What do you think of the new shark cordless stick vs the Dyson V10?

Ryan Christensen says:

Which one handles long human hair the best? Four girls, countless hours cleaning brush roller bearings! Biggest issue for me.

the95z says:

How do you feel a vacuum like the Ounuo Stick vacuum that is almost indefinitely a direct copy off of Dysons take but at a much cheaper cost on Amazon?

Jeff Daigle says:

When are you going to do a review on the Tineco A11?

Melissa Verwymeren says:

I don’t even need a vacuum, but here I am.

gtzgreatride says:

They all suck

Ramses Tavares says:

Thx for the video. Are you able to use these devices to clean on the table? Like remove the long neck and use their suction sectionlike hanheld vacuums?

Kishan Jadeja says:

They all suck… Get a corded you pussys. This new wireless trend is bollocks!

just a vet says:

Can you please do a competition between the best water vacuum. Such as the quantum, rainbow, Serena and a few cheaper ones. Thanks!

Denise Bass says:

Just stumbled on this channel & seeing that I just recently bought my 3rd cordless vac, (the 2nd one I returned) thought I’d see what you had to say about them. Well, I learned from my experience, that one of the things to consider is the ease of removing the roller brush in order to remove the tangled hair. It was one of the main reasons I returned the 2nd vac I bought. It had to be unscrewed in order to get to the roller brush & they had those tiny screws which seem to always get mashed in with the slightest pressure. Of course it was one of the low end models by Hoover. But after coming off a low end model by Bissell which was very easy to take apart & reassemble, I knew it was a mistake to get that one & so I returned it to Costco. Weight & storage are other things to consider, as is charging time and as another commenter said, the ease to clean out the bin. I am now using another mid to low end cordless, the Hoover Fusion, & so far it is the best performer out of my previous ones. It charges faster, easy to disassemble & reassemble, has 3 modes, attachments, and you could clean the bin without getting the dirty dust everywhere by just placing a plastic bag over the release. The only thing I don’t like about this one & the previous Hoover that I returned, is that they are made to be hung on the wall for storage as they don’t stand up on their own. I currently just keep mine propped up by having it lean on my other ‘stuff’ in my broom, mop, area. I find those Dyson vacs too bulky, heavy & unattractive for my taste & too expensive for my budget. In any case, enjoyed the review of cordless vac & will continue to watch.

Mathew Lewis says:

How did I get to a vacuum review

Ji-Eun Kim says:

I have a Dyson V6 and they are awesome on carpet floors! I would recommend getting the V6 over the 8 or 10 until the prices drop for the latter two 😉

Phil Williams says:

Buy a henry

Kuniaki Tran says:


F P says:

Why didn’t you compare the V10 and Shark Ion Flex IF251? How misleading and a waste of time when the shark you compared it to was totally different than the other stick vacuums. Maybe it was because you knew that the IF251 would blow all these away.

B000gnish says:

What about the dibea d18

stevica tusevljak says:

How much is Dyson paying you?

Stu says:

You forgot the beko

dtz1000 says:

The Shark ION P50 weighs over twice as much as the Dyson models shown in this video. Just something else to consider when choosing which is the right one for you.

Chris Stone says:

High quality informative reviews based on science and testing. Thanks!

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