ArmorAll AA255 Car Vacuum Unboxing and Basic Review

The ArmorAll 255 Car Vac is lightweight, but still powerful enough to keep your car clean.
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Miguel Angel says:

this has got to be one of the best reviews ever. Thank you so much i just ordered mine.

Esther Choi says:

Thank you

MiddleEasternGuy says:

Excellent review! The video really helped me visualize the suction power of the vacuum. Many thanks! 🙂

Tim Byers says:

Loved the video and all of your test objects! Have you tested the wet feature? I’m considering this for dealing with occasional pet stains and spot work. I like the compact size compared to the battle tanks.

Lea Bishop says:

Thanks for the video, it is very useful. How do you make it so it is not a blower. I put the right attachment but it is still blowing not sucking. Any advise?

Cindy Camp says:

the blower is for drying your car off after washing.

BeastleonTv says:

Great review going to buy this product after watching this. Also you should review other items you’re pretty good at it.

Mohammed Hafeez says:

Congrats on your new car. Great review .. I think I’ll go for it.

Raymond perez says:

Great video i think i’ll go out and buy this vacuum my old one doesn’t work very well anymore! thanks…

sweetaznboi209 says:

Where can I buy it bro ?

Paul79UF says:

Thank You. 🙂

2ThePoint says:

Thumbs up for the french fries haha.. nice video though

Fred McIntyre says:

Thanks for the info!

PlayChoice 3 says:

This was a great review. Thanks for sharing! We ended up buying this from Amazon, so we’re eager to check it out.

rough rough says:

how come there’s no suction blower works perfect but vacuum doesn’t work please help

jvr cj says:

Great and enjoyable review. (-:

DJPREZ says:

AWESOME VIDEO!! .. it definitely helped me take a decision about buying the vacuum!! Thank you!

Antonio M. says:

i used the vac with dry filter, on day one, on my fireplace ashes and it shot all the ashes behind my back all over the place from the exhaust. i then opened the unit and saw some caught in the unit. i have a big mess here, any idea how to keep this from happening? i.e. collect 100% ash inside unit?

smithheart360 says:

Great review! You did a really good job. Glad i bought this vacuum.

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