Are Robotic Vacuum Slaves Worth It? The Eufy RoboVac 11 Review

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I decided to finally try out one of these robo vacuums for my house, and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical at first.

Because the price of most Roombas are way too expensive for me, I never thought it was worth it, but then I came across this version from a company called Eufy –

So this is my review of the Eufy Robovac, and at less than half the cost of the offerings from iRobot, would this be a Roomba killer that I would be satisfied with?

Check the vid to find out!

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Rayaan Khan says:

Is it very loud? Like does it annoy you when it runs for a full hour? Also is it good for a big villa?

Johannes Götzen says:

I’ve bought it today and I love it!!! The only problem is the thing with the cables… I’m waiting forward to See Robots, which cleans the flat with water, where you don’t have to change the wet reg because it emptys hisself and get’s new water by itself by his own water supply.

Ivan Morales says:

As always great review! I have been wanting a robot slave for a while now, but those roombas are way too expensive. I was checking out the Xiomi and they do a much better job than the roombas, but those are around 400 bucks. Thanks for the review! 🙂 I just ordered a Robovac11

Bart Betz says:

You’ve got a really nice home

Alley Pechonis says:

Ooh I love that wooden table where did you get that

AmpedGremlin says:

I’m sorry but the fact that it can easily dock itself back into the charging station is the coolest thing ever

Warlock M says:

I’m still put off by the worry that one of my stupid cats would throw up on the floor and then the robot would just drag it everywhere.

Anusficker 4 life says:

why does this roboter look so derpy in the chair leg scene?

andersaa808 says:

Nice video thanks! This might be sort of a strange question, but do you know which brand/model your floor ventilation grilles are? I just bought a new house and need to replace mine. Thanks

Chill Bill says:

Let’s get one thing straight…THEY ARE NOT VACUUMS! At best they are only carpet sweepers. Stop this false advertising bullshit!

pen mightygun says:

a roomba red was 80 bucks at sears in 2002 i have one i bought new

Ice Xiao says:

Erm…Eufy is by Anker Technologies, which is headquartered in Changsha China. So ya… get your facts right my friend.

D Byrd says:

Bravo! I received this item as a birthday gift (Yes, what do you buy someone who has everything?). My home is predominately tile so I’m excited to use it and not have to take a broom to the floors everyday when I can be doing something else. Thanks for your video!

SAM6420 says:

200$ on ebay for something just like this btw

throttle bottle says:

keep the vacuum bot, grab the regular vacuum and pass the tito’s!!

Fiskebullar says:

The Roborock S52 is worth it.

Now you can skip the video

Bella F. says:


B dog Playz says:

Wake up.turn it on.go to work.come home.relax

Eric Schnidrig says:

NOTICE; There called “Floor Sweepers” and not Carpet Spewers! All I’ve tried Fail on carpets! Thanks!!! 😀

boffo25 says:

The problems with my romba since 2010:
The timers resets itself and the romba starts at night.
Fails to charge
It’s frigiale. It’s not robust

Лев Крименский says:

Tbh that Would bre a prettygood alarm

Sum Guy says:

you got a pet?…if your dog, or cat throws up or poops in the house, you come home to a nasty trail ALL OVER…lol

Jon Miller says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this. Just what I wanted to see after reading a couple reviews. Going to purchase my own now.

Doruk Unal says:

That shit story 😀

joefor88 says:

Thumbs up for shit streaks everywhere…made me laugh out loud.

iilikecereal says:

6:15 wtf

Robin says:

Made for lazy people.

Emils Vilskersts says:

6:15 wtf

Indigo says:

Lol “robotic vacuum slaves” hahahah

K says:

I think I might get this vac to replace the one that my parents have. Someone else gave it to them, and it is a really high quality one, only problem is that it is quite high and wide and doesn’t have the little sweepers, so after I watched it for a bit, I realized that it wasn’t getting to any of the places where the dust and dog hairs pile up (in corners, under chairs, etc). I think that anyone thinking about buying a robot vacuum needs to keep this in mind. No sense in spending hundreds of dollars for something that can’t reach half of your floor space.

Ryan W says:

it’s japanese, not chinese, why?

Ali Jaffery says:

Nice house man!

Heather marie Simpson says:

Dude I like the way you do reviews

David d says:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you don’t understand the technology and buy shit without lidar or slam technology built into it. It’s never going to work ever

Pamela Schallhorn says:

Thanks. Really helpful. I just bought the Eufy Robovac 11S and your video was great for getting started. Thanks for the cautions as well.

pen mightygun says:

I would never hesitate to but a chinese made floor sweeper , i buy all my tools from china and they are excellent values . Also the chinese alway improve designs very fast , its almost a passion with them

Pie 4life says:

the question is how long it will last? since its a battery its gonna get weaker and weaker every month. unlike a regular vaccum which can last for 5 years this i see for 2 or 3 years max without replacement of parts and batteries

Nicole Hodgkins says:

I am getting !

Rage a tonic says:

Is there an app that goes along with it

hasaheadachenow says:

I have this, I love it! I named her Mabel! She’s my new best friend! Lol. Get one!

BitBear says:

When u said robotic vacuum slaves i had something different in mind.

AulyanChanel says:

Oh yes, just wait for a day when it realizes that it’s human who brings all that dirt.

frep you says:

how does it do with cables or wires running from outlets across a room

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