😍 DEIK ❤️ 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review (New) 2018 ✅

😍 DEIK ❤️ 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review (New) 2018 ✅ ❤️ Zona’s Favorite Things ❤️ I show you all the AWESOME things I find! ❤️ The BEST YouTube Reviews HERE ❤️ This is where to get it ❤️ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071Y6JNT4

Lightweight and flexible: Weighing only at 4.7 lbs, easier than ever to clean up, down and all around. Still provides an impressive 7Kpa of power,providing a deep, thorough clean without compromising on the manoeuvrability.
Reach anywhere cleaning: 2 in 1- Removable hand vac is great for cleaning small messes and tight spaces. Long slim pole reaches up high for cleaning shelves and ceiling fans
Multi floor capabilities: Transition from hard flooring to area rugs and low pile carpeting with just the push of a button
HEPA and sponge filtration: The HEPA filtration system can lock in small particles that other vacuums would simply re-circulate back into the air of your home; this prevents the spread of allergies and bacteria.
What you get: HomeVac, AC power adapter, wall mount and mounting accessories

The Deik cordless vacuum has an overall cleaning performance that beats most full-size corded vacuums – without the hassle of a cord. Compared to the upright market, the Deik upright vacuum has one of the highest geometric average pickup performances, dust loaded, when hard floor, creviced hard floor, and carpet results are combined.

Cleans Up, Down and All Around
The Deik Cordless Vauum Cleaner offers the power you need to keep your cordless vacuum makes it easier than ever to clean up, down and all-around. With multi-floor cleaning performance, you can move from room to room, cleaning both hard floors and carpet.

Cleans Up, Down and All Around
The ultra-light, cordless design lets you quickly clean high and low with ease.

Easily Maneuver Around Furniture
It’s steerable and makes maneuvering around tight turns and furniture a breeze.

Multi Floor Cleaning Capabilities
Go from hard floors to carpets with the touch of a button! While the optional trigger lock allows you to clean larger areas.

Removable Handheld Vacuum
Detach the portable handheld vacuum to tackle small messes and tight spaces.

Upholstery Tool
Soft rubber edges lift and remove pet hair and dust from sofas and other upholstery.

Wall Mount Bracket
Detach the portable handheld vacuum to tackle small messes and tight spaces.

Model: ZB1516
Dirt cup: 0.5L
Rated Power: 21.6V
Dust Collection: Bagless
Battery Power: 22 Volts
Battery Type:Lithium
Runtime: 25 minutes
Charge Type: Cord & Plug
Weight: 4.7lbs
Power Suction: 7Kpa

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Not Available says:

No need to remove the canister to empty, there is a button on the other side to drop open the bottom.

Keni Vrataric says:

Most reviews are ehh, and I very seldom like or dislike but I’m gonna like yours. Very well done!

VisVires says:

Awesome review! You went into great detail and covered all the points I needed. Buying it soon for mom. Thank you!

JJ Hull says:

I got this item and love it. I live in a 300 sq ft apt so space is limited. The vacuum is easy to maneuver around the furniture and does well on the linoleum.

Bellaluna1105 says:

This is the one I wanted, but you guys bought them all up 🙁 they are currently unavailable on Amazon right now 🙁 anyone know where else you can get one?? They have another 2 in 1 for $80 same suction power, and same voltage but you have to keep holding the button to use it which is hard for me, I have bad pinched nerves in both elbows that make my hands really hurt. Also it doesn’t say anything about picking up pet hair, so I’d rather have this one! How much was it on Amazon? It doesn’t say the price anymore since they are out. Couldn’t find it on EBay either, so sad! If anyone can recommend a different one good for pet hair and litter, or knows where I can get this one for under $130 I’d really really appreciate it! I have two shedding monsters at my house, lol! Thanks for your review!

Allan Scardina says:

Where can I get besides Amazon? Seems to be the only reseller besides eBay merchants

bobbie ackerman says:

Thank you for reviewing this vacuum! You answered most of the questions I had about it. But can you please tell me how to charge it? This is probably obvious to most people! Ha!

Sheri Lewis says:

Great Job!! Love the Cat!!!

C. Ann says:

Great helpful video. Very satisfactory alternative to spending $300 -$400 on the more expensive brands Thanks!

Inventorboy16 says:

It looks like a knockoff of the Dyson dc35. I hate how other companies ripoff Dyson instead of designing there own! still cool video!

cosmo1kramer says:

Please review after 6 months.
All vacuum work well when they are new.The real test is after couple of uses when it becomes a little clogged

Jackie Elias says:

Great video! . Question is the stick vac a good height? I tried one and found it to be a bit short and i was hunched over i didnt buy it because of that. Im not that tall either only 5’3. Thanks so much!!

Mikale Williamson says:

You’ve had it for several months now- does it still work well? Has it held up?

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