Who makes the best tool chest for the money? | Garage Transformation

Are you in the market for a tool box? Get DIY Bri’s Advice on what brand of tool box is the best for your money, and check out his garage transformation. He gives real advice on tool boxes and shows you how he is transforming his home garage from a messy unorganized mess to a clean bright organized at home garage with his new tool box. Watch this video and stay tuned for many more tool box review videos and garage transformation videos that I will post below. This video is perfect for the professional auto mechanic, and or at home DIYers, that are in the market of a tool box and want to transform there garage into a great work space!

Complete Homak H2Pro Tool cabinet review

More Info on Homak

Here is a link to buy the main tool cabinet in this video

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Johny Harbinger says:

It cost a lot of money, but if I lived in Utah I would get into the towing biz. Regulations are a bitch and insurance is high, but there’s money in it if you own a shop. Homak are good toolboxes. Don’t know if they have lifetime warranty on boxes like snappy though.

pbodymathis says:

The hands really like doing this video as they were paid to do nothing…. .lol! Great info and video.

Brendan Weller says:

Are the new flat black Husky boxes any good? (specifically the 56 inch).

Voxel Lab says:

No Andrew means when he leaves to a new shop his tool box will roll right out of there. Really MAC greeeeeen

Nancy Gonzalez says:

my biggest thing is flimsy drawers. Mohawk had flimsy drawers. my double early 2000s Matco is beyond solid, but my KRL1163 is the ish.

Jim Hinson says:

Lista cabinets sitting on a home made angle iron frame with big casters welded on it.

Al Michaels says:

where is the best place to buy a homak? very interested. thanks for sharing!

coffeefish says:

You can’t find a good used tool box for sale? Must be millions of them for sale out there. Why send China your money?

Clorox bleach says:


Zedword says:

I have a same Blue Cornwell box it’s first time I have seen another one.

Levine Levine says:

The two kittens are the stars of the show.

Shadetree Sam says:

I’ve bought several toolboxes, most of which I like, but not all. With the exception of a few premier brands like Snap-On, most manufacturers make different quality boxes, so I would look for a set of features and qualities rather than just brand names. First, I would advise anyone looking for a toolbox to buy at least one or two sizes larger than you think you need. A good toolbox lasts a lifetime, and you’ll buy many more tools in years to come than you have now. The other reason is that you’ll probably want to keep your toolbox neat and organized, and tool organizers use a lot more space than just dumping your tools into a drawer. Look for sturdy construction (the box should be heavy, not light), and ball bearing sliders for the drawers are a must. Check out the wheels, because these boxes are very heavy when they’re loaded with tools, and you will have to roll it around from time to time. Also. look for a good number of deep drawers in addition to the shallow ones, along with four half-size drawers. If you can’t afford the box you need, consider buying it used, preferably from someone who only used it at home. By the way, the crappiest box set I own by far is a Craftsman, and it’s sitting in my garage next to the best set I own, also a Craftsman. So don’t rely on brand names alone to buy a toolbox… check out the quality for yourself before you buy.

And by the way, two of the best things you can do to make your garage a better work space that doesn’t cost a lot is to add strong overhead lighting, and if you have a concrete floor, paint it with a good heavy sealant. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes, and how much cleaner it feels.

imstuner says:

I like your channel but on this video I feel like your choice is basis base on the tool box kick back. I like the Homak brand and owned one of their kart.

Larry Ryan says:

so ,the company that gives you sponsorship is the best box. really?


I’ve checked out many box’s, even at $2.00-1 you wont beat HOMAK,,,

UncleDelicious says:

EVERYTHING ELSE < MASTERFORCE (high quality plus a lifetime warranty)

BBQBOY76 says:

What are your thoughts on the Milwaukee work benches and chess? I like the Homak you chose, but I am looking for something lower to be utilized asa bench too.

wadastwins says:

my 72 in montazuma is just as good as my 72in snap-on.. same size sheet metal, more casters

ajoliver74 says:

I would rather have good quality tools in a heavy locking box than a name brand that may not hold up. I have a Finger Hut (not saying that I could get that much time out of another Finger Hut set or that they are good quality) set that my grandmother thought I needed 30 years ago after I graduated High School, and the 2 ratchets that came with it have been used and abused and have now out lasted a Snap On 1/4″, a Craftsman 3/8″, and a 1/2″ Husky. Granted the husky and Snap On have been replaced due to the warranty. But that replacement still leaves you without until it is replaced. My working shop “tool boxes” are 2 free locking stand up locking freezers. They have had draws built and installed in them and everything is custom to my needs. 20 years of turning wrenches and I have less than $100 in my tool boxes that are both a head scratcher to people first seeing them and then a, “That is a fantastic way to go!” conversation. Being a good mechanic trumps tool quality and tool box quality any day of the year.
Just my 2 cents worth.

MISTERComaToes says:

To be totally honest I love the high end tool boxes, but I could never justify the huge price tag the tool trucks put on their boxes (as well as their tools). I was a heavy equipment/diesel tech for over 30 years (now retired) My first tool box was a used Craftsman lower for $50… I still have that box and several others but back about 20 years ago I bought a Homak box for work that was incredibly reasonable, still have that one too. Altogether I have 14 linear feet of tool boxes 4′ high. I mostly bought Craftsman hand tools over the years but I have a fair amount of the tool truck brands, bought used of course. I really understand the prestige that having top of the line tools/boxes brings to a guy, but I was never susceptible to that. AND, now that I’m retired I smile to think how much money I saved over my career; tens of thousands I’m sure. To me it didn’t matter if I bought it at a yard sale or a tool truck, if the tool does the job it’s okay by me. Even with lots of yard sale tool purchases I still have $10K in tools and boxes but I NEVER ever had a weekly tool truck bill.

bill cap says:

how can you do a comparison and not have a MATCO S SERIES OR THE NEW REVEL X

Kevin Enger says:

Love the vid man!!! Myself, doin bodywork/frame collision work for goin on 31 years now. Still have my 12 drawer Craftsman from 1985, that is my favorite! Very good vid is all i can say!! Lots of info…lookin to getting rid of 8 boxes in garage for 2 long chest boxes. Got my shop box, but guess i need better at home now.. retirement calling!!! Lol!!!

wadastwins says:


JohnstonPettigrew says:

If Homak told you to go beat feet on your offer……….would you still be rec. them?

Dick Fitzinya says:

Buy a quality off-brand tool chest, remove the emblems, buy some Snap On emblems off of Ebay, and impress those that don’t know the difference. Couldn’t be easier.

doug adam says:

Ps. Snap-on, The best resale value 30% on the dollar. RETIREING IN A GOOD WAY.QQ

Kay Man says:

I have a 700 dollar homak from costco
I don’t have to worry about locking my tools and a tool box doesn’t make you money

TD Auto says:

I bet it’s not a coincidence that a guy wearing a Napa shirt is talking about Homak toolboxes, you know, because Napa sells Homak boxes.

GioDman77 says:

What’s your take on the Viper tools storage brand?

Kansas Sam Brokeback says:

With maintenance and no abuse, craftsman boxes will last just as long as any other. The 30 year mechanic is using a 25 year old box. He didn’t fall into the tool truck trap.Why would you drop a grand on a cart when you can get a moveable box for 500? At that rate, you can get the red hazard fraught cart for portability and still be under 750..

Donald Mackinnon says:


Gen X Murse70 says:

I’ve been looking at the US General line from Harbor Freight.  They have a 72″ cabinet selling for $1199.  It’s not Snap On quality, but it’s adequate.  It can hold 4000 lbs of tools.

Dogface1123 says:

Check out Lista cabinets. Drawer capacity of 440lbs very versatile in drawer configuration and lots of colors to choose. I bought one and it hands down crushes snap-on mac or Cornwell in quality and cheaper too.

AGR Automotive LLC says:

Wow i just checked out pricing of homak and its not bad. Right now I have HF but i am going to check out homak. I got the HF tool chests because I wanted to invest as much as possible in tools. But as i make more money i will look into homak and use my HF ones for home use later on

Andrew Duff says:

Cool video, when I started I bought a Snap-On Classic series which was an amazing box I had that box for 5 years and have outgrown it so I added on a homemade hutch and side cabinets but I unfortunately moved and started at a large shop and I had more than my fair share of tools “grow legs” at that shop so I made the call I was going to buy a larger box to store everything into and be able to lock so I bought a Matco 6s 3 bay. it is a decent box. ( little too tall for a short guy like me) it is not Snap On quality but it is a good box. but after about a month of owning that I had enough of stuff getting taken and left that place for a job where I no longer need to provide tools the company provides them. so I have a nice toolbox for home.

as for many of the “Handy Homeowners” that need quality tool storage, I would recommend looking at some of the stuff at strictly toolboxes they have great stuff for great prices

Kurt Nicklow says:

Do you have any information regarding the different series of toolboxes?

Orlos The Druid says:

FOR THE MONEY………not the BEST EVER……Harborfreight General boxes.

WORST for the money….Craftsman.

Swooper S says:

I used husky for years before I bought a MAC box the husky boxes are built good if you take care of it but I love the Mac box

pdoggy10inch says:

that blue Snap-On is beautiful !!

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