What have I been doing? A Workshop Update, ATDP13B and BS400 reviews.

This is a quick video explaining my lack of recent uploads and some of the upgrades to my workshop. I have also included a brief review of the new Axminster ATDP13B drill press and the Record Power BS400 bandsaw. I am not paid by or sponsored by these companies.
I purchased the bandsaw from John Davis Woodturning in Stockbridge
The Drill press I purchased from Axminster tools in Basingstoke.
I am also showing the set-up I use for my Dremel, which is something I have been meaning to share for a long time.
Thank you to all my subscribers for sticking with me.

My name is Jim Overton, welcome to my channel.
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Nathan’s channel- NuManXplore

Woodturning is potentially dangerous!
My videos are designed to give viewers creative ideas.
The way I work is not necessarily the best or safest way to work!
Your safety is your own responsibility not mine.
Please follow all safety procedures and wear personal protective equipment.
Wear a visor and a respirator dust mask at all times.
Be safe, be creative and enjoy your turning.


Ian Maude says:

Great to see your updates Jim! It’s certainly coming on and WAY ahead of my rather Heath Robinson set up 😉

Gerard Webster says:

Thanks Jim

Nick Zammeti NZ WoodTurning says:

The new workshop looks awesome Jim. love that drill press, i just got me a Record Power one. not as good as that one though. looking forward to catching up mate. hope all is well. All the best

Gary Wright says:

Great to have you back! Best of luck with your new tools and shop!

Mark Hobster says:

nice work mate in the workshop and also good news that you are on the mend 🙂

i love that idea of the foot pedal and i might employ that method for a carver ive bought to stop me having to reach over to the control box every time i want to start stop or change a bit.

Paul Busby says:

really like your tail stock shelf idea. Brilliant

Yuval Lahav Woodturning says:

Finally a shop tour!! Man, all these wonderful shops people have, makes me really self aware of mine own small shop… oh well, I guess I’ll have to just make due.. 😉

Thank you for the update Jim!!


David Wick says:

That was a big storm that hit your place, super to hear you are getting back into it, dont worry about the lack of videos, life happens. I have about the same amount of room and am just getting set up so thanks for the tour.

Lee Waterman says:

Oh, yes have I been wondering about you. An awful lot happening for you but glad you are well now and we will wait.
Come back when you can.

Alan Simpson says:

Welcome back Jim and sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Your workshop is looking great. I moved into a new workshop last November and I know I’m getting back to normal as it looks like a rubbish tip.
Also, I’ve started going to my wood turning club again and the first guest demonstrator of the year was Nick Agar. He’s so gifted he makes me feel inadequate.
Hope to see some of your new videos soon.
With all good wishes,

Neil Sandell says:

Cant believe how similar your workshop is to mine Jim

kaziklu79 says:

Congratulation for the new machines, Jim! Your workshop is really nice.

NuManXplore says:

Hi Jim, I love the organized shop you have there. Everything looks great and I like the new tools. THANK YOU as well for the shout-out for my channel. Just realized I never sent you a picture of my winnings, but the screen grab of my video seemed to work great, all the best to you in your future projects. …Nathan

Patrick Johns says:

Good to see you back Jim and great new toys! See you soon. Patrick.

Gerard Webster says:

Nice small workshop Jim. Smaller seems to be better to me. Mine is in a second floor bedroom about 150 square feet. Sorry to here you suffer from diver. I do too and it threw me a curve back in November to keep me out of my shop. Perforated colon, surgery, colostomy, out of work for 2 months and still out of the shop. More surgery after mid May to put this Humpty Dumpty turner and woodworker back together. Might do some light turning soon. Can’t wait! Keep an eye on the diver and be well. Your work is inspiring. Thanks for the great videos.

Robert Lunsford says:

Your shop is looking very nice. It is nice to have quality tools to work with. You have made your available space very usable. Hope to see some video of the Wendy House build as well.

Dennis Beamish says:

Hi Jim
I am a real fan of your Milliput videos – and have a question relating to the bonding strength of the product.

My question is as follows;

If I cute a deep groove (say 1/2″) on the outside of a bowl before hollowing – then fill with Milliput – is there enough ending strength in the Milliput to hold the bowl together if I hollow the inside to 3/8″. My point being that if this wold work – then I would have a corresponding line on the inside of the bowl.
I have no concept whatsoever if this would work. Do you have a comment? Experiences with trying this? Any recommendations etc.
I really appreciate your videos, please keep up the good work.
Dennis Beamish Cambridge Ontario Canada

Davina Tackett says:

sorry bout all your troubles and the diverticulitis. I suffer with IBSD and it’s terrible. I am vegan for some time now and it has improved tremendously. maybe you want to give veganism a try. nice vid, thx.

H F Bowern Designs - Harold Bowern says:

Lots construction done anyways Jim and your daughter must feel “daddy is a great guy” 🙂 Shop looks great, a job which is never done, always something to do in the shop

Cheers mate

M. Saban Smith Woodturning says:

Hi Jim! Fantastic to see you back in the fold. Loving what you’ve done to the workshop – some ingenious contraptions there. Really like the dremel set-up with the foot pedal and gantry. Inspired! Loads more space too. Great job!
All the best,


Hey jim give us a call when you get a chance or a message on face book ??? ta lee ( leon )

baconsoda says:

Very interesting tour of your workshop and wonderful ideas for storage and tool use. I have a friend who has the same medical issue as you and, when it hits, it sure hits hard. He is wiped out for days. But, like yourself, he bounces back which is always great to see.
Best Wishes, Brendan. (Now I’m off to look for one of those foot pedals)

Bruce Goatly says:

Thanks for the long-awaited update, Jim. Here’s hoping that 2017 will be a better year for you, in both health and equipment.

Looking at you, I couldn’t tell that you have new cast-iron legs. They should stand you in good stead!

Аleksey Bek says:

You have a great workshop!

Steve Howie says:

I’ve been a fan for a while now, such adventurous projects, they are very inspiring!. I have the same lathe (and legs), did you fix the end extensions to the legs or to the timber shelving? I’m intrigued, as I want to do much the same, but couldn’t quite make out how you have attached them . . . SteveH

Heath Knuckles says:

Thank you for the update Jim. Glad that you are feeling better. The shop is looking great! Nice looking bandsaw and the lathe upgrades are sweet. Have a wonderful weekend!

Clyde Ulmer says:

A perfect storm indeed — but you can now hope that it’s all out of the way instead of dribbling out in bits. And, a Wendy House rightfully takes precedence over videos 🙂 Clyde

Alan Mackay says:

Enjoyed your wee tour Jim some good ideas their will have to pinch a few

Mike Waldt says:

Well my friend, you certainly have had a lot to contend with, but in true “Jimsons” style, you have overcome 🙂
the play house by the way looks a superb bit of building, I bet your daughter is well pleased with it. Your workshop is now looking brilliant too, such an great use of space, and now, as you say, you have more room to “play” in. lLove the lathe shelves and the storage box weight, all really good ideas mate, glad your happy with the new band saw and drill press. Looking forward to your next project video.

Justin Barry says:

Welcome back!! We missed you. Sorry to hear you were under the weather but good that you appear to be recovering. Workshop looks great. Look forward to some great things!

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