What Carving Tools Should I Buy?

This is by far the most asked question I get, and the hardest one to
really answer.

In this video I share my opinions, thought, and a list of companies and
suppliers for quality carving tools.

Below are links to several places I go to get my carving tools.

Auriou and Ashley Iles


Henry Taylor

Sayers Set and Book


Chris Pye online workshop

Mary May carving school online

Sheffeild List



Give me your mo.no.

Craig Cole says:

What would you recommend for carving spoons?

sofiane ben hadj says:

very very good

Marty Backe says:

Great video Bill. I notice you avoided the rabbit hole of Japanese carving chisels, where you need to know which mountain the master tool maker works from 😉

On a more serious note, have you tried any of the Narex carving chisels? Their bench chisels are of decent quality and low cost, so I’m wondering if that holds true for their carving chisels. Carving is my next challenge to undertake, not sure when though.

macrylon1 says:

ty for info

Steve M says:

I just got an Ashley Iles gouge from TFWW and haven’t had hardly any time using it yet to form an opinion so I am happy that you recommend them.

Lars Turner says:

Thanks on the helpful tips on choosing wood carving tools.

Justin Sane says:

how do you feel about ramelson chisels?

Bill Astell says:

Good advice that you need to know what you will be carving to know what tools you need.

Rui Valdez says:

Thank you for sharing. Best regards

Adam Wilson says:

Sure wish I could find some affordable chisels. Want to try some relief carving but I just can’t justify 60-100 bucks to get a couple to start with just to find I’m as bad at that as most anything that requires concentration.
Guess I’ll have to find another way to dress up my projects

Tomas Lainas says:

cool video. i agree. ive been working as a woodcarver for soon 2 decades and i also give classes. since carving tools are expensive i recommend people to a small kit first, and then go amplifying the collection when they need to. in the beginning its also as important to buy good sharpening tools. gauges and chisels from brands like mifer, 2 cherries, pfeil etc are very good. the english brand henry tailor can be useful at times, but the steel is very soft imho.

bpaullus says:

I love the hat hanging up behind you where did you get that from?

Mycroft Pembroke says:


Thank you for your advice.

Where did you get the great leather tool roll in the video?

Davo gifman says:

Mary May would be the next video I’d check out. She even has about three hours of videos going into the brands of chisel, chisel types,and sets as well as wood grains,and what type of woods to start out with. I think she also does one,or two complete carvings to get you started if you have the tools,and wood in front of you. I think I’m going to take her online classes ,but you can’t go wrong checking her channel out. Thanks for your video also Mr. Schenher very informative. i subed,and will keep checking back. to see what new vids you’ve got.

Joe K says:

no offense but no one will pay 1 grand for a 25 pc

ManualFocusShow says:

Do you seriously have a painted saw? That’s like sacrilege for a woodworker… Especially one into hand tools. Shame.

French River Springs says:

Thank you for sharing!

Jof Arnold says:

Super useful, thanks. By the way it’s http://www.woodcarvingworkshops.tv not http://www.woodcarvingworkshop.tv Hope that helps someone.

terpazoid says:

Just the video I was lookin for

terpazoid says:

Are the catalogs free?

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