What are the Best Tools for Fixing Cars at Home?

What tools does ChrisFix use? What are good tools for beginners? How do you get free tools? How do you make money buying tools? All of these questions are answered in this video!!!

New Red Tool Box (Loaded): http://amzn.to/2jGPXQk
Breaker Bar: http://amzn.to/28X8m6M
A good beginner socket set: http://amzn.to/28UCiRf
A good beginner wrench set: http://amzn.to/28Wt72C
Wireless OBD2 Scanner I use: http://amzn.to/1XNUGfz
Jack I use: http://amzn.to/28Wtfzg
Impact Gun: http://amzn.to/28Rj7cb

How to Fix Wheels with Scratches and Curb Rash: https://youtu.be/9WQiqYlpxoY?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2
How to Fix your Car’s AC: https://youtu.be/pCv7rCdcXsc?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2
What Work Gloves are the Best: https://youtu.be/2jMPQh7DTs8?list=PLvKbarVtwhUt6f0lv4aoWQBS9eZl7tS9S

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Josh Peterson says:

What is the red thing in the socket drawer? I would guess a oil filter socket….?

Tony Ochoa says:

Nice video

Philippe Ant says:

I ask friends if they have some tools that I could need because every jear I have to buy a new box

Teller says:

Hey Chris. What S10 toolbox is that? What tool combo etc is it? Been trying to find it but there’s so many options on it. Thanks in advance.

TheTardis157 says:

I like my tools like I like my cars. Old school and German. My preferred brands are Wera and Gedore. They are basically the Porsche of the tool world. Expensive, very precise, and tough.You can find them for nearly half the cost here in the states on German Amazon. Same goes for any German tools like Stahlwille among others.

beshjs says:

Your tool box is more organised than mine and I’m a professional mechanic. lol

stef van oijen says:

I am usibg gedore looks like a new mustang for me

csknives2140 says:

i like husky because the finish on their black chrome socket is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen

lightning kachowski says:

Always have a drawer full of 10mm sockets. You have to make them feel at home or they will leave your toolbox.

Siguys says:

harbor freight is the key

csknives2140 says:

QUESTION: should i get deep or shallow sockets or both?

David Kight says:

my tools . . ford pinto with a chrome shifter and chrome fender flares.

Rob Vanilla says:

haha wo me and you lhad the same first plastic toolbox

__Prongs2_/_/ says:

Husky: honda its alright i mean it works its alright

Michael Woods says:

Good tip that i found was buy a cheap toolbox with tools initially, then, as you use your tools replace the ones you break with a high quality brand of tool, this way you end up with high quality tools for the tools you use the most hence the reason they broke, without having to pay over the odds for tools that you wont use enough to break.

RainingMarshmallows says:

A Cresent wrench is gimmicky?

Frank Dimichele says:

72 teeth ratchets are f***ing awesome as well.

Mumof3boys says:

Cool kids pinis r smol

CoolSlayer131 says:

Craftsmen tools are great

A deer in headlights says:

Stanley is definitely a good brand for starting out, easy to find

KONAMAN Henk says:

I like your video I saw today you’re not pushing you’re not cranky or just stating the facts from your experience and it was really helpful in the way thank you

csknives2140 says:

is 3/4 drive worth it for work on cars?

darren reichelt says:

no part store where i live rents out tools unfortunately

DangerZone Gaming says:

I now got to get tools got my car bring home tp day… socket tool set is what I have to get first now

Jan Nowak says:

YATO?? best in East Europ

Joshua Legault says:

I use kaizen foam to organize my tools

xX squeaker Xx says:

Don’t lose your 12 mm wrench

Jose G says:


Sebastien Van Parys says:


Joshua fowler vlogs says:

Stanley is like a 98 civic

Dave Faster says:


Aj Cogswell says:

Buy craftsman

lr yv says:

Most of my tools were purchased at garage and estate sales.

Jace Tepe says:


robin rousseau says:

you don’t use these tool in all of you’r videos

Ovadose850 says:

Make sure to clean your tools with soapy wooter

Grant Jones says:

Do your wrenches longest to shortes

biil c says:

snapon is like having a super hot girlfriend but she spends all of your money.

Lynn Baker says:

I bought a 12 pc. ½” drive SAE Craftsman socket in 1978 and only had to replace one socket since I’ve had it, it was a ¾”, broke it taking off a lug nut. The set will probably out last me.

Heindvd Duijvendijk says:

Gedore is like mercedes and facom bmw

Beelzebuth says:

Facom is like a rotary, especially the 787B:

All the brands rage at the see of this, but can’t be in the same category. Always higher than the others ;p

Frank Dimichele says:

Cut a typical socket set blow mold case in half and put in drawer. Just pull the tray out when you need it. Or leave in chest and pull from there.

ty yahraus says:

His toolbox costs 3,600. Now I see why he says work ur way up lol

XSpider RiderxX says:

Tool brand:Dads

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