Top 5 BEST DIY Tools (Changing Oil)

Do you change your own oil? If you decide to, you will save a LOT of money (vs going to the dealer) — but you will also need a variety of tools!

We take a look at our Top 5 picks for the best DIYer Tools to Change Oil with — and they all will make the job a lot easier on you!

Here are some links to the various tools/accessories shown in this video (Affiliate links below help keep this channel going & it does not change the price at all!….Thanks for supporting us!)

Rhino Ramps –
Tekton Extra Long Ratchet –
OTC Drain Plug Pro –
Channellock Oil Filter Pliers –
Lisle Multi-Application Oil Funnel –
Nitrile Gloves –
Shop Towels –
Oil Pan –
Tekton 3/8″ Socket Set –
Wheel Chocks –


resqjason2 says:

This guy has mastered the anchorman / news reporter speaking style

Anthony Capone says:


Unit 423 says:

totally thought the little magnet thing was the worst idea ever.. that thing came slinging back at you and threw oil at you..

Billy Davison says:

Where in VA are you from? Shenandoah county here.

EA Jam says:

was that Lucas oil you added before the motor oil ? great oils .

Enan T says:

ramps #1 only problem is low clearance vehicles it might be difficult to find low angle set.

Walter Rojas says:

Oil filter strap wrench. My buddy let me use it for a filter I couldn’t get off and now I need to buy one. I haven’t tried those pliers though. I’ll have to give them a shot if I get a chance.

Brian Stiffler says:

Can you review those type of heated jackets that you’re wearing? I’d like to see the comparison between brands.

Austin Grubbs says:

Bear claws are a life saver, much better than channel lock pliers for tight spaces.

Dominic Valentine says:

Walmart is the best place to buy oil $12 for rotella 15w-40 vs $19 at autozone

Benjamin Aleman says:

Now, I love working on my car myself to save money. Plus, I just like doing it. But when places around town are doing oil changes as low as $15 I can’t see how I’m saving money when 5 qts is $20 and the filter is at least $5-$10. My old chevy I do myself because it’s a special zinc oil I use, but the jeep I just take it somewhere and spend 15 bucks for valvoline.

Daniel Crowley says:

Great tips, I already have the Rhino Ramps, going to get the funnel today!!! I have a Kia Optima so I can’t use the Channel Lock Pliers to do the filter because of the splash guard, what do you recommend?

Kifo says:

For those of you with cars that have cars equipped with the plastic canister type oil filters where you change the paper screen inside as opposed to the metal spin-on type of filter; I recommend the Lisle 5pc filter socket set (p/n 13300). This will allow you to change oil filters on engines such as the Chrysler 3.6 Pentastar and Chevy EcoTec, as well as various fuel filters.

Victor Lundstrom says:

While you’re waiting for your filter and pan to drain inspect the the underside of your vehicle .

Eye Liv2ryde says:

Sounds wasteful, but once old oil has finished dripping, I always pour a good half liter or quart of new oil into the engine while the oil drain plug is off. Feel like it might clean some residual old oil outta there. Maybe, maybe not. Always do it with my lawn mower and snow blower as well.

Daniel Kendall says:

if you have a large filter like the one if the video, take a sharp punch, and pop a hole in the bittom by tapping the punch with a hammer.. this will drain the filter so all that hot oil wont come spilling over the top onto your hands

Bernard Leighan says:

I use the Lyle funnel and work at a repair shop. Saves lots of clean up time, I love this tool.

Zach Thompson says:

If your oil filter is oriented the way you show in the video, use a punch and poke a hole into it. Let it drain. Less mess.

THUMPER 450 says:


Gear Head says:

You get cought using one of those oil plug removers in a shop here in Canada and you will be laughed at

condor5635 says:

Fumoto drain valves work great too. I have used them for years on my oil drains with zero issues. Allows easy and mess free draining. Actually allows you to use an empty 5 quarts jug so you don’t even need the drain pan. Great video. Thanks

Peter Esposito says:

ECOPLUG is the answer to the safest,fastest way to change your oil

EA Jam says:

dude your voice should be on the radio .

David Speelman says:

Never ever should a drain plug be installed with and impact wrench

sirwired says:

My favorite oil changing tool is a large plastic concrete mixing tub. The thing is 3′ x 2′ and will catch oil no matter how far it jets out from the drain, can catch the drips from the plug and the filter at the same time, and cost me all of $8 at a hardware store. It’s way better than the little round things at the auto parts store, which inevitably result in you missing part of that first jet of oil.

When I’m done, I just upend it into a 5G paint bucket for eventual disposal and wipe off the lip with a shop towel.

Richard Cowtails says:

I use a harbor freight 3 ton jack. 6ton jack stands (acdelco) and just 2 pieces of 4×4 to chalk the tires inthe back.

condor5635 says:

Great video! Instead of buying a dedicated oil filter wrench I’ve used my 14 inch pipe wrench which allows you to securely remove any oil filter that’s very tight. It has just enough to be able to grab most oil filters. Obviously you have to have room just as you do with your oil filter wrench channel locks for this to work. That way you have a pipe wrench thats usable for other do it yourself things around the house and not just dedicated to oil filters. Love the magnetic nut removal tool! Funny how you show me something that I’ve never seen before but is a great idea! Also the Lisle funnel is a great idea too. I have one dedicated to fit my Toyota but the one you have with the multiple adapters is a much better approach! Get yourself a nice 5 gallon pan with a large opening like the one in your video as well. Lastly might try a Fumoto oil drain valve. I have used these years and love them. This is a really great video. Keep up the good work and sincere and honest approach that you display!

Gunner Ginn says:

As I own a cavalier, I have a few different recommendations.

Fram makes a spring loaded filter remover head for ratchets, they go over the tip of the filter and hold it to take it off. unfortunately, doesn’t work the opposite way, but it’s almost firing blind in that car’s filter area anyways.

second, a good long handle wrench in the size of the drain plug, cause on some cars the drain cock is close to the trans pan.

other than that, not bad suggestions.

Bull's Eye says:

Please put jacks at the front just in case the ramp cracked. I heard there were few incident where the ramp cracked and the vehicle fell down.

Bradley Preston says:

I personally like the oil filter sockets. They attach to a 3/8 ratchet and are lifesavers when the filter is ungodly tight!

jaja binks says:

There is alot of places around me that will do an oil change for less then i cân buy the oil and filter…..I still do it myself.

Outdoorsman_78 says:

That funnel is pretty slick. I have everything else but I think I may upgrade to that funnel as I own three different makes of vehicles so having all the adapter will be great

Scott LaBone says:

Thanks for the review of these products!

Robert Sand says:

I like to know mine was done properly. Plus with the money I save I spend on higher quality products and additives that may help

J King says:

Fumoto oil drain valve that replaces your drain plug. I have one on all 3 of my vehicles and it’s awesome. Flick the lever, and the oil drains, no need to undo a plug. There are two models, one with a nipple for a hose and one without. With a nipple you can attach a drain hose for the oil and send it directly to empty jugs, thus skipping the need for a messy drain pan.

moe raw says:

Great tools

Dustin Pomeroy says:

Flo tool makes a clear funnel with measurements on it,it also has a kind of twist valve that turns the funnel off,that things great

oShane Kasper says:

on your powerstroke take a short punch and drive it at an angle in the bottom of your oil filter. pull it out, let the filter empty and then break it lose and remove it. a lot less mess. love your videos!

Dusty Vape. says:

my 2000 ford F250 is high enough to not need ramps. but i agree with most of these tools.

Jake says:

If you’ve got a pickup or most SUV’s, you don’t even need ramps. There’s enough clearance for your arms and an oil drain pan under there to do the job.

big rod says:


Julian Niemiec says:

Sorry for Laughing LOL but I drive a Landrover Defender and Ramps are not needed it sits so high 🙂

I would add an Oil Syringe for Axles, Gear-Box etc

Doublethizzle says:

The third tool – magnetic drain plug with flexible shaft – HOLY CRAP!!!!!
I wish I would have bought one of those years ago. After having owned this tool for little over a year now, I quickly knew this was one of the best oil change tools out. Seriously, if you do not have one of these yet . . . BUY ONE . . . your only regret will be wishing that you had bought it sooner

Gene Friedman says:

Good stuff. I would add a dolly so you can roll yourself under the car. Also a large drain pan with a good spout that doesnt drip and a peg for draining the filter on. Lastly a box of latex gloves to save your hands.

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