The Power8 Workshop is Versitle, an Overview

The Power8 Workshop is a multiple award-winning, innovative and patented product for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The Power8 Workshop combines all the essential workshop tools in one easy to carry system and it’s the only fully portable workshop of its kind.

What’s inside the Power8 Workshop? A cordless drill and driver, a circular saw, a jig saw, a halogen torch and light table, a 3 point spirit level, even accessories and much more. Plus each power tool in this system shares the same 18 volt power supply.

But here is where the Power8 Workshop is in a league of its own… Dock the power handle into the case and each and every tool connects to the work case giving you 4 powerful, cordless shop quality, table tools — all in one easy to carry workshop. Now you have a drill press, a table saw, a scroll saw, a light table, even a built in dual battery charger, that’s 8 workshop tools in one portable and powerful system!!!

To get the same tools as you get in the Power 8 Workshop… You could spend over a thousand dollars, buying each of these tools and accessories. The Power8 Workshop system truly is the world’s most compact and complete cordless and portable workshop anywhere.

The Power8 Workshop also includes optional innovation like an AC to DC converter that turns your cordless system into a corded solution so no matter what the situation you always have the power to get the job done.


Leslie Joffre says:

Where I can buy this equipment, they can quote from the place of origin to La Paz – Bolivia, for any courrir, to include in the quotation the cost of sending. Thank you, enter me for my carpentry. L. Joffre

Robert Villarreal says:

what is the battery life of this thing. is it even worth it

Cesar Augusto Jacinto says:

Quero uma.

Duncan Pearson says:

If I were building bird houses out in the middle of the woods, on top of a mountain, I’d think about it lol.

legopnuematic says:

In theory this is good, but when you make it out of aluminum foil and Tic-Tac boxes, powered by an electric toothbrush it doesn’t work.

And if you are trying to work with any manner of efficiency, it does not help when you have to switch it over every five minutes, charge the battery every ten and be sent to the hospital because the “table saw” decided to bite.

Six Wings says:

This is a great idea… for people who don’t have much experience with woodworking tools and for people who don’t have high demands for precision or quality.

Eran Abramovich says:

Where can you buy this!?

justkiddin1980 says:

come on……precise??!?!? this is rubbish and you know it…

paul coggins says:

Good idea.
Crap company.
Buyer beware .
Mickey Mouse tools

Alvin Abejuro says:

how many batteries included

Nigel Doyle says:

Versitle?? Really? Buy a dictionary please.

Hero Boss says:

why don’t you add a router/router table?

AgnosticVeteran11B says:

This thing would be of little help and won’t survive an industrial construction site. Looks good if you make toys out of wood or picture frames.

Ross Godie says:

This is awesome, how and where can i purchase it here is Saudi Arabia?

miguel de la cruz says:

yo estoy en peru, como hago para comprarlo, es muy practico el producto…

jorge rodriguez says:


Leslie Joffre says:

Donde puedo comprar este equipo, pueden cotizar desde el lugar de origen a La Paz – Bolivia, por cualquier courrir, incluir en la cotizacion el costo de envio. gracias, me inte4resa para mi carpinteria.

Cecilia Cadavid Correa says:

por favor donde puedo conseguir la power8 en colombia y que valor tiene gracias

Ryan Small says:

Great prices at my eBay store and load of new releases to complete the workshop search seller:ryantools4you


CJ Rocky says:

its like the ultimate portable killing device!

manbolo2 says:

usually for that price you get one tool thats good, now for the same price you get all of the tools, i guess it tells a bit about the quality of this.

Thomas O'Brien says:

Does not include a spell checker, apparently.   “Versitle”?

ashton slack says:

Actually it’s 2000$ can

Byron Gómez says:

What will I do with small pieces of wood? It is useless for large projects..
No thanks

sako vartan says:

I really need one

Sami Almarzouqi says:

قيمتها في ساكوا ب 1200 ريال للاعمال الخارجية والداخلية

marshalllhiepler says:

Looks cheap. The kind of tool that seems useful in the video, but will sit in your basement for six years, and then you sell it for $34.00 at your neighbor’s multi-family yard sale.

HeroofTime55 says:

I don’t like that it is lightweight.  The table saw and drill press functionality are great and I have never seen anything like this, but I would want some heft in the box so that it doesn’t move around.

kim long says:

Yeah i think for doing small things at home it’s gonna be ok i guess…but looks cool you know. But honnestly i don’t like the color and kind of material i don’t know it looks like toy. And i don’t think that i gonna feel confortable being with this box tool on the job site. And by the way can someone tell me is it the same brand between POWER8 TOOLS and POWER IT? ( Power It is sold at Walmart)

carlos garzon says:

donde tu estas ? gracias por el informe ya que en auatralia no lo venden un saludo y gracias

RZL silentcloud says:

I’ll not buy this till i see the proof of this tool doing a big project till now i just see the hello kitty #loveit #butscary #wannabuyit #butseingthisvideoitsmakemecry

leextranjee says:

China made???

Shirley Pellerin says:

I need to order a charger for the tools but they don’t ship to the usa address. can I find a business in the states

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