The 5 Best Harbor Freight Tool Gems

The 5 best Harbor Freight tools that’ll last you many years.
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Roger Hadley says:

i went to hf in mt. pleasant mi. on friday to buy a 10 lb. roll of welding wire. tried to use a 20% off coupon and was told by the superviser i couldn’t use the coupon because the wire was a new product so couldnt use it. if thats not a crock of shit. it’s a 50 mile round trip. never again

Danny Sweborg says:

Good way to get started plus when the day comes to upgrade, you’ll definitely appreciate the difference in quality and performance after using literally the cheapest tools made.

Ed Caffey says:

Thank you. Great Video Review.

Ron Calabrese says:

I bought a sawsall from HF a few years ago and it’s still going. it was $19.99 it paid for itself the first time I used it .

Harlice Laver says:

Have you tried the wood or metal leathes

chevyengine307 says:

Harbor freight has save tons of money. Leave me more money into my pocket to buy more tools. To do more projects. Their not the best but get job done . But some do have durability

D K says:

I love harbor tools! But had to find my Angle Ruler by Proluxx on Amazon

Glenn Felpel says:

Well done, I too could not be doing what I do without the inexpensive tools form Harbor Freight. Might even make some money one day. And by the way don’t forget their Miter Saws….another real value!! 🙂

Michael Jensen says:

They’re not bad for electronics tools either — the best wire strippers I have, I got from there, and being able to get a couple of cheap multi-meters, and pliers from them helped me out in a pinch.

freedog632 says:

haven’t looked through all your vids, but have you ever done a what not to buy at harbor freight?

Robert Casey says:

I own a few high end wood working products but not a complete shop. Not professionally wood worker, can’t justify all the expensive purchases. Harbor Freight prices can’t be beat, but I’ve always been leery of quality. Thought there had to be some reliable products. Thanks for identifying them. Love to see more if there are any. Also like to see what should absolutely be avoided. Greatly appreciate the video. Thank you!

Jacob Hessler says:

Forgot to mention the lifetime warranty

Louis Weinhold says:

I own the same pancake compressor. Works great in summer. But winter, it wont go over 75-80 psi. Wont even put air in my truck tires.

Matt Martinson says:

I avoid the power tools in there. I luv the plastic tool carts there, 150 is peanuts compared to 500 at my local tool shop, well it used to be local. They got bought out by Acme Tools. Here’s a little tip for u, check the serial numbers at the big box stores and then check them at a reputable dealer, there’s always an extra number or different number. They use cheaper internal components in order for box store to sell cheaper. I bought a dewalt 20 volt drill with 2 batteries for 100 bucks one time while I was out of town working at Lowes. The battery died after a month and when I took it to my tool dealer for warranty replacement they couldn’t find that serial number until I admitted to getting it at Lowes. They ended up replacing both batteries to save me the time of coming back. Mral of the story. You get what u pay for. Use harbor freight for the misc. non electrical accessories.

Jeff Chaffin says:

I also have their belt sander and it is stronger than most and has been kicking for the last 2 years. fyi i live and die by my belt sander! it is one of the most heavily used tools in my shop.

Hans Hartung says:

I agree, HF has some very good tools and I have a ton of their clamps. Because I have so many, I made a clamp rack that also doubles as my ladder caddy and keeps them out of the way. I would send a few jpg’s of the clamp rack, but does not seem like I”m able to do that. I simply made 2 boxes. 1 is 36L x 24W x 2D, that’s the bottom, and the top is 24L x 18W x 2D. I then used 4 2×4 stud lumber and at a I beleive 9 degree angle, I joined the bottom with the top. I then added 1/2 lumer all around with a french cleat design and attached pvc pipes to hold all the clamps, screw drivers and things to this. In the center, I have my Little Giant ladder, another ladder and a step plank. All on casters to make this mobile.

Preston Faust says:

Harbor freight is China copycat crap which is why my dad buys the higher end stuff like a Milwaukee drill and because you’re thinking your getting a good “deal” your taking other company’s money by copying their tools/stuff.

Billy bob Smith says:

They have good stuff and junk. The vises are just garbage. Some of the basic tools are just fine to buy. A hammer is a hammer and why pay $15 when you can get a $7 hammer

Nick's Pallet Shop says:

Favorite place,I bought a lot of tools there.

Rays woodshop says:

Yup my local HF has a black friday sale this weekend………..yay !

Larry Hyatt says:

If you watch the adds, you can get very good deals, I have bought their tools for years…


The thumbnail is right next to my house that’s so weird I know exactly where that is theres a McDonald’s right next to it as well as a Tim Horton’s

Nick Harwood says:

Build a square wood frame underneath that disc sander table to support it and I bet it doesn’t vibrate anymore

John Fontenot says:

Don’t buy their pocket hole jig. It leaves bad chip-out around the holes because there is nothing sitting fluch against the wood.

JBratt says:

My shop has a mixture of Harbor Freight, Vintage Delta and Festool : )

Josh Foust says:

I was at a flea market recently at a boothe that sells some ace hardware closeout product and heard the proprietor talking to a customer about harbor freight. Things like “F@ck that cheap Chinese junk and if somebody came to my booth and said the words harbor freight I would tell them to take ther ass next door!”
His words.

I turned to him and said harbor freight is great for the same reason mentioned in the video. Great products at a reasonable price and it makes tools and machines accessible to people who don’t have huge budgets and a ton of disposable income.

That being said i started out with a lot of tools from harbor freight and to this day still use and buy them there. Some I have upgraded and some I have modified.

I told the guy I was going next door because he didn’t have what I wanted. When I got to harbor freight the customer that the flea market guy was talking to had a shopping cart and was loading it up….the guy at the flea market lost 2 customers because of his pseudo elitist atitude. And harbor freight got about $75 bucks instead of the other jerk-off!

Doug Wells says:

Thanks for the video

Alex P says:

Great video, with one caveat: The dust collector is SERIOUS HEALTH HAZARD! The bag is always very “dusty” because it lets the fine dust pass through the bag.
I would recommend either modifying it with separator and venting to the outside, upgrading to a pleated filter and/or getting a cyclone.
Your lungs are very valuable!

Travis Schnelle says:

What about Elvis?

Steve T says:

The HF tools are fine for the hobbyist/home owner. I doubt you’ll see contractors frequenting the isles there, but they use tools every day, and spend much more for there stuff. Drill bits were very good. If given choices, opt for the better tools they sell. The new blue line seems decent. I have a grinder I’ve abused for a couple of years. And I have a mini mill that can do a lot of things holding a .001 tolerance or better. I lucked out on Craigslist and got it for $200.

Wm Hoffman says:

Sure, buy that chinese junk, and you’ll be selling you kids to them to pay the national debt tomorrow — or, have you already as they slave for min wage at Walmart part time — and Dollar Tree the other part ? (Sarcasm!) Imagine what the real slaves are that put this junk together !

Chevrolet Diesel Nation says:

My school had a few scroll saws. Drill presses. And other tools from harbor freight and they work perfectly fine

joblessalex says:

The little tiny bench grinder I bought as a kid still works to this day

studiousstudent1 says:

I southern California the dollar stores are pretty choice. When I used to have a tool bucket I got a number of tools from them and they worked completely fine and lasted.

Gent Bar says:

nothing is cheap anymore. somehow ppl still consume overpriced designer TAG Chinese stuff at the mall or tools at horrible-freight

Frank W says:

The Harbor Freight storefront image for your video looks like the one on South Reynolds road, I’ve been there more than a few times…lol

thefilthelement says:

The air compressor works well enough but it takes days to fill up

Cameron Hufault says:

You should do an update

ASMR Gamer says:

I bought a lot of clamps there

legal pitbull says:

A warning about ordering from Habor Freight online or over the phone. FED EX has an agreement with Harbor Freight to not file claims on lost packages. They lost a 600 dollar package they sent fedex ground without a no signature required. In the end I’m out 600 dollars and both HF and Fed Ex have done nothing to resolve this except HF basically told me to file a false theft report to the local sheriff even though there was someone at the delivery address all day and no Delivery was made. Harbor Freight takes no responsibility for shipping a high value item without delivery conformation. Harbor Freight is a very shady and stupid company.


I shy away from electrical HF products. I did buy a $14.99 angle grinder for $9.99. I probably got my $10 out of it, but a Dewalt is much nicer and has lasted 6 years or so and still going strong with one brush change. And I got an angle drill. $10 each for two holes was not bad considering the alternative. I am REALLY impressed with their indexing ratchets. About 1/20 of the price of snapon and I have put over 70 ft lbs of torque on the 1/2″ drive with no problems.

nytom4info says:

Throw away tools! 😉

Darrell Blanchard says:

Are you on the payroll at harbor freight or just getting free tools

Yak.fishin.dave says:

I’ve personally been lucky with harbor freight. I have alot ot stuff that’s never let me down. that pancake compressor is nice to! I have that, their air hose, and their cheap 22 buck brad nail gun/ stapler and it’s all worked amazing so far

Lala Hartwell says:

Fk this cheap ass store,Their return policy Sucks.I purchased some items here i had my receipt and i paid CASH” they hassled me saying they would not be able to issue me my refund without an id ??Wtf They dont ask for id when you pay cash sooo why would they ask with a receipt and the form of pay was cash? NEVER AGAIN

Gabbie Vazquez says:

Harbor Freight is also the reason I was able to start woodworking! I’ll always be grateful to HF for their affordable tools. Great video!

Matthew Bell says:

I have the belt sander from Harbor freight. Been using daily with no issues

Steve Larsen says:

I agree. But If a friend asks to barrow a tool I’ll lend him a Harbor Freight tool, not a snap-on .

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