Teng Tools Workshop Toolkit

Find out what to look for when selecting a workshop toolkit, making it much easier to work on your vehicle and to keep your tools organised and secure.

For more information visit: http://www.tengtools.com.au/


Ambassador of Corruption says:

another chinese

HunterCO1 says:

Get an education and stop talking out you’re ass would be a good start!

mountainknife says:

What kind of kit is this called

ScorpioX says:

@turbobuick33 99% yes, but not all of the things are made of crap in china, for example some of the people prefer Nissan cars because they are very good and comfortable!

HunterCO1 says:

Just because your a complete fucking moron does mean you’re mother should have had an abortion so what is your point?

spannerz says:

i bought teng tool spanners and im not impressed with them.

FromThe3PointLine says:

tools in Australia are expensive

HunterCO1 says:

Yep you sure did make an ass of you’re self you said snap on not blue point you fucking moron!

Luigi 21Plus says:

nice tools box

trainwreckmetal says:

It’s very important to not round off your nuts!

sharukh rafiq says:

omg wtf u retard need wepons aye u lil pussys. fuck we will fuck all u fucken amarican up with our fists u big assholes.!!!

HunterCO1 says:

You do know you just made a complete fucking ass of yourself with that statement! All snap on hand tools are USA made. Blue point their cheaper line is made in taiwan.

HunterCO1 says:

we Americans have guns and still can defend our selves. Your country is broke also but you don’t have shit to protect your selves from tyranny. Good luck with that you dumbfucks!

ehsin sabir says:

does the 1001 piece teng tool kit come with the cordless impact drivers aswel?

james galatioto says:

the whole time i was watching this i was waiting for him to say “When buying a flat head screwdriver make sure its crocodile rated so you can ward off crocs”

HunterCO1 says:

hate to break it to you but world patents only last for 17 years snapon’s flank drive expired many years ago anybody can make flank drive and many tool company’s do. craftsmen has had flank drive for about 15 years now.

I will only buy snap on but just saying.

أم هاني زكية says:


delklass says:

Very informative video clip. The tips very very helpful. I will not however, use the impact tool to tighten wheel nuts. That’s a near guarantee’d way of damaging the threads.

MrJoseph1157 says:

Nice looking tools, but the trays are a waste of space.

cavani353 says:

quando costa

HunterCO1 says:

What an ignorant fuck you are the only reason your not speaking german dipshit is because of American guns!

Angus Roberts says:

But with sidchrome
You canna handa man a granda spanner

noezzi says:

I bet these tools work great on Fords and GM’s becuase of Holden and Fords in Australia

tim lill says:

hi there iv been im a forklift enginner in england and have been using teng tools for years now. They are a good tool make at a fairly good prise too but they have been getting deerer and deerer. There box are bloody good to iv had a top box and now a roll cab both been in work vans. They take a hell of a battering but keep going. I will be buying more teng kit soon. My only gripe the ratchet could do with more teeth i think and a stiffer flip on the reverse

LoStr3gatto says:


turbobuick33 says:

are these china made tools?

HunterCO1 says:

What ever you say dumfuck let me know how it go’s when the lights go out when a drone blows your stupid ass up!

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