Saturday workshop – demonstrating the Proxxon IBS/E 12V Professional Drill/Grinder

New video series with Ben at Crimson Guitars in the UK.
Replacing the Saturday unboxing videos, Ben’s Saturday workshops will be more than just unboxing videos. Ben might reveal, demonstrate and review a new tool, which could be from another manufacturer or one of Crimson’s own tools. Basically, just another reason for Ben to play around in his workshop.

In this episode Ben unboxes and demonstrates the Proxxon 12V Professional Drill/ Grinder. Quiet, powerful and ideal for intricate, precision inlay work.

Here are the times when Ben shows us something different about the Proxon:
2:35 – Un-boxing the Proxon
5:10 – Disclaimer, Ben BOUGHT this
7:27 – Changing the cutting tool and collet
8:33 – Testing the Proxon’s volume
9:15 – Using the Proxon to inlay shell
10:44 – Comparing the Dremel to the Proxon
11:46 – Looking at the router base
14:00 – Using the Proxon router base

See more Proxxon tools here :


sdq sdq says:

is this better then dremel ? whats the diff with this and fbs 240 ?

Andreas Fischer says:

Ok, now I want one too 😉

a ribeio says:

What is the difference between the 28481 and the 38481?

wooddragon45 says:

…Nice…I want one…

red blight says:

The Dremel sounds like a very cheap router (I’ve got one). The Proxxon sounds more like Festool. I’d buy one of these with the router base for sure.

onpsxmember says:

The base is really crappy. With the high center of gravity and the small surface, wobbling all over the place. The tool itself isn’t bad. I wouldn’t put the base in your shop, that would lower your level of high quality equipment. We need something better than stu-mac. People are out of their minds. A good tool costs some money. I think you’d agree with me. Quality before Quantity. If you’re already shopping in germany, there is sooo much better out there than proxxon. If you get a lot of tools to try, be picky.The sander was a excellent choice. Mine would be the same or the great one from festool.

Chuck Nowakowski says:

Tool porn

Anglo Spanish Racing says:

I have had a Dremel for 15 years, but the Proxxon’s aluminium housing with a 20mm collar looks very attractive. I could set one up as a toolpost grinder in my lathe.

Cornelius Sneed says:

This looks like a very nice tool indeed. However, though it may be different in person, in the noise test at 10:45 the Dremel didn’t really sound a lot louder, it just sounded like it was spinning at a much higher RPM. By the way, I think only someone involved in the music industry would ever refer to a tool as being at “full volume.” I had to chuckle at that one. 🙂

elijah maurer says:

just unplug the phone jack XD

Benjamin Collins says:

plz compare it to a dremel 4000

joeym250505 says:

Is Bill Bailey your dad?

Conor says:

i do like a ginder 😉 cant beat a dremel 😀

marcobrazil says:

Thanks for the info, i am throwing my dremel in the bin after the flexshaft catching fire after 20 minutes of work…

waveoflight says:

You had me when you first turned it on and laughed.

esa062 says:

I have the Dremel router base. It seems a little better quality (not so wobbly), but since you don’t really use the plunge action, in inlay work anyway, I don’t see that it matters much. You just set the depth and lift the whole thing when you want to go over to next cut. The Dremel base is see-thru plastic, which adds some visibility. I think they are about same size and have same accessories. The dremel base is 40 €.

richardlyew says:

only one video on the internet showing this router base in action and i love it. thanks for the video

simon george says:

I have a black and decker one that is years old and well used, when I went to use it to predrill screw holes for machine heads recently, I found I’d lost and broken all the collets, it was then I found that dremel do a chuck which fits all the main brands, it’s much more convenient.

Zēmeris crew says:

They should just add tattoo bits to make it even more multi-functional 😀

swarmadd says:

Yeah, this is the IBS/E ! I’ve got this one since a while. Just perfect for fretwork (among other things) with the flexible. Before I had a Dremel, ant it finally died ! that’s how I discovered Proxxon, that I prefer by far.
This is slightly slower at maximum, it goes to 20000rpm max and the Dremel 33000rpm, but that never missed me, this is already more than enough. And this is so much better made and more sturdy (Perfect torque and collets is a very smart thing).
Anyways, since I’ve switched to Proxxon I’ve never looked back.

KingNast says:

That looks pretty sweet. Seems like it has a decent amount of torque! I still use a 40 year old Foredom flex shaft tool that used to belong to my dad. That thing is a tank. Pedal speed control too, which is really nice.

Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network says:

bought a dremel 4000 on friday.. plugged it in, noticed the vibrations, loudness and heating of shaft with no load.. asked for a refund hour later and bought ibs/e.. light years away and cheaper.

Lexdb says:

Do you know about AvE Ben? Check him out if you don’t, he’s right up your alley.

Blue Line says:

Can this machine adapt a small chuck?

Mike jaques says:

Does it vibrate like the Dremel? I just bought a Dremel 4000 for 107.00 dollars and it vibrates at midrange speed I am so disenchanted with it I am thinking of getting the Proxxon Thanks for any replies Tom.

gingataff says:

I’m guessing tis would have enough oomph to route a recess for a Floyd Rose?

AngryWelshman says:

its funny, because proxxon sounds like some form of ibs relief pill. anywho, so much for “a dremel has no place in a guitar shop” eh, Ben 😉 Dremel ftw.

19Marc79 says:

3:40 => put it in upside-down ! Otherwise it might break soon and/or injure your hand 😉

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