Saburrtooth superior power carving tools – Weekend Workshop

In this episode of the Weekend Workshop Ben, master luthier at demonstrates and reviews a set of Superior power carving tools from Saburrtooth from the USA.
Initially this was only going to be an un-boxing video, but, of course, Ben got carried away. Out came the orbital sander and a reject kit guitar body – bring on the dust!

Music by Mark – This track is amazing, check out the link.

Replacing the Saturday unboxing videos, Ben’s Weekend Workshops will be more than just unboxing videos. Ben might reveal, demonstrate and review a new tool to do with guitar building or luthiery. These could be from another manufacturer or one of Crimson’s own tools. Basically, just another reason for Ben to play around in his workshop.

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JustAnother Dummy says:

and to think I almost didn’t watch this video

SteelWarrior115 says:

The old Holy Gallahad?

Jesus von Nazaret says:

I’m not sure if they really last a life time, because even hand rasps become dull, but as long as they last as long as the number of sanding discs you could buy for the price of one rasp disc it’s fair enough and saves time

Matt Guyer says:

Ben, let me know how those work on highly figured maple. I make mandolins and anything to help carve the backs is always appreciated.

Boudreau Guitars says:

Wow, Ben do you realize the cost of the product that you’ve received??? good tools are expensive, and these are no exception. $111.00 to $135.00 each!!  +$8.00 for the holes. Great tool, but out of my price range at present. Enjoy them, they look AWESOME!!   BTW love the new video style (with music) two thumbs up!!

christopher berthelet says:

Wow. I don’t know what to say. I love making guitars by hand and carving wood using hand tools. But my what an absolute blast it would be to carve the oak log in my backyard in a day.

eirik storvik says:

Please carve a log into a guitar! solid one piece neck and hollow body then put a lit and a fretboard on 😛


7:50 safety first man. Building guitars is no good if you have no fingers to play them!! 😉 The sawdust on yer head at 22:48!! Love it.

Wormweed says:

Great tools for the start of the job! The wood you take off doesnt care what tools you used, and if you leave enough to take off with hand tools, the end result will be the same too.

Birki gts says:

this dust got me thinking, how do you avoid getting dust in your guitar finish, it seems you cant go anywhere where there is no dust. So if there is no way to stop it, how can you “clean” it.

toppertruthio says:

subscribed,been waiting ages to find these in england ,cant wait to buy some,well worth the money

wooddragon45 says:

…nice quick finish on that grotty-knotty pine…hmm…strickly speaking, you can’t go and carve something with a grinding disk, you can only grind something, for carving you’d need a blade…I am fascinated by your mention of Thumb Carving, I had a Great Aunt who was a stalwart Thumb Carver in the late 18th century, so many men lost digits in the mines and factories that she made a good living from it, of course, that was before health and safety got involved, she promptly went bankrupt and died of blisters in a debtors prison in 1923…

lion39 says:

Thoroughly impressed! Definitely on my shopping list. 🙂

Bill Shortis says:

Sorry to be a boring old fart, but I flinched when you started using the yellow disk and changed camera angle because I kept seeing your shirt waving around quite close to the disk. I managed to get an angle grinder in the stomach that way a few years back – fortunately only my pride was hurt. It’s often when we are doing something exciting and out of the ordinary when we are open to having an accident.
Having said that, I’m looking for a local agent here in New Zealand for Saburrtooth because I’m getting some of that good stuff.

Edgunsuk says:

these guys cheaper than the galahad stuff then ? ahh half way through the video you said £££ didnt realise you was in the uk your accent is messed up my friend 🙂 ps blacksmith in wales here want to get in to bowl carving hence i found you , going to get a catalogue for these guys thanks.

Barry Gordon says:

Darth Maul carves solid body guitars. Tell your friends. LIKE


My angle grinder has got a total hard on!! 😉 Perks of the job mate. Lucky…..I can hear the music from Jaws in my head watching this. The dremel type bits they have are boss but these are something else man!

heardashot says:

Boy, I had to look twice there for a second…thought it was Kerry King giving the demo lol…..That is one neat system, great job..Have you any dealers set up in Ireland or do I have to send me money to that great country called the US of A??

biggoofybastard says:

16:12 Darth Industrious

Christopher Green says:

Those are indeed very impressive and potentially useful tools. I’ll bookmark the company website in case I ever decide to get back into woodworking and feel like spending that kind of $$ on tools.
I haven’t done much in a long time: here’s and example of one of my chairs, made from beaver-shewed driftwood:


TrappenWeisseGuy ; says:

That yellow one looks as aggressive as you’d really want. Those things scare the hell out of me though and I prefer making chips over dust.

TesserId says:

Have you ever been tempted to wear Tyvek jumpsuit. 😉

Greg's Garage says:

LOL! I thought I was watching Greg’s Garage there for a bit! Those discs are awesome. Going to have to look them up for sure. I might use them to carve up your kit guitar when it arrives!!!! Great revue of the saburrtooth line Ben.

Lars de Waardt says:

Those tools are worth it’s money just in time savings. I have had my own dealings with angle grinders as i used them a lot and i also used the sanding disks you use to carve. They are great for that purpose but in the end very expensive. I guess I’ll have to add some saburrtooth disks on my wishlist 🙂

Joel101R says:

Omg! What a dream shipment!

Gordon Steeves says:

WOW!! Thanks for another great video Ben, “me thinks you were having way to much fun”. By the way, what would be your recomendation then, for a basic kit? Thanks again

Donny wilson says:

Great vid and product!

josh millar says:

no need to tighten a disc on a grinder with a tool as you can tighten them by hand and they will self tighten. engineers and welders do this so they can get them undone again easily

Keith Johns says:

I thought you didn’t like making dust….and that’s a whole lot of dust….

Allan McKenzie says:

+1 for the camera operator. +1 for the backing music and timing. +1 for focus and aperture. -1 for the spot light in the face.
Plus, don’t adjust the tripod mid scene unless you have a good fluid video head on it. But I’m guessing that lesson was learnt as it only happened once 😉
Sorry – just got in from filming and it’s on the brain haha.

Looks like good meaty tools. Dear Santa….

val ko says:

really Aweso,e stools . thay Eating This Wood HAHAHHAXD ITS aLL What it takes To HAve Fun And Build VCARVE The perfekt Wood..

well, Ill took my Coffee Cup also to get ride Of The LAck From An prs se From indonesia and I felt AFterwards PRetty bad Stomach-dont Do It

HAve An ice Weekend

Matthew Wagg says:

I guess its just me but I adore that guitar body with its knots and voids. I want to fill them with resin and then stain it with a stunning stain and give it love.

sicilianeye says:

I must have. LOL!!

Wolf Lahti says:

“Anything that makes carving a guitar easier is a bonus.”

Such as a CNC machine?

Colin Russell says:

Are these better than the holey galahad disks i currently use?

Richard Gething says:

I have watched most of your vids Ben, I’m sure I’m right 🙂

William Jones says:

There is quick release nut device for grinders which is tightened by hand, no tool required. Clever little spring loaded thingy, there great.
Fab discs.

Jamie Phillips says:

music was amazing, good taste

KokopelliSG says:

I know you’re going to be selling the kits, but what about the ones that have been in the videos? like this one and the Tele that got stained. You sure can’t toss them out!

Joe Bennett says:

16:15… What a luthier looks like in a Galaxy far, far away…

Jesus von Nazaret says:

Did you try the arbor tech discs with the brazed on carbide blades? Are they any good?

JustAnother Dummy says:

those cut increasable a box of say 60 gr grinding disks that clog up and whare out vs a brained if you use many over the course of a few weeks.

Robert Delprete says:

I’m in the middle of my first build, a replacement for an SG that was sot;ln from a gig 10 years ago. I discovered you channel about a year ago when I began the build and your videos have been indispensable. Thanks

ian jimenez says:

Having a great time u are. Thats cool.

JustAnother Dummy says:

as with all spinning grinders or buffers it loosens when it stops. that’s why fan blades have left handed threads

JustAnother Dummy says:

damn that’s the best thing scence sliced bread

Ian Nelson says:

Damn they look awesome
expensive too but you get what you pay for and if lasts and cuts production time down its a win win
I’ve worked for so many companies that buy cheap and then say your braking the tools when they were only made for hobby use not production line

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