Primitive Axe Card Using Grim Workshop Survival Tools

I made this tool using Grim Workshops’ survival “Axe” tool which also has a small saw on it, a paracord bracelet and whatever other materials I could find laying around. The axe is about 16″ long overall, it was made from a sapling I found that I cut and then hammered the axe head into. I then lashed together. the stronger the materials you can use to bind it the better the results will be so optimally I would use some kind of wire or more permanent lashing material to make it last longer if that option is available. 
The saw I used to cut the sapling was just a small sawblade that comes with our axe tool with a paracord knot tied on each end. You could make a much more complex version but I try to keep a balance between simplicity and effectiveness. Although it was a very small tool it was nonetheless very effective for its size. 
This tool is a light duty hatchet or self defense tool. I use it alot for building other items, you can also attach a spike, to the back for self defense, something like an arrow or spear tip, or tie a rock onto the backside so you can use it like a hammer too. 
You can find the tools i used here


The Campground Bear says:

Im really interested in your products seeing that they are surgical steel but the fact that its an “AXE” as titled
and you didn’t do with it what one would use an axe for makes me question the strength of the blade and its over all purpose as what its stated to be. Hacking the tiniest of small limbs off a tree can be done with a many things even a pocket knife. An “AXE” Chops wood. Unless you’re starting your fire with tiny twigs.

This video does not adequately demonstrate it as an axe other than it fitting into the notch of a club and looking like one. It should be called Primitive hachet Or tomahawk. I had expected you to cut that tree you hacked the limbs off of to demonstrate it as an AXE. However I presume the blade cant take the blow and will bend on the first strike.
I like that you used your bracelet and made it to look like what its called using your products that was cool.

The several film cuts while demonstrating the little saw though makes me question its effectiveness to cut down that little tree you cut into with it and it only did about 1/3 of the work you kicking it to break it did most the work. Idk if it was all I had I would probably trust it. You have some cool products but their effectiveness doesn’t seem well demonstrated.

What if you sold the axe head as a pair and curved each edge so that when put together it formed a strong durable AXE head that you would feel confident chopping small trees with? Basically imagine an axe head split straight down the middle. Put each side of the blade into a card so that when wrapped, forms the axe head and doubles its strength giving you a bit wider blade and very sharp capable blunt force edge that could conquer the small tree you cut the twigs off of.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Are there any videos on what comes in your monthly kits? One or more cards or other items with a new card?

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