Power8 Workshop The Worlds Only Complete Cordless and Portable Workshop of It’s Kind

The Power8 Workshop is a multiple award-winning, innovative and patented product for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The Power8 Workshop combines all the essential workshop tools in one easy to carry system and it’s the only fully portable workshop of its kind.
What’s inside the Power8 Workshop? A cordless drill and driver, a circular saw, a jig saw, a halogen torch and light table, a 3 point spirit level, even accessories and much more. Plus each power tool in this system shares the same 18 volt power supply.
But here is where the Power8 Workshop is in a league of its own… Dock the power handle into the case and each and every tool connects to the work case giving you 4 powerful, cordless shop quality, table tools — all in one easy to carry workshop. Now you have a drill press, a table saw, a scroll saw, a light table, even a built in dual battery charger, that’s 8 workshop tools in one portable and powerful system!!!

The Power8 Workshop also includes optional innovation like an AC to DC convertor that turns your cordless system into a corded solution so no matter what the situation you always have the power to get the job done.

To get the same tools as you get in the Power 8 Workshop… You could spend over a thousand dollars, buying each of these tools and accessories. The Power8 Workshop system truly is the world’s most compact and complete cordless and portable workshop anywhere.


ishortland says:

This will be really crap at everything you try to do with it.
This is landfill quality shite…

Sean Gutierrez Vibes Youtuber says:

is that available in the philippines

Shakeel Ahmad says:

where to buy this

Sebastião Santos says:

interessante :

aonde encontro pra comprar no Brasil ?

Julia Cropper says:

Nobody said any thing about using this at a construction site. I think it would be good for minor repairs

Malik Atta says:

awesome work power tools rock


to good tools

Chong Park says:

How can I order? I am living in Chiangmai, Thailand

I am the end i am the way says:

I have had one now for about 7 months I do not know how I worked with out it before I am a handy and a carpenter. I can not tell you  how many jobs have been made so much easier and quicker. I love this and it cut more tuff wood and materials then you would think. I love this . I love this best tool ever made.

parttimetourist says:

When I first saw this I thought it might be a useful item but having seen the video I realise it is an exaggerated slapped together cheap plastic box of crap. If it was a professional package from a top quality brand manufacturer it might have potential,but unfortunately the way this box of junk is being promoted is an insult to the intelligence of even the most naive hobbyist

Naresh Pedamkar says:

is this in kuwait

Justin Shifflet says:

u cant buy this in the USA. what the hell

Alvin Abejuro says:

this is nice , but how many battery are there

abdo top545 says:

How do I request the product. I live in Egypt

DarkUrban Prepper says:

I like the idea

Jay Critch says:

If you really can’t carry the tools you need to a damn job site you should prolly retire. /q

Reese Me says:

anything more than $200 on a set of I don’t Know What brand kit is a ripoff

Puabond says:

I really wish they would license this out for higher quality brands like dealt.

ThePauperPrepper says:

This is not $39.95. I see allot of people stating that. They are offering you the unit for $39.95 Trial Offer. That means you get it sent to your home for $39.95 to try out and evaluate it. You like it, that applies to purchase price. If you wish to return it, Im going to assume you lose that $39.95 but I have not seen the agreement. The Total Gymn used this TRIAL OFFER approach. Amazon has it for $489 shipped with Prime. Some reviews I glanced at basically say great idea, poor quality. Rated 3 out 5 stars. Seems to be a “if its too good to be true…” type of thing. http://www.amazon.com/CEL-WS3E-Power8-Workshop/dp/B00PCDYURE/ref=pd_sim_sbs_469_1?ie=UTF8&dpID=41HJze8tjCL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=02W2YC6TM2JM9PG62VDJ

Tom Lee says:

Great Idea… wish Makita would manufacture it.

Phuong Vo says:

Super useful. I don’t know why some people think is not “manly” enough. What’s wrong with this world.

unearthVII says:

i get it … and its a great idea …. but the quality doesnt look good at all….


bende isterim

sskkuuddrraa says:

this is joke.

c rajesh says:

I’m in india price tell me sir how to buy sir

c rajesh says:

hi sir

paulo henrique says:

tem algum site que eu consiga comprar?

arcyoon says:

It seems to be tailored to make small items.

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