Post-Apocalyptic Workshop + Tools & Tricks



In this video I show you around my home workshop and some of the most common tools and techniques I use when creating my works. Russian engineering! 🙂

Background music used (with friendly admission of the authors):
– Synatic
– Sam Trebbin

Bei allen in meinen Videos und Fotos vorkommenden Ausrüstungsgegenständen (einschl. denjenigen die nach Waffen aussehen), handelt es sich um harmlose und mit dem deutschen Waffengesetz konforme Requisiten für Film- und Theateraufführungen, oder anderweitig legale Gegenstände.

All of the items in my videos and photos (including the ones looking like weapons) are harmless props, and legal according to german weapon regulations.

Alle in meinen Videos gezeigten Tätigkeiten dienen ausschliesslich dem Unterhaltungszweck. Bei Umgang mit jeglichem Werkzeug sollten allgemeine Sicherheitsvorschriften eingehalten werden. Ich hafte nicht für etwaige Schäden.

Any practices shown in my videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not do this at home. Think for yourself and follow general safety rules when working with any tool. I am not liable for any damages.

I either own the rights to the music played in my videos, or have the agreement of the respective right owners for the usage of their tracks.


drunkpunk says:

That Stalker Clear Sky patch tho 😀

caccadu12 says:

Bestes Video bisher!!! Daumen hoch
Ich liebe deinen Kanal einfach

DJCryonic says:

Dont you get a lot of stress with neighbours while using powertools so often? And your power bill must be pretty high, so we keep supporting you 😛

Pat McKinney says:

Hey I use those same nippers for shoeing horses haha

Harry The Hippo says:

Now I just need to know where you live and what time you go to work and your door locks….

Redstar Dragunov says:

i miss your vídeos sooo much

Der_Stürmer says:

kopeltrage Gestell alter Art

Brian Henry says:

Learn how to hold the camera still and pan from location to location. The bouncing around is hard to watch and annoying.

rallycsx says:

Dimitri, when you clip a screw off try taking a hammer and tapping the cut instead of grinding it down. It mushrooms the metal and prevents the nut from coming off. Great video and thanks!

P Z says:

this is really a very well thought through setup! im curious what you will do with that (turbine-?)wheel…

i have a jacket where the leather is in a wrong color (its too red and should be more red-brownish and less dark.) do you have advice on how i can get that done?

Noah Basara says:

Oh my god! The nippers I never would have thought of. I’m a blacksmith and have a few pairs and that is genius. Simple but genius! Thank you!

Jonas Kragegaard says:

Your attention to detail is really what sets your work apart from many others.
The idea of using stamps to give your smaller surfaces extra detail really blew my mind. Simple, effective and awesome!
Keep up the good work 🙂

shadowstalker130666 says:

Such a fantastic video man! Gives me so many ideas on a workroom layout, as well as some of the well, ‘stuff’ to stock up on to build with. Any tips for how to age shiney new bolts, washers and snaps to make them look old and rusty?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy military surplus, preferably in lots?

WhileECoyote says:

u got ocd bro

rionka says:

Hey Snail, I like how you decorated your NERF (4:18) – is it a carpet tape? and what paint do you use for these things? also what about a quick tutorial about gun improvement? 🙂 Thanks. You inspired me a LOT recently. Can’t wait for more videos.

Aki M says:

perfectly timed video for me as I’m in the middle of finishing my first post apocalyptic outfit and watching you explain your work flow really made me motivated again and gave me some ideas how to do so.e things i have in mind 🙂 so thank you really much 🙂

Boon Grinder says:

Socken und Sandalen rocken einfach!

PugnaciousFerret says:

This is why i can’t find any of those German Y Strap belts! you’re hoarding them! 😉

InkDropFalls says:

I would have never thought some one that makes wasteland out fits would be so tidy ..:D
You keep your life and work separated…
Good video by the way nothing but subs and likes from me

That one dislike has to be that socks and sandals for some people is unforgivable….

Finding Forty-Two says:

I really wish i could be that German in my organisation, but i’m far to British, i just have drawers and boxes full of assorted Stuff scattered about the place in no order!

Dobrovar Ravencry says:

О да ,безумная русская инженерная мысль :} порадовал

Merlin Robertson says:

Yayaya, We love you Dimitri!

Exo Dawn says:

Hey dimitri i was wondering do you get your costume base items from the internet of do you vissit the army surplus alot? And with costume base items i mean the army jackets and cargopants and so on


hi snail! i absolutetly love your work bro! great job! you should make videos on how you create more of your work! more videos plz! 🙂

Stary Traper says:

Do you really call these small shovels “saperka” in Germany? Or it’s just you? Im curious because it’s a polish word.

AkuiChan says:

You can keep pet snails… first time i heard of that XD

Exo Dawn says:

Got to love the sandels!

Tobs Sc. says:

you should have mentioned “the SCHREDDER”, i guess i saw him
but quiet interessting video (y)

D says:

Socks + Sandals: Unsubbed

Ryan Wilson says:

What did you use as the base for his armour as in under the rubber ? thanks in advance

Drbaden says:

Lol my workspace actually looks like a bomb went off.

Skaði Bifröst says:

I love to use artificial sinew, which is basically waxed thread

Desert Rang3r says:

Here are my snails. And here are my giant fucking knives and swords and guns and shit.

Marci says:

need more video…

Nephilim Incorruptus says:

Do you have a preferred way to cut up tires? I’ve got a friend who has a mind to put together a post-apoc outfit and the tire pauldron is essential. 🙂

DeadSomething says:

… and my parents made me throw away all the funky junbk i collected over the years having things like this in mind… i wish i had enough space and money for the tools, then i’d make lots of similiar creations. outfits and PC casemods

DogtoonMedia says:

awesome work space man!

Christy Hansen says:

I’m thinking of putting together a basic steampunk post apocalyptic out fit for every day use. With a skirt and boots, top with a corset over it and necessary under clothing. The character is from a book series based on me and my first steampunk outfit. The character is real but the book is fictional. Christy the time traveler, I just cant quite figure out how to combine steampunk and post apocalyptic. Where you look at it and says post apocalyptic steampunk at the same time. Can you help with some tips in combining them together.

AKYMBO O says:

thisre are “koppeltragegestell alte art” ich musste einfach lachen ^^

cweb1988 says:

Man….I need to start collecting junk and dumpster diving… 😀 … for real though.

Rex Coolguy says:

I love the Dustwind set. It reminds me of the Sunrise Bodysuits in STALKER.

BathrobeKeck says:

your crazy Russian engineering is alot like crazy Detroit engineering

Cojo1225 says:


gaming guy says:

No wonder the snails are sleeping there’s a weed plant right next to them

No I’m joking

Or am I… lol

Brandon Lyon says:

Love seeing your space and your process! As far as sewing heavy materials, I swear by the speedy stitcher sewing awl. It uses that same thick, multi-edged needles, has a built in storage area for bobin thread, and works easily through denim, cordura, and sail matierals!

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