Park Tool Special Delivery & New Workshop Setup!

Chances are if you are using tools to work on your mountain bike, they are manufactured by Park Tool. With some serious experience crafting quality tools, Park Tool has something for just about every specific task you can think of. We’re huge fans of not only the products they make but the entire brand as a whole. Better yet, Park Tool is producing amazing content on their YouTube channel that is of tremendous value to the mountain bike community.

We’ve wanted to spruce up our video backdrop for a bit, and knew that a Park Tool tool kit would be the ultimate eye candy. To say we were stoked when they sent over a full PK-3 Professional Tool Kit would be an understatement. In this video, we briefly highlight what comes in the tool kit and most importantly, give a huge thank you to Park Tool for the hookup. Enjoy!

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mwinner101 says:

$731 for that little box of tools?!?! Holy crap!

mjs1231 says:

Pt quality is in question. That said they have everything

Scott Crawford says:

Looking good. Keep up the excellent videos love the Channel and your Store.

Sona D says:

what demo are you doing with the sb150?

Luke LLK says:

Yewww!!, that’s sick

175thStreet says:

That looks epic!

Easton Becker says:

that is sick, i want tools

Colby Bowers says:

Don’t tell us your not gonna use them.

ThunderStruckCoach says:

So how you gonna keep Liam away from them?!

Google This says:

Worldwide Cyclery and Park Tools. Two top notch companies!

Mark Dodson says:

I might need to start a youtube channel to get some sweet Park Tools too.

Love their tools and their channel…

v1d300 says:

Are my eyes playing games or the camera frame is tilted, isn’t it?

Michael Bartovsky says:

Sweet setup boys! Keep the good content coming.

Bugsy Siegel says:

Question, I want to be able to do my own bearing maintenance and bottom bracket removal. What are the tools that I need to simply remove the bearings and BB? Feel free to provide links to your site.

Trail Features says:

I just realized if Park Tools sent me a kit to display I wouldn’t know where to put it between all the camera gear boxes and Star Wars toys…

…That might be a sign that I need to work on my branding, but I’m just going to pour some Bailey’s in my coffee and forget that thought popped up.

onigk61 says:

nice my dude

Adam Englander says:

Epic setup!

Jack Adler says:

Park Tools are one of the best, and one of the most expensive. Calvin was watching you.

Reamonn Ryan says:

much tools such cool

ZedWu says:

Great tools.l really enjoy watching content on your channel greetings from europe (Poland) ! 😀

Jamie Mtb says:

Park tools I’m a big fan, and what a good vid Worldwidecyclery.

tmorbo says:

Looks cool; I have to agree with you that Park Tools are the best on the market.

Verdon Rocks Photography says:

Nice, instead sitting at the wall, you should do random giveaway and I will win it, thank you so much; upfront, Verdon!

jaakko200987654321 says:

meanwhile i have all my cheap ass tools stuffed in a closet

Brad Devers says:

Jealous, plain and simple

JogBird says:

i have a few of their items, but there are cheaper alternatives that are just as good, shop around and look at automotive tools.. eg torque wrenches

Worldwide Cyclery says:

What do you think of the new setup? Let us know if we are missing any workshop essentials!

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