New Citadel Tools vs Hobby Tools Review Part 1

MBG Reviews the new Citadel Hobby Tools. More Hobby Tutorials

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C M says:

Use light and dark grey . german uniform colors instead. It looks not so nice the colors u picked.

fmhummel says:

That citadel knife uses the same system as surgical scalpels (hence the labelling “non-surgical” as they are non-sterile but the same otherwise).

Phoenix says:

its a holder for scalpels thats a pretty good blade on the citadel handle which is eh the swann morton blades u can get easy

estruspdx says:

$150 for $30 worth of crappy tools.  Oh GW….

KSweeney36 says:

Please stop calling it an x-acto knife, it’s if anything an craft knife. Eg, it’s vacuum cleaner not an Hoover as an brand. As if like me are not familiar with the brand, had to guess what you meant. Also, the advantages that you missed with the citadel craft knife are – it’s less likely to roll off the table, with a clamp grip on the blade it can slip out, whereas the Citadel one as you said you have to break it out. Its design is more like a utility knife/Stanley knife.

Mario says:

Awesome videos, subscribed

Fenrirwolflord says:

Great first part of the review, I am fairly new to the Hobby and when i got the first few models (i still have very little) i borrowed a friends blades and such. I just got my own recently and sense my local store only carry’s games workshop i got that hobby knife. I am not a fan,  i have not used it yet but i don’t like how it feels, it took me like 10 minutes to get the blade in. I will likely in the future be getting another blade. I do like the thoughts you had on the Scraper and will look into different ones but at least games workshop has one of there tools out of the two so far some what right. 

Gunrunn3r TV says:

As a Hobbystore owner and a trained craftsman I have to say: These tools are horrible for their price tag!
Just get the Tamiya sharp pointed side cutter and an Olfa AK-1 and you wont buy twice.

akage ryuu says:

the knife  uses scale blades availible from some hobby shops like Hobbytown USA, or online for very reasonable prices. the safest way to change those blades is with a pair of needle nose pliers

Cliff Etters says:

The new Citadel hobby knife is a horrible 40k branded version of the very elegant and useful Swann-Morton line of knives. I love the locking blade and have never had trouble changing one out.

You can get extra blades via Amazon.

Karitas says:

As others have mentioned Swann-Morton make scalpels and scalpel blades, and non-surgical scalpels are widely used in modelling and graphic design studios the world over being far safer, sharper and more reliable than “hobby” knives, the blades don’t come lose over time like the x-acto style, they are flat sided so cant roll off tables and their sharpness inherently makes them safer for cutting as less pressure is needed.

that said, i question the form of the citadel knife over a standard scalpel handle, it’s bulk looks like it would be a challenge to use, although i can appreciate the few safety advantages.

Adam Bryant says:

Useful tip always run fresh blades over a sharpening stone and repeat every few cuts to make them work better and last longer saving much £$!

Retro Workshop says:

Can’t buy this from GW anymore. 🙁

Max Brghlz says:

Well I am just getting into 40k, but I’ve been to a local hobbystore not long ago and bought all this stuff and so far I have no complains, about the quality. It took me:

Knife: 2,99€
Side Cutter: 5,99€
Sculpting Tools: 6,98€
Set of Files ( 5 pieces!): 5,99€
I didn’t buy a drill, but they had one for 8,99€
I also asked in how far a mould line scraper had any advantage over the sharp edged backside of a butter knife and the shop assistant eventually admitted: “It looks fancier” I could bought one at the shop though. It would have been 2,99€.

That would bring you to bring you to 33,93€ for all these things.

Note that to many of the pieces there would have also been cheaper alternatives ( like a knife for 0.99€ or a side cutter for 3,49€ ) but at the cost of lower quality.

C M says:

Use hemp as clothing mats! sturdy shit. done

mads says:

First real review! I guess they look good. Still want to test the clippers myself.

zanderG9 says:

Swann-morton blades from Sheffield England are the best surgical blades in the world. The blade cuts beautifully, however the the GW handle and way of changing is somewhat awkward 

Spikey Bits says:

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CosmicJellyfish says:

At around 10:50, where you’re talking about the replacement knives for the craft knife, you can find them in art stores and craft/hobby stores. However, I must agree with you that the Citadel knife is too much money for the novelty. I have a NZD$10 one that does the job just fine and finding replacements is super easy, not to mention cheaper.

The mold line remover was a good investment for me, I wasn’t aware there were other tools like it. Mostly I used to just use the side of a craft knife.

Sean Van Damme says:

My med student wife has a whole box of scalpel blades that are wrapped like that. I’m guessing the non-surgical marking indicates they came from a company that makes both maybe? 

Jennifer Yanuklis says:

Did the hobby tools come in a kit, or did you get each piece individually? Where did you get them?

yanhunt says:

they’re just scalpel blades – they’re really easy to find and come in all kinds of shapes. they usually have two hobby std sizes hobby, but there are some 1600+ variations for sale on  and 1200+ on It’s not a rare or unusual blade by any stretch of the imagination.

Kennylee Beeks says:

Panel-line engraver vs seam scraper? No comparison. The Citadel hobby knife/ X-Acto knife is a disaster waiting to happen — don’t let anyone who can’t see the potential for massive blood loss get anywhere near it!

Greggles says:

Thanks so much for doing these rob!

IsaacP says:

@SpikeyBits where did u bet that pack

Max Brandt says:

Oh, the Swann-Morton blades are used in the new Citadel hobby knife, that explains why no one here in the US has ever seen that blade system before, it’s a British brand. 


Swann Morton makes surgical tools. I guess non surgical is just lower quality. I would assume that the new citadel knife will take any scalpel blade, they can be bought in bulk for cheap on ebay.

Doc Valiant says:

Very over priced. Go to a hobby store or check out amazon.

Gerff says:

X-acto was bought out awhile back, and are not anywhere NEAR the knives they used to be. The blades love to snap now, especially the tips, don’t stay sharp near as long, and don’t even seem as sharp from the package as they used to. Basically, the name X-Acto means NOTHING now, and it is no longer worth buying them over their competition. I would love to know where to get products as good quality as X-Acto used to be.



So what use is the bag? None. I use my tools at home, As such they mostly stand upright so I can see what I am looking for? I can make a seam scrapper with an old hacksaw blade and the handle with some wood or epoxy? At the moment I use an old scalpel with a blunt blade in it. As for knives, I have a small Snap on ratchet type with the snap off blade bits. I have a couple of scalpels with different shaped blades. Spare blades I buy on Ebay.

Andy C

crossy28 says:

anyone who says the GW knife is bad im guessing has to be talking about the handle itself, coz Swann-morton blades are the Roles Royce of blades vastly superior to any generic x-acto stuff. Guess us Brits are just spoiled with high quality blades… 

humor says:

the steel on these tools are quite soft, cutter blade warped after 3 model kit, i have to sharpen it

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