Milwaukee 1/4″ Ratchet and Socket Set Review

Milwaukee Tools is continuing their line of automotive hand tools with the release of these metric and SAE 1/4″ drive socket sets. The 90 tooth ratchet is really smooth, and the sockets have square ends to prevent rolling and allow the use of wrenches in tight spots.

26 Piece SAE: 48-22-9404
28 Piece Metric: 48-22-9504
50 Piece Combined: 48-22-9004

Thanks to Home Depot and Milwaukee for providing a review sample!


Tool Review Zone says:

The wrenches are awesome. Glad to see they are getting into the sockets too

Slim56 says:

Ever since I have gotten my Milwaukee 12v ratchet. I rarely ever touch my regular ratchets. Great review though.

Robert Sand says:

Neat new design but kind of worthless imo

Rudi Boets says:

Personally think they want too much in too little time. Look on Alibaba and you will find them. Beta tools in europe did the same and now loads of people do not buy Beta anymore coz of that. Same story here. There are some good asian tools on the market, but risking to stamp your name in them, might cost them many customers. A shame. The sds drills from Milwaukee “made in Germany” stuff, are not bought by piece but BY METRIC TON! The come in metric containers to Europe, and there they are wrapped in Milwaukee packaging. Loads of brands do it this way. Think for yourself…….what kind of an American engineer, would come up with the silly idea of “square sockets” so they don’t roll on the floor. They take too many space in tight spaces. Only asians can come+up with something useless like tha. Just have a look on alibaba. But don’t be surprised what OTHER tools you will find there, that you paid a lot of money just to,get the stamp and color.

David Young says:

Great review. Sadly Milwaukee screwed up with 3/8″ sae set.

P0tat07 says:

Awesome, thorough review. Personally I think the sockets are slightly ugly with the square ends. I think a hex shape might look better, but it would also make them more expensive. Looks like a good set. Are the U-joints smooth or are they stiff or even loose?

Yoda Doug says:

You could put the ratchet ontop then the wrench on the other side like T handle great function, id consider them forsure!

Conor Cousins says:

Yes Milwaukee stuff looks good..hopefully they’ll blow snap on outa the ball park now with hand tools caus they do in it with the battery stuff

adamaj says:

Milwaukee’s really been knocking it out of the park with products and innovation. I have their wrenches and plan on getting their ratchets/socket sets too. A lot of things are made in Taiwan now, including companies like Tekton and Gearwrench. As far as quality I’ve never had any issues with the tools I have that were made in Taiwan, and I beat the hell out of them. Taiwan quality is getting to where it’s on par with Japan and shouldn’t be associated at all with China.

Steve Sheldon says:

Not bad… I have my old craftsman set from the 90s and recently bought the tekton socket sets for carrying around. I like the price/quality combo of the tekton and the cases.

Pro1er says:

It looks like a nice set but I think they’re too expensive. I know I’m probably gonna catch heck for this, but you can get a 64 piece Pittsburgh SAE & Metric 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 shallow and deep well socket set with case for $32 after 20% coupon. Those carry a lifetime guarantee and are very highly rated.

I’ve been using socket wrenches for more than 50 years and have never broken a wrench or a socket – but then I don’t abuse my tools by putting a big cheater pipe on the handle. I have good quality sets, and I have the el cheapo sets and have never had one fail me. If the fastener won’t budge, use the correct tool rather than abuse the one that is conveniently in your hand.

One other thing to consider is to buy impact sockets rather than the chrome ones. They will probably work for more than 95% of what you would use them on and you won’t have to double your storage space, and money, on duplicating your sockets if you use impact tools.

ReptileGuardian says:

Sweet. Will be looking for this in the near future. I love Milwaukee hand tools.

cantthinkofone77 says:

Good video. Much improved sound.

Raj Dann says:

Hi now do the Craftsman…

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