KNIPEX Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy

8″ Long Nose Pliers $22.24:

10″ Cutter $34.13:

8″ Mini Bolt Cutter $48.21:

7&1/4″ Pliers Wrench $45.80:

10″ Water Pump Pliers $28.39:

KNIPEX Website:

KNIPEX sent me a few of their products to review. I actually took about a month to use these tools before I recorded the review. In that time I really got to know these products. In my opinion, they’re quality made, useful tools. If you’re in the market for a good set of pliers or cutters, I’d check out what KNIPEX has to offer.

Tool reviews posted every other Wednesday.

Camera: Brian Kast

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MR Thegreat says:

Welcome to 21th centry…

Michael Lemontzis says:

Damn I’m 3 years too late

Jonny Long says:


Dimiter Angelicheff says:

very good choice, add to set (180 mm, 03 01 180, KNIPEX)

kingkong8974 says:

One of my friends used those water pump pliers on cars all the time

Chris C says:

I have the bolt cutter, use it to cut out old brake line. They are by far the best tool i have found for that job. A friend has a pair for cutting fish hooks and he says also they are the best he found for that task.

Boyd Crowder says:

I love Knipex. However snap on makes the best needle nose pliers on the planet. (part# 196ACFG) Hands down.. They will never “duck-bill” on you..

Robert Smith says:

that’s pliers sorted – now what?

Bob Piff says:

ALL my plieers are knipex. Best piers in the world!

jonnda says:

0:44 or 18cm, or 1.8 decimeters, for those who don’t understand why the hell such large objects are measured with freakin’ millimeters.

Paul Frederick says:

Living in the real world? Automatic thumbs down. Knipex pliers are too expensive. End of the review.

Engines Made Easy says:

I love my knipex tools

Sun and Moon says:


Michael Monk says:

pronounced Ka-nip-ex

whatfreedom7 says:

We have a set of knipex pliers at work and those things grip like hell. Their light comfortable and they grip better than our vise grips in the locked position. Their expensive but well worth it. I don’t know what model they are but the have blue on the handle and I think they have directional teeth.

F3RN250 says:

“long needle none pliers? Well they’re long needle nose pliers”. Lol I have a pair of the cobras with the comfort grip. One of the best tools I own.

keep thinking says:

i got those knipex tools around 14 yrs ago and o m god best ever even craftsman bought the rights to use the “water”pump pliers and i still have them and use every day.
in the air conditioning field and mech building, the quick press is called the cobra grip

Robert Smith says:

Wicked humour as usual – don’t you dare stop.

Jim Hinson says:

Big fan of knipex plier handled type tools, WIHA for “allen” wrenches and screwdriver type tools. For combination wrenches? Stahllwille work great and are light in weight being thinner in the handle. Ratchets? Still love my older 36 tooth pear head snap ons.

Old Time Farm Boy says:

Water pump pliers were designed to specifically grip and turn the shaft of a water pump. Once you get a good grip on the shaft they try to self tighten so it is easier not to slip when turning.

Wild Weasel says:

“you guys living in the real world…” priceless… Metric and beyond…

brijesh Nishad says:

nice video

preston rivera says:

As my fellow electrician foreman told me: “knipex are for women and children and you know it”

Paul Bailey says:

Are you from Kentucky

Supercleanone says:

Real world, oooh boy…

mikep7810 says:

Great video, I love my knipex pliers

Phillip Morrison says:

to me not worth it.. regular cheap pliers work fine

FreedomExperiment says:

I agree %100 about the being able to tell the quality of the metal… I can tell just by looking sometimes… That German steel is often among the finest, and it shows in Knipex tools.

Snap on plier metal is orgasmic

speedtuff says:

8 inch knipex water pump plyers are awesome for Heavy-duty​ trucks applications use them every day and they don’t wear out for about a year or two being abused also with heavy use

Dano C. says:

Even though it shows the diagonal cutters cutting a nail, I would rather reach for the mini bolt cutters for that job…

thersten says:

Harbor Freight’s Pittsburgh Black Mamba pliers $1.98 (with coupon) beats Knipex Cobra pliers $39 retail, check it out on my channel.

MTNSleder says:

tool porn!!!!

Almity Krug says:

the “k” is silent you infomercial buffoon how much are you being paid?

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