Jigsaw Evolution Rage7 s unboxing review useage workshop tool

Unboxing and review of the Evolution Power tools Rage7 jigsaw. Ideal for pallet and recycling projects, a powerful Jigsaw coupled with some good multicut blades.

Link to model on screwfix http://tidd.ly/e57ab70a

The old jigsaw wasnt touching it and the saw was next to useless.
Called in at my usual toolstore but the only had the Makita at around £120 or something like that, too rich for me. Called in at screwfix and they had this on offer at £55 and i got acouple of packets of blades thrown in for another fiver.
The test piece is a 2inch thick cable drum reel. It did fairly quick work on the cutting but the blade was bent at some point and the angle of the cut veered off. EIther I bent it holding it incorrectly, as it was put down or maybe when it went through a nail.
Its good enough for semi professional use I reckon and at the price is well worth buying.

RAGE7-S: 710W Corded Jigsaw
with Variable Speed Control.
Cuts Steel, Aluminium & Wood
Supplied with 1 pack of Jigsaw blades
for multipurpose cutting.
A powerful and versatile Jigsaw, capable of cutting many different materials. A large cutting capacity of up to 80mm thickness (wood). The ergonomic, soft grip handle gives superb operator comfort and control. Fitted with a variable speed trigger control. Dial the speed you need, and then, for great operator convenience lock the trigger in place.
Supplied with an adjustable parallel edge guide – a useful aid when cutting and trimming laminate flooring, where accurate parallel cuts are often needed. Removal (or installation) of the edge guide is easy, enabling a quick return to free hand cutting when required.
Adjustable footplate (up to 45° right and left) allows bevel cutting – a very useful feature when cutting and fitting skirting board, architrave or coving. Positive stops are provided at 45°, 30°, 15° to both right hand and left hand sides, and at 0°.
Fitted with a quick release, tool-less chuck, which gives very rapid and easy installation or removal of the blade. A multipurpose jigsaw blade capable of cutting a wide variety of materials such as Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Plastics, is included with this machine.
Equipped with an air blower to blow dust away from the blade and the working area. Cutting lines are kept clear and readily visible aiding cutting accuracy. Also supplied with an adaptor tube which enables connection to a vacuum cleaner. Suck the dust away and keep your workplace clean and dust free.

Manufacturers website

Screwfix (currently £49.99)


Dennis Long says:

Great video bongo

OUR REALITY 1119 says:

What the fuck are ye makin ???

Whitley WoodWorks says:

Great Review Mate That looks like a brilliant Jigsaw great for the workshop. The Quality looks great as Usual with all the Evolution Range.. Thank you for sharing..

GenTal1969 says:

Nice review man, better than the B&Q own brand. And what a cliffhanger at the end what is he up to this time. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

Dave 508d says:

good to see you back how is butters doing after being in the vets Iv never used any of the evolution stuff they always look like they have a good paint job so they look cool in your tool box and to get you to buy them, but £50 isn’t a bad price considered I spent £30 on a real cheap 1 because I forgot my jigsaw on a job and needed to cut out around the back of some kitchen carcass’s 1ns never used it since

Fleotus Bing says:

Great review, thanks!

kenrick arthurs says:

hi…the plastic bit you pulled off the bottom was a non scratch bit of the tool..i.e.if you was to cut kitchen worktop etc…without scratching the surface……

Bushylingus says:

Look’s better than a small dick n pecker.

St Albans Tech says:


Evolution Power Tools says:

Hi mate, if you use Evo tools, then please share your project with us and we’re always looking for cool brill stuff to put on our FB, and it will drive traffic to your YT too. Great video! Tim


what a beast!!! A few issues but it’s good!!

Driftwood Adventure says:

Great review, saw one of these at the carboot and managed to get it for a tenner… result!
works very well, liking it loads just a shame about the laser battery compartment lid problem.
keep the vids coming Bongo, always enjoy watching your projects made from the crap that most would throw away..

Gary's Ramblings says:

Great Vid mate.. I paid three times as much for my jigsaw, run it along a straight edge, used the best blades and it still runs out at the bottom of the cut. They’re just not made for anything over about half an inch. The blade hits some harder grain an wanders off, once it does they’re not strong enough to come back to 90 degrees. Keep up the good work Mate cant wait to see the result.

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