Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools

A look inside my sketchbook as I start a new project and review my current favorite sketching tools. See my go-to paper, pens, pencils, markers; everything you need to build an everyday carry kit for sketching.
Instead of the chronological approach I’ve used in the past, I now dedicate entire sketchbooks to individual projects, tasks, or idea categories. This helps me to organize information and find it quickly when I’m searching for it later.

Topics discussed:
* Sketchbooks: what to look for in a good one
* Drawing Implements: pens, pencils (graphite + colored), + markers
* Accessories: cases, sharpeners, + erasers
And…a few ‘nice-to-haves’…

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* Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit:

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Architect Kashif says:


Jeremy Carey says:

Nice pano on colors and materials. Yes Precise pens are great. I have an old Koh-i-nor mechanical pencil I love, but they don’t make them anymore I believe. I will have to try the one you use.

TYLER Neutral says:

math time kids:

muji count = 30 * 40

muji count = 1200

Qendrim BEGISHOLLI says:


FyrePixel says:

Amazing video.

NWA CAD Services says:

Stellar production value! Cheers

Ronald Garzona says:


David Robertson says:

Just checked, no A5 dot available on the Muji site per your link , only A6. And yes, Amazon’s price of $17.80 is obscene! Will check later – perhaps you caused a mini-run on the product! 🙂

Felipe Adame says:

You are my inspiration, my mentor. Thanks / Gracias.

Parniyan Karimi says:

you definitely make drawing look sooo easy…cheers to you and to architecting 🙂

Benup Timsina says:

Sir I am newly getting admit in this the best career option in USA and other country.please comment me your advise can boost me please sir.

sushiebar says:


buy everything from muji

Husam Kashkari says:

I too keep a page for bleeding marker to put under the page I draw on

orisheju ukuedojor says:

Love it. Very encouraging.Thank you Eric.

qwerr says:

What are your thoughts on landscape architecture??

Fariha Feroze says:

hi Eric! though I finished arc school, my sketches are really bad. My teacher sarcastically compared it with Picasso sketching as it made no sense. do you have any suggestion for me ?

Scott Emmons says:

sweet!! stuff . .. . i asked about this dot flossed sketch paper in another video of yours — and here is the answer & many others just as desirable. i am not an achitect but a machinist teaching myself how to “sketch” and i think your videos are filled with wonderful teaching moments across many layers. thank you for these efforts & considerations to your complex audience.

Felix de Rijk says:

Love the video, in earlier videos I have always wondered which exact tools you were using… looking it up – without result. Thx! (btw the wooden blocks in the beginning, what are they called, you also showed them in your studio tour video)

Swarnava Banerjee says:

I use the Pilot V7 too…i feel it’s perfect for all kinds of work…I keep a V5 too just to do finer lines. But my drawback is that i don’t use any colours at all because I’m too lazy for that…!!! I have to correct this… Great video though…high quality as always…!!! Thank you…!!!

DaytonFamilyofFour says:

“wax poetic about erasers…”. I guarantee these exact words have never been spoken before.

Theodore Roosevelt says:

I wish you the best!

Fredrick Muthama says:

Nice work, really inspiring in this field of Architecture.

ratljost ratljost says:

wow. i wish i could sketch like that. I’m not an architect but still. Could you maybe make some videos on how to learn sketching (from brain & reality)? that’d be awesome

Alhagie sait Ceesay says:

Interesting, keep it up

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