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Doomon15 says:

How bout we just conclude don’t buy GW or FW at all, assholes raised their prices again recently and FW especially just put a ton their prices on steroids. Just simple, easy, and done.

nightovizard says:

Even though they are good quality they are really overpriced… However i still recommend the cutter, I’ve got many different cutters because of the hooby… and so far that’s the best i’ve ever used, I’ve been using it for years and it is so comfortable to use, very clean cuts. I don’t recommend bad quality cutters cause you are going to have to clean a lot afterwards, which translates into wasting more of your time. The rest of the tools, not worth it.

Jbay2608 says:

I’m only just starting the hobby so I can’t comment about the paints, but I do use tools a lot. Your local hardware store is definitely the place to go for this kind of thing.

Auditor says:

Good video! Glad you are showing this to new hobbyists, so important.

Kevan Walter says:

Completely accurate on the price, way to expensive. But calling them trash is definitely a lie. In fact they’ll probably last longer then the average Bargain Bin Walmart buy.

I actually have the drill. Was at my local hobby shop and paid that convenience fee lol also good to support local hobby and most of those places only get the more “professional grade” supplies.

manga3040 says:

People that by the actual model tools from GW are a major threat to society.

Commissar Gamza says:

Yooo come join the crew on Discord!
I’ll have some more videos for you guys! tyvm for watching and commenting.

Oscar Garcia says:

Bought my wire cutter in the craft section on walmart, cost me 5 bucks!!!

TechNoir says:

I actually had a chap I used to know get genuinely upset when I mentioned that I didn’t buy GW paints, instead electing to buy generic stuff from my local hobby shop which worked just fine and was a fraction of the cost. You can’t reason with fanboyism of this level.

Cheese TV says:

Darth Nihilis Would wipe out all mortal life in Warhammer 40k, fite me bois

Chris Bivins says:

I disagreed with your paint video, bevause I like having the exact hues I want, but I agree the tools are way overpriced, good video

SylentFart says:

I use nail files for mold scrapers

A Hanlon says:

Also big tip for people don’t buy from the GW site in general go to somewhere like Goblin gaming as their products are 20% off

A Hanlon says:

They don’t cost that much for me lol

Vince Wal says:

Galactus vs 40k

luvr ov chkn says:

Im suprised you didnt mention the 200 dollar kit which gives you maybe 5 brushes youll actually use and then need to replace later because games workshop brushes die easy as shit

Vokdor1 says:

Lmao… ever hear of quality. Your comparing garbage clippers to the Citadel clippers. Try using both one after the other… I have.

Martyn Wootton says:

I give up on GW a long time ago these Muppets target young kid parents wallets. Their prices are a crime!!!

Sepharos says:

there are websites that sell the miniatures for cheaper as well

Matthew Milleville says:

Iv had the citadel clippers since they were released. In the mean time a buddy has been buying the klein clippers 3 times a year. He doesn’t use them for anything other than warhammer. The clippers from citadel is sharp and used almost everyday no problems….. The rest of the citadel tools are a joke lmao.

Jex says:

What is callus ?

Daniel Wells says:

LOL just go to harbor freight and geth them for 2$!!!! they work just as well for plastic

Cheese TV says:

The models are over priced two. If you buy a 60 dollar pack of three “Extra special” space marines, they probably made around 58 dollars of profit. They don’t put them together, or paint them, so there’s no reason said pack should be more than 20 bucks.

G M says:

50$ clippers would buy be a Godhand clipper! No way I’m paying 50 bucks for an ordinary plastic cutter with some designs, and a Citadel logo on it!

Roger Brown says:

I used to work for Ral Partha when it was in business…. Citadel was our main competitor and was a joke as a company. Ral Partha failed because of the mismanagement of three people during one two year period.

Kirk Dodson says:

Citadel paints are just meh…not horrific, not great…just meh.

Becky Horton says:

I do everything I need to do with an exacto knife,,4 bucks,,thats all.

Alexander Satterlund says:

Drop the homophobic slurs dude. Like really?

HiveMind 3006 says:

Heya, Yea I couldn’t agree more! Citadel paint, at best meh! Citadel tools, overpriced nonsensical cash grab! I picked up (Yea I know right- I’m a fool!) the sculpting tools and they are of the lowest quality you can imagine, utter crap, I gave them away when I saw a much better set on eBay for a quarter of the price. It’s just disgusting. I am not a GW hater btw just honest! Love Citadel minis but I hate the greed the company displays with items such as these taking advantage of kids (and fanbois) who just want all their gear to be Citadel. Try other paints too, Scale 75, Warcolours, and I’ve heard that Creature Caster’s Pro Acryl paints are just a delight but being a filthy Brit we can’t get them atm. I bought the entire range of GW paint when I first got into the hobby but now I am doing so called advanced techniques, well they fall flat on their face. Up your game GW! Great points Commissar!!

Donald Neal says:

That X-acto blade from walmart does the X-ACT same thing. ayee

Samuel Beach says:

The cutters and x-acto knife are very poor buys from GW, however, the mold line scraper tool from GW is magical, you just rub it on your models and the mold lines dissapear, far more efficient than a knife. I used to have people make fun of me for using it until they tried it themselves and all bought one.

james M says:

Commisar! can you give us your thoughts and guide us on magnetizing our models?

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