DIY Bike Workshop – Seth’s Bike Shack!

Today we build a bike workshop, and the new set of my YouTube channel! Everything you see in the video is below.

Full Park PK2 Bike Toolkit:
USB Outlets:
Retractable power cord:
LED Strip:
Foam Flooring: (I needed 240 square feet)
Park Bike Stand:

Shop features include a 4×8 pegboard, a workbench, bench grinder, vice, storage bins, Park Tool PK2 set, retractable extension cord, foam flooring, Park Bike Stand, custom wall-mounted bike rack, multi colored LED’s, and built in USB charging!

No spiders were harmed.

I know some of you guys are going to ask for schematics or measurements, but really this was a simple shop that you could build on your own. Even the bike rack could be improvised. If you want to learn how to build a solid workbench, there are tons of videos on YouTube showing a variety of designs as well.

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Ja Man says:

badass bike shop, well done. ya park tool is the way to go!!!

Robert K says:

Piękny garaż

Ronald Sears says:

Mini fridge

Marcelo Sepulveda says:

It needs a espresso machine

Timothy Valvo says:

Love the DIY workshop, you’ve given me plenty of ideas, thanks! Just to let you know wolf spiders eat other spiders all day long so keep them around if you can, they’re big and scary but totally on your side.

Carl Stanton says:

How about an air compressor? I use mine for all sorts of things.inflate tires,cleaning the bike if it’s just dust/light dirt,you can even use it to remove grips if you don’t have lock ons. I only discovered your channel today,but I’m binge watching and will be hitting the subscribe button too! Brilliant videos,and love the new workshop.

YM Lnt says:


JD MTB says:

The shop should have a wheelie machine or a manual machine


A Bluetooth speaker

A B says:

Miny fridge


hot tub bro

Alexander Hoy says:

Nice job moving out of Florida before irma

Basti says:

You are my favorite. Uncomplicated, relaxed and still funny

Ninja Is Back says:

That shop is AWESOME!!

Dom Barbuto says:

“Pecker wrecker”

Englashi TV says:

Maita is way better than black+decker

Corey Gagne says:

I have the same vans as you

MrJuddock says:

Cool dog !

Ralfs Pedrevics says:

You need couch or chill spot!

Amrit Singh says:


Tim McDroid says:

When hanging heavy shelves by yourselfs
..easylier and forever
1 ….screw .three 2byfours horizontal on wall to studs beh8nd drywall…one top one middle and one bottom of item.Distance depends on unit size
No worrying bout hitting studs and it’ll carry the weight..

2….When hanging heavy shit byyourself ..use a level for height and pencil line 9n wall..
Screw 2by four to wall and maybe 2 more stacked..Now lift your cabinet… set it on your stacked level 2by4s and screw to 3 horizon studs ..
You can even predrill selve and have screws ready to set..
Saves the are easier
Tim McDroid

Nader Fawzy says:

Very brilliant work
I think that a welding machine and air work station will help too
For the compressor don’t forget about air filter and regulator for all purposes and lubricant for moving parts tools.
For the welder if you gonna build up bikes make it Tig welding if not a decent stick welding will be cheap and it will do the job

Matthew Van der merwe says:

Can you please give an estimated price for all of this

Ryan Marko Flores says:

Nice videos seth,love it!

Wayne Morse says:

The shop needs a pinball machine

Carlos Rivera says:

Great vid, every shop needs a beer cooler!

John Vreugdenhil says:

is a scott voltage fr 20 good

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