DeWalt DW735 planer vs. a cheap one (review)

Tegs tools ( gave me a Dewalt 735 thickness planer to review. here I’m comparing how it performst to my old thickness planer (which was the cheapest I could find)
My video on planer snipe:


CineDevine says:

SNIPE happens when the wood moves up into the cutting head after pressure is no longer present from the indeed roller. The cutting head does not move down. Chasing the material with another block will do nothing to minimize snipe. The best way is to pull up slightly on board during the infeed and outfeed.

bison uberti says:

Matthias… when you refer the other brand planer as cheap, do you mean junk or inexpensive?

Jamie Mullins says:

dewlt planer and a cheap is same ties not matter how spiral cutterhead different kind spiral cutterhead shape cutter wooden order different spiral head ……………….

David Halewood says:

why are you not employed by these companies to design and build these machines?

Karim says:

A link for the master craft?

Nico Juarez says:

That was very instructive (I guess that’s the word) and complete comparison. Great job

Chuck Finley says:

I owns the DeWalt. It works way better with the outfeed tables and also I don’t cut my wood to length till after I run to the planner.

GreenSourceGaming says:

I’m over here just wanting to plane cutting boards lol.

Bobby Bob says:

We have all learned something today…… Maybe not

James Robinson says:

I have the Dewalt, as a home D.I.Y. I have no complaints. When I purchase tools, I always base it on how often I think I would use it. If is something that I will use occasionally, I will normally go with a harbour freight budget brand. It’s just the opposite for tools that I will use more frequently. Especially when it comes to power tools.

MineStrongth says:

the Dewalt is supposed to be used with in/out feed tables (sold separately) to reduce snipe.

MySchizo Buddy says:

Any one did a comparison of dewalt and makita one

Gabriel Matte says:

Speed to me is everything. What is the Board foot count between both of them??? And taking 1/8 is better than taking 3/32.

Keep in mind that both these planers are desktop planers with desktop issues.

I think that the standard wood stop might be useful especially if it’s super accurate. Sometimes you just don’t dress enough boards or too many errors and you need to throw some wood out.

wb5mgr says:

One huge advantage in the dewalt is that you can get a shelix helical cutter head for that model planer…nicer cut quality and better blade life.

djmips says:

Heisz Mastercraft disassembly video

Danny mullane says:

Keep doing these videos please you have such a good way to give information

Sam Laskowski says:

So, what about overall power of the unit? I know with my cheaper planers I have issues with them bogging down or over heating much faster than my Dewalt. Did you do comparison on that?

Eddie Doors says:

Matthias, its Eddie from Brazil. Hi ! The cheaper planer is a WEN ?

nytom4info says:

I have a dewalt..and it works good…but the delta is a better planer… 😉

Nico 76 says:

That’s not a planer, that’s a toy.

William Trombly says:

The stock knives and bx store knives you buy in box stores are cheap’s, buy them online for the dewalt and they last a lot longer.

William Hall says:

Who in the hell dislikes something like this?

Skewed Maker says:

Enjoyed the video, very informative. How long does it usually take to hand sharpen the blades on a plane? Thanks!

theyreee gggreat! says:

Buy the dewalt and support American workers.

Brian Graves says:

a human hair is .003~

Keyboard Warrior says:

can you find another word to say than (here) I can’t watch your videos because you use the word (here) over and over and over again it drives me crazy.

Linda and Brian Kruse says:

Can you hook up a dust bag on either unit? Or make a filter box. I need an inexpensive plainer but I have to work inside so dust control is imperative. Thanks.

Jose Munoztorres says:

Great review, very helpful and honest!.

RoyMach1ne says:

Do I detect a hint of French accent?

Karen C says:

The DeWalt has 3 blades, this is why the chips are smaller.

komodomoe says:

I don’t ever understand woodworkers who obsess over a difference of a few thousandths. you wouldn’t even feel that with your fingernail and in fact the pencil line you cut along is significantly wider that the thickness difference you’re griping over. talk about measuring with a micrometer, marking with a sharpie and cutting with a hatchet. snipe less than 1/100th of an inch would make no difference after you hit the piece with sandpaper which is probably going to have just as much unevenness

jesus zacarias says:

Excelente analisis, gracias por compartir

Jeremy Leslie says:

I think I would still choose the matsercraft…they are on sale right now for 150.00

RAY C says:

I don’t think a couple thou snipe on a piece of wood is a big deal…..

Frank Cannon says:

One thing I will say, I am a maintenance mechanic at a woodworking school. We have had the Mastercraft in our shop. We had three, and I can tell you this review is very accurate, with one exception, our 3 DeWalt planers have outlived their Mastercraft counterparts three times over. The Dewalts are very durable. In a home shop with lower production rate I too recommend the Mastercraft. Great review video!!

Irish Chippy says:

If you put the next piece directly after the one before, your snipe will be only on one end of board 1 and one end of the last. CAD$750 for that? How much is a Makita 2012NB over there? My 2012NB works fine and is similar to the other one you have there. I made an extraction port for vacuum similar to the one they sell, but honestly I think is better to let the chips fall on the floor. Your dust collector will have to be emptied every 15 minutes.

Ing. Edgar Medina Gaitan says:

which is better?

Irvin Wittmeier says:

good to know!;-)Thankyou

bobbg says:

LOL no more free tools for you!
Lets face it your gonna plane rough lumber, make your part then sand it. its not often planing will be the last step on a project.

A friend of mine has one of these dewalt planers its a work horse. he dosn’t own a jointer just the dewalt planer. I wouldn’t turn one down if someone gave it to me.

Blue Jay Farm says:

meat sweats?


Every time he said “silky smooth,” I was waiting for him to pull out a blow dryer and start a Zohan impersonation….

Welder Bob says:

sure would be nice to see you give a makita 2012nb the once over.

money maker says:

Mathias this is wrong completely , you can not compare between two different brands. You should compare between two different models for same brand , This is the right way for comparison .. For example can you compare between Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen beetle ?? You should compare between two different DEWALTS models OR two different master craft models.. This is wrong and not fair

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

wouldn’t harder knives chip while less hard knives would be tougher and less likely to chip?

cere tomer says:

Doesn’t snipe partially depend on the bottom of the board if it’s bowed or twisted as it forced through by the rollers?

Monkey. D Archer says:

lol nice good to see a hamiltonian doing well on youtube

Hammer Stein says:

what the hell is a kilogram?

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