DeWALT D55168 200 PSI, 15 Gallon Workshop Compressor – Review

We review the DeWALT D55168 200 PSI, 15 Gallon Workshop Compressor. Check out the written review and pictures at

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service1956 says:

Oil free, maintenance free pump. This means that it has a short working life!!

Zoran Apostoloski says:

Looks like it comes with winter tires 😉

Love2boat92 says:

That compressor looks really nice. Wow. I too like the yellow handle like dan does. Hahaha. Great video!!!

Jim Hanson says:

hey I need a couple of wheelbarrow mechanics let me know if you are interested

Bob the Avenger says:

DeWalt tools. They’re shit.

Tools In Action says:


jkvv2006 says:

oil less takes too long to refill…have a cast iron and its quick…good for impacts….also have oil less but I’d just use it to fill tires or blow dust off….for the money though oil pumps are good

rcatank says:

Seems like you guys are sponsored by Dewalt – Your opinions on how loud it is, and everything else seem swayed. “ITS NOT THAT BAD”. Really? It sounds like HF crap thats out there for half the price.

Jason Battaglio says:

what comes in the box? ant air fittings or hoses?

shop ethics says:

whats the scfm

Ken S says:

How’s this compressor holding up after 6yrs?

Cody Robertson says:

Looks like a great shop compressor

Jimmy Meeker says:

which is it one says loud and one say quiet which is it

Melissa Prevatte says:

I need to no how to change out a fan on that air compressor can u help me with a video or chat thanks guys

pclose9 says:

Oh good the regular goes up to 200 PSI ‘I guess that means that I could inflate something up to 200PSI .

John Stuart says:

Great and funny video as usual.  Love the outtakes.  You were having a little too much fun with that compressed air Dan.

Shawn Healy says:

Do you guys know why this unit seems to come in 2 options. I see a lot of 1.8 hp / 5.4 CFM units and it seems like Dewalt has a 1.6 hp / 5.0 CFM unit. Not sure which one is better or why they have 2 specs on one model D55168. No one I have asked has a clue so hope you guys can help. I’m going to buy one and just needing some help. Thanks

Chris Tedone says:

Why such a low output for such a large compressor? and WOW, loud as a freight train! Why bother with the weight and bulk? I want to like Dewalt stuff, but have never found anything they make that is better than anything else at the same or lower price point.

Fred Mertz says:

I bought this compressor the other day. Haven’t turned it on. I got the last one at the farm supply store and it had no paperwork at all. Nada! When you talk about the “break-in procedure”, what exactly does it involve??? Don’t want to fuck-up the compressor by failing to do the proper run-in if there is any to do. Good video – thanks!

ahmadaljaraab says:

is this good for paint car with gun?? or no

tolow16 says:

why not get the 15 gallon for just 20 bucks more insted of the 4.5 gallon

Tools In Action says:

I don’t see why not, Painting requires low air pressure

sonick808 says:

+ahmadaljaraab you would need a 2-stage compressor for a paint gun to paint a care with.  1-stage compressorrs create a pulsing effect in the stream (sometimes).  I’ve seen 1 stage work, but 2-stage is effortless. Also, you will want 30 gallons for car painting

Tools In Action says:

@tolow16 Portability!

Robby Vanz says:

still running strong after 5 yrs?

Jimmy Meeker says:

is this good for spraying lacquer i have a 4.1 gun

Dubious Jesse says:

I just bought one of these of CL for $140 with an air hose. Do you really need a 20 amp outlet to run these compressors?

Tools In Action says:

Good info. Thanks

TheTomas1988 says:

needs filter oil and water separator…?

sal capone says:

the drain valve is cheap it’s a piece of plastics part that breaks off easy

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