Delboy’s Garage, “Gator Socket”, Tool Review.

By popular request, lets see if we can break a Gator Socket?
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Lod dude says:

Hi folks, I do wonder if these work as well when the fastener is hard against the work surface & only the pin tips can ‘grip’?
(Having sent the local Holy Man three liquorice nails & a chocolate mallet, may I take this opportunity to wish you lot a very Happy Easter too : ) x

Ichiban Moto says:

wow! I actually never considered trying a Gator. This tool series is awesome.

ps. can the gator undo a green cable tie?

Alex Small says:

I’m so impressed, often I have wondered about those…

David Bryson says:

I’ve often thought of these like using a adjustable crescent wrench.

Tic The Dog says:

Using a vice slide as a anvil is just pure criminal.

machyne82 says:

You should review it by rounding off the bolt head and see at what point it won’t grab it.

Humpty Dumpty says:

The tool was broken within the first few minutes of use but this is OK, really? I would have taken it straight back from where I bought it and demanded a refund!

RSB Harley says:

Great review Del & Penny. I have two of them, one in the tool box and one on the bike and I have always wondered how much they would take before they let go. I don’t think I will worry any more. Have a great week. Cheers

paul rice says:

Good review Del, but all this talk of mincing thought I was on the wrong channel.

christopher shirley says:

(P) One of these sits on my bike all the time, along with a multi head screwdriver… Too bloody handy!

mickenoss says:

What shape were the bolts in afterwards? I imagine being torqued up with pins instead of flat surfaces mangles the head right?

madmarkuk1 says:

Happy Easter Del & PP

Quin B. says:

Hmm….I’m still leery of a socket with moving parts…vulnerable to seizing from rust or grime. It looks okay for emergency use…but then again, the 3 or 4 sockets needed for emergency service doesn’t take up that much more room or weight, and they can fit fasteners in tight spots. Interesting review though. 🙂

D. FRESH. 750 says:

(P) Well that’s a pleasant surprise! So the Gator socket is definitely worthy of its place in the emergency tool kit, I would say! Nicely done my friends…and Happy Easter to you both!

M H says:

Hey there. While we are on the subject, I have a tool grumble. My latest basket case GSXR has been enthusiastically overtightened in every conceivable way. Please, motorcyclists out there, don’t get over-excited with your torque settings, because people like Del and me have to deal with it in the future!

Lasty says:

Huh, I’ve had one of those for a couple of years now -I keep it on the bike just in case anything needs tightening up in the middle of a ride. But truth be told, I’ve never had the confidence to really trust it and get a good lean on. My mistake 😀

EchoSevenNine says:

whats happening on the lathe front, Del? Any closer to getting one?

David Mattans says:

Awsome channel! Which torque wrench you use? Any recommendations below 60€? Cheers and keep up the good work!

bigfatpear says:

great vid.

funkycowie says:

Are the pins round or hex?

Edward Leniston says:

Happy Easter, Del & Penny.

John Holt says:

Once again great vid off the subject a bit do you have any idea how i would get my sticker off my tank i know heat works but these seem to be clear coated on the paint seem to be in good condition put the stickers make it look crap thank john

Roadking 2003 says:

Music is growing on me…thank you

Mirius Shed says:

Great test again Del. One question though, that 14mm had just one row of pins which jammed against the socket wall with no real prospect of moving. What happens when you drop to two rows of pins? Is that the 10mm or bigger? I don’t have one so can’t check. With two rows I’d expect to see the pins flex more, but maybe not enough to slip – would that cause damage?

colin winfield says:

nice one dell ,could you do a vid on different welding helmets , as ive said before started welding and peeps say I should go with this one others say I should use so and so . BUT what would you recommend ? cheers

Steven Hill says:

I always thought those sockets were total crap, changed my mind now. Thanks Del’.

g w pee says:

I use my gator socket occasionally to drive a tap into a hole,which can’t be accessed with a tap wrench.Works better the bigger the tap,square drive

Tan Cakar says:

swinging on it like a monkey 😀

Mike Butler says:

Great vids as always keep up the good work and Happy easter

Gavin Fraser says:

I often thought about getting but actually thought it would break awesome test well done

Vladimir Chudinov says:

Are there different sockets for inch and metric bolts in this case?


I thought you where doing FT LB until you said 60NM on the 14mm bolt

Stephen Davies says:

You said at the start of the video from 12mm to 19mm then the first test was on 10mm ????

pgod1960 says:

Delboy’s Garage, snappin’ bolts since 2011! Good to see these ‘get you out of trouble’ tools are all strong enough to ‘get you into trouble’! 🙂

Mr Darn says:

Looking at the design, that may well work on bigger allen head bolts too, with the pins settling inside. Be interesting to see

Vidmantas K. says:

I think it not broke cause you used 14 mm head and only one outer row of pins were in duty. such socked in my opinion is only for emergency use. if You not have the proper socket. One size fits all… yea but size matters after all 😀

David Keppler says:

I can only find metric sizes. Would they work on imperial? I assume they would grip anything..

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