Delboy’s Evolution Toolkit Review – Part 2 – The tools

Part 2 – we look at what’s in the ‘tool’ kit. Later on we’ll be testing them, and after todays basics tests – it ain’t looking that good.

I would put a link to the toolkit, but honestly I just refuse to.

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Jonathan baker says:

The german Second world war u boats did use a metric only adjustable spanner. it uses shims one mm think.

pe6o991 says:

what do you think of Fairline tools(as in how shite they are on your shite meter)

Paul B says:

There’s no drill included in the kit, why would you need a centre punch?

T Will says:

10mm spanner, ratchet and 10mm socket. Job done. Halfords professional all the way.

Alex 90 says:

Im sick as fuck matt, but your videos are keeping my spirits up. Your doing as a great service by showing us these shitty tools 😀
8 months to make a tool kit? My mind is blown.

entee123 says:

I’m wondering if my vice is metric or imperial now…

william armstrong says:

100% with you on all this. However wish I had seen this when I was starting out. 45 years ago!! Still replacing the old crap I bought years ago with quality stuff.

Eden Gaming says:

Question.. would the sealey box filled with the junk supplied thrown at delbollocks head be enough to switch him off?

Michael Walker says:

Iv got a full.set of ajustable spanners. Metric, imperial witworth and AF. Not forgetting the metric fine as found on most bikes. Been a god send I can tell you. The imperial for my reliant trike and the metric ones for my ford transit. LOL.

Torben Stevn says:

You really are an angry bastard lol love it

Sean Fiba says:

Dells penis is held on with a cerclip

Mick McNasty says:

£200 budget? better option here and £210 or £178 with a trade card, £24 gets you so thats £202 with a trade card, easy to get Not as good as the tools Matt is advising to buy, but all lifetime guaranteed and good enough for those with a limited budget.

Fun Edits says:

I borrowed the Sealey chain tool that is made out of licorice off a friend years ago. Once I realised it was softer than the steel chains are made from.The rivet tool turns into a mushroom instead of the chain rivet! So I bought a proper one!

Jam is Nice Murphy says:

Buy cheap, get cheap, the end.

Rhys Jenkins says:

So most used tools are hammer, chisel, hacksaw, and files ???………..why doesnt burning gear come in that tool kit it undoes anything ,,,,,,a fire extinguisher is a good suggestion and a cowboy hat

Robert Beattie says:

What you think of Halfords Advanced ?

yamaha ttr600 says:

Stop being a cunt about cheap tools lots off people can’t afford expensive tools give the Dell boy bashing a rest please

Eurobeatmachinist86 says:

Is the adjustable spanner hanging on your wall imperial or metric??

corvair140 says:

This is about his limit and should stick to it. Old saying, ‘Don’t give up the day job’


Out of context here….(I forgot the link while commenting on your earlier clip etc) Have a look at this channel for welding etc…. (judge for yourself anyway)

Billy Dog says:

If Halfords said as seen on the workshop would need a 18 rating.

Buck Ding says:

I’m not trying to brag or anything but by the time you reach 65 you’ve done Vietnam and thought about jumping a bus back to the US to kill Richard Nixon for basically telling everyone in America that we didn’t exist in Laos back in the day God what an asshole you develop over the years what I call the bullshit indicator. I didn’t even know what a del boy was but I was curious cuz I got just a little mechanical engineering background and I’m a hot rodder from hell and I respect the hell out of Matt. So I checked out two of his videos and quickly never went back I know shit when I see it. By the way Matt you actually have a couple of subscribers that are Ranger buddies of mine(back when they were truly elite like SAS who thought your comments on Fort Brass were not only on point but some of the funniest shitte they’ve heard in years. Of course we don’t count anymore we’re the old guys and the only tattoos we have say shit like Mom or Popeye or maybe a particular neighborhood at a certain longitude and latitude certainly not inking our selves into doodlepads

Razor Sharpe says:

I love tools and have gone through the usual phase of buying shite only to have to buy it again. adding up all the money wasted is upsetting for sure and I didn’t have useful YouTube videos to help review stuff.
del should 100% know better. wouldn’t buy any of that stuff unless I knew I would be okay with throwing it away after 1 use.

Fun Edits says:

I noticed years ago in a old Sealey catalogue. You could buy a 1/2 inch drive torque wrench for around £35 or buy exactly the same torque wrench ( calibrated ) for double the price. If I remember correctly the information was only on the parts/price list. So if you just bought the wrench as normal it would be out of spec!

shaun lomas says:

I am ENJOYING this , keep it up

Buck Ding says:

Matt I figured out what happened with the broken hammer. Dell Road tested by bashing himself in the head , therefore leaving no marks on the faces of the hammer! I am kind of curious though as to what brand of silicone he used to patch up his head

Max Power says:

I still have the exact same eclipse hacksaw frame that I was issued at the start of my apprenticeship in 1994. It’ll likely out live me…..

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