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A few changes to my wood shop so I thought it would be fun to do a tour right at the beginning of the year to give you a few tips if you are thinking about creating something like my space. Subscribe to the channel and tell your friends!




Sumo's Projects says:

G’day Dave, you have a pristine workshop mate & it’s more organised than my kitchen lol, what bench top materials do you use & do you think they could have dog holes drilled into them for hold down clamps ?

Ian McFetridge says:

Just realised I can get the plans and build this before the garage so purchase made! Thanks again.

Tomasz K says:

Hi David – let me congratulate you perfect workshop 🙂

Doug Butler says:

Your welcome Festool

Tim Meier says:

Wonderful shop David,  thanks for the inspiration.

John Dennis Macapagal says:

Hey there! Been ages since i last checked your channel at it was real treat for me who is cursed to the bones and limping to get tons of inspiration to get up my bottoms and start making something. Thats a genius works for the shop organization! I should get perhaps those nice flooring material to support my feet and lowback. Well as they say, if you are still breathing, there are still tons of opportunities out there. God bless! From the Philippines.

Bob Lewen says:

Good afternoon Dave, “How are you”…… your shop is impressive as all of your regular viewers know…. and I’m sure 99 out of 100 envy your skills and equipment selection. As a regular viewer of the channel, let me humbly suggest you continue to use that little walk around camera you used in this segment. It’s ultra sharp and crystal clear, immediate focus (even when you showed inside the table, and inside tool boxes) and is great for closeups. I think it’s probably a GoPro or one like it, because of the barrel distortion, however the distortion does not detract from the overall quality of the video. Aside from that, how can you live with yourself with dust underneath the router?? (LoL).

Brendan Murphy says:

Dave, a great workshop, well planned, thank you for sharing. The he fan next to the sink caught my eye. Was it from your great grandfather, and if so, is there a story to share. Thanks mate.

Thunderarrows says:


Peter Clapham says:

That is one very impressive workshop. When things go wrong with my projects I don’t blame the tools just my dolls house size workshop.

Joe Brown says:

Beautiful shop Dave. Always like watching your channel very likable guy.

InfinityVideoNiagara says:

Very nice as always Dave. What are the dimensions of your shop, not including the garage?

Darren Wells says:

Very nice and very organized. What is the size of the shop?

J.M. Castilla says:

OK, gracias por sus videos, thanks for your videos

Ron Paulk says:

David, love the shop.

Edward Fenwick says:


John Fithian-Franks says:

Hi Dave, Happy new year to you, those mats might be to stop you slipping but I bet it makes the floor a lot warmer and comfortable to walk on. It also adds a nice bit of colour to the place. I hope Barry is doing well.

Ian McFetridge says:

Hi Dave, I am about to build a 2 floor 6×6 metre garage workshop here in the UK so I am looking closely at how you have laid out your space. I am thinking of keeping all the heavy machines downstairs and my CNC and 3D printer as well as hand tools upstairs. I managed to get some Rockler bench cookies from the USA so I will be building your Stanton bench (for which I will pay you when I get to building it sometime later in the year). I was going to bench dog all of my benches but like the idea of keeping them clean. I am trying to decide which type of saw to go for, choices being Panel saw, table saw or use my Festool track saw. I can see advantages for all of them but cannot decide, what do you think? Love the videos learned loads so thanks Dave! PS Met a guy on holiday from Glong who was an absolute scream, looking forward to seeing him again later in the year.

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