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Brian B says:

Gonna need me onna deez for my RV…..

Andre Cook says:

I was legit interested in this, but after watching the video and the first time the drill press is used and seeing the amount of play in the base/box – nope. If the box was sturdy this could be an amazing system, but if it bends every time I drill something no hole will ever be straight.

Ziegmont says:

Great idea – simple, light duty, and compact. Most glaring flaw would be the amount of flex in the metal (tin) base plate. For anything needing some kind of relative precision, that platform needs to be stout and rigid without all the flexing seen in the video. A simple fix for the buyer, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Nice first try, get a fix in the works, because at that price ($500.) it’s expected. : )

Scott Shaffer says:

I like the concept but … being locked into that power / battery system it going to be painful in the long run. If you have cordless tools know you know how often you have to replace batteries. And that table as others have commented on is way too flexible (and who needs stainless steel on a cutting table?) Also, when I first saw this, I thought it would be more like $200. You can get a 4 tool set from others like DeWalt and Hitatchi for $300 and they have proven quality and batteries that are easier to find replacements for. This set needs some refinement and better value.

superspeeed says:

i’d rather have one tool that does one thing properly, than 8 tools that are complete shite

TheLukey21 says:

Its a gimmick

PAwel_Z says:

Hobbyking pls we are not dumb. Whats wrong with Flash Light.
You make some distortions in the video to make it look powerfull, but wait…..
The distortion don’t stop even whel Flashlight is off.
We have eyes and 0.25 speed on Youtube.
Anyway you made me laugh so hard 🙂

Reefer says:

People who love fiddling with little bits and pieces are gonna love it! It will take them weeks to sort out all the various options! LOL just keep in mind this is LIGHT duty only, keeping that in mind, it will be Ok?

jrcampen says:

This as a “system” is sort of “ok” for someone who is only doing a bit of handy work from time to time, but at that price? I don’t think so. . And for those of us who are making stuff ALL the time, the fact that you can only use one tool at a time, and then all the re-configuring around you need to do to use another one is just unworkable for us. Most of us in this category will have most of those tools anyway, so in that light “No Sale”!

sri yuni says:

The plastic  table is not suitable  for wood working . How can user find more steady  and stronger table ?

Fekillix says:

And for the price you could afford some proper tools.

jim S says:

this looks like something that would be on QVC $29.95 breaks as soon as you look at it….40 years with a TrueValue hardware store..

Steven B says:

This is honestly an incredible invention. The only issue with this is how “cheap” it is. The price and look of everything you can see reflect this. The 2.6ah battery will be dead very quickly also. However, the price does reflect what you’re getting. And this is very innovative.

TheLukey21 says:

I don’t believe the 60nm in gear 1, that’s more than even some of the best drills, unless its only spinning at 100rpm or something stupid

DutchRC Adventures says:

I saw this being presented / pitched in the Dragon’s Den 🙂 Looked to be a smart system! 🙂

1McQuack says:


hazlbri says:

Truly awesome, but will spare batteries be available for years to come? And why can’t mains power be used when at a fixed location?

PJ Neslo says:

499 bucks?? wow that’s expensive. It looks like something you’d see at Toys R Us. I have a black and decker that I got for a xmas present that cost 88 bucks that would put this rig to shame.. Good concept, but way overpriced…

Werner Van der Westhuizen says:

Nice looking kit, would have been even nicer with a sander included

UKHeliBob says:

7:10 A big NO, NO

Sandwiching the piece cut off between the blade and the fence is just asking for kickback. Mind you, the saw seems to have so little grunt that it probably would not matter.

The whole concept is flawed as you would never quite have the right tool for the job required and would need to be constantly changing the configuration.

As for the flex evident in the top of the armoured case, what can I say but what a load of rubbish for the price.

Ademar Monteiro says:


Grimbold says:


Switch Off When Not In Use says:

This seems have nothing to do with rc world, does Hobbyking will sell house in kit?

Yale Guan says:

A great idea, but look closely at the material and see how it bends when the guy use it, the cheap price maybe from the low grade materials used.

MattacksRC says:

pretty neat. tgr circular saw is way too small for most stuff but I’m sure its handy in a hobby workshop. also, I don’t care too much for a jig saw being used as a scroll saw. I think the scroll saws are faster and use finer blades. I could see the table vibrating all over with the upside down jig saw trying to hr a scroll saw. I prolly wouldn’t buy this but it still looks nice.

smith jon says:


Michael Weir says:

$ 350.00 would be more the market its a great tool for hobbyest you will have more bench space for sure RIGHT ON ILL BUY ONE FROM HOBBYKING!!!!!

TheZorglub007 says:

for this price you can buy less but quality tool, with real aftermaker service and spare availlability.

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