Budget Thicknesser. Homemade Thicknesser using a Planer. 4 in 1 workshop

4-th function of my workbench
How to make the thicknesser using a planner
Amazing WoodWorking Tools


nik762009 says:

Хорошая приспособа! 🙂

skeeterca tv says:

Talk boy talk

Clay Stewart says:

Thanks for the video! Best way I’ve seen to secure a handheld planer. I was thinking much more complicated way.

Mehran Freeman says:

Awesome mate. ozito guy

Constuctive Critisism says:

ZSeriously dangerous way to drill …. nearly had to shut my eyes

Daniel Audette says:

This is very similar to a router sled for thinknessing things.


good job

H. Tran says:

watch it in x2 speed

zambeshteg says:

you are the best LIKE

roberto finasi says:

muy buenooooo

Sandro Esteves says:

Essa foi a ideia que mais me encantou no YouTube até agora!!!!

Ahmed Aziz says:

هذي فارة او صنفره؟

Herbie says:

Boy that seemed like alot of work.

Treehouses & Motors says:

what song is that?

Michael Palmer says:

oh my days !…….who are these people !!..such childish nonsense

English Mik

cheers0406 says:

What a great, and much better alternative than using a router sled. Good job!

Keith says:

A good idea thanks for sharing was going to to buy ryobi thicknes planer till I watched this.

Stanlley Pajdak says:

I’m like 99% sure it’s called a plainer

Eugenio Rodz says:

MAn , you are a Genius !

migf27 says:


Iniobong Markson says:

I bought a thickness planer but the problem is when the wood is heavy and long, This is a better alternative and will sure built one. I think lowering or raising the base when adjusting the thickness will give more accuracy

Wanda Jones says:

LOVE IT! Will definitely try this one! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE SHARE 🙂

Jose Antonio Luna says:

aveces lo mas simple es lo mas efectivo

keith carey says:

this sucks has nothing to do with the Ryobi planer

Felix From Nebraska says:

Excellent project Michael. Love your creative and engineering mind.
Thanks for sharing.

Daniel Banks says:

*This is my second one.The first one was working perfectly but I took it to my home in Costa Rica and cut some of the hardest woods in the world with great results.>>>**ur2.pl/856** i moved back to the US and sold it before I left. I liked it so much I got another one.*

TheLombardProject says:

Very cool.

Lexicon Devil says:

I see you’re that bloke that walks into Bunnings and says “I need one of everything give me the cheapest bit of garbage you have”

Gary Reuter says:

Nur noch die Holzleisten durch Alu-U-Profile ersetzen, dann wirds hochpräziese für wenig Geld.

halcon aguirre says:

Saludo , Buena idea.

Phil Morris says:

Think I will just stick with my thicknesser

Master and margarita says:

Согласен !!! У рубанка обороты хорошие, но раз уже сделал такую приспособу, то почему строгаешь поперёк ????????????????

Postghost says:

Must be tons of play in the wood runners. Maybe run some 90-degree ally strips along the top corners of them to make them ultra stiff.

Rhonda Evans says:

I have 1inch thick oak boards of various widths and lengths that was free would this work for making them thinner so I can use them in various craft ideas

Toughnut says:

Just use hands planes. Faster and great exercise.

Outbackbloke says:

Replace the undreside wing nuts with springs and you’ll only have to adjust the top wing nuts.

El_ Nino says:

What wood this is?
Nice wood

kenny Gr says:

Its hack.. the amount of time you have into it you could have made half the money for a planner. and I can see uneven surfaces with the edges ..every shop needs a planner.. buy native lumber and save many dollars. good way to strip old flooring and things .. don’t waste time on this thing!!

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