This 18V lithium Makita tool is a fantastic idea! It’ll run on AC or battery. I’d like to see more gadgets like this run on tool batteries.
This one’s in my bug out bag.
UPDATE: All your September Ruler orders have shipped via Canada Post. The second batch of parts is here and the family sweat shop is churning out your October orders. They will ship next week. Followed shortly by your November orders. THANK YOU!
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Scarf says:

Sometimes, I can’t tell what’s Cannuck, and what’s technical speak.

eyvin martinez says:

JAjajajaja great video

Clove Worx says:

God damn it took me two videos to subscribe to you fucking golden material I couldn’t give a fuck about a coffee maker but you you grabbed my attention

Czar Zenana says:

Why didn’t you use a hammer to open the box?

Garrett Thon says:

yep, engineers can’t spell.

Mimlo Miani says:

They own everything that matters Brother !! over 80% of food production in europe is in the hands of 5 companies!? if only that is not scary I dont know what is….. Everything that Matters they own, all the toilet makers or the rest is not even important……..

Justin Galligan says:

Those jokes are Supreme

TheEpicWeezl says:

For someone who hates Teal, why would ya have it on your logo.

Thomas Wade says:

Thanks for that box opening. That made my day.

Kaelan Dean says:

There are advantages to having a small business that are not available to larger businesses, but it doesnt matter because protection of IP is hard and generally expensive and often they either buy you out or just take your idea. Happened to dollar shave club, casper mattress, and a hundred more. You can survive it but fuck is it hard because if they can get away with doing what you do it will always be cheaper for them with economies of scale and brand recognition and all that stuff.

Jeremy Gray says:

great videos man. its the terms that you use when you explain things, that really crack me up.

cj c says:

increase my chooch factor by ten percents ! those are some pretty fuckin outrageous claims even for a machida

alfred derpro says:

did u hate Makita or something wee Use Makita every day AT Work rly hard and They last longer then hilti

conor finn says:

Please hack the lead for the battery, so we can use other 18v brand batteries

Stephen Armstrong says:

Great video…great sense of humor..

Fishing with Seth says:

What was that thousand pounds of lobster song he was singing?

GOMADandSquats says:

I’m going to wait till the brushless model comes out.

jrbdtx says:

I like my women like I like my coffee. Ground up and in the freezer.

Renarc ` says:

Why the heck did Makita make a coffee machine?

Sticky Icky says:

That’s it. This is the greatest video I’ve ever seen.

Enrique says:

Best unboxing video I have ever seen

A Serious Salamander says:

Thats the worst thing about Canada, is that all our water comes in brick form and we gotta thaw it

sgmansfield says:


Roberto Vallado says:

best channel on youtube.
Saludos desde México.

Shryquill says:

Guide to putting hair on one’s chest:
Start with 150ml coffee,
Add 25ml 40% abv Lambs Navy Rum (10ml ethanol),
Final drink ((10÷(150+25))×100)= 5.7% abv,
Get hairy.

Dark Father says:

LoL this reminds me of an old machine shop owner I knew as a kid.

River Ware says:

Will you ever do a facereview?

Dennis Bellamy says:

Seeing that coffee makers makes me wanna get one but dawn that’s strong as hell and black as sin coffee

Shadec1 says:

“COOFI” this shit is the fucking funniest thing i’ve seen to date

jesus perez says:

Best darn product review videos on the Internet. Thanks so much AVE.

Avery Coffman says:

This guy is HILARIOUS!

BeGamerSl says:

The box should say: Open with a box cutter execpt if you are unce bumblefuck. If that-the feed speed is 10inches per minute and the depth of cut is 3mm.

nathan hughes says:

Laughed my arse off the entire time you were opening the box lol

Doug Chaney says:

Amazed he actually said “rectified” blowing the chance to say “rectum-fried” like my old smart ass fellow electrician said ad-obnoxirium

Lana Baker says:

try the hilti microwave…..

ThatCrazyMechanic says:

you brain dead motherf%=er was the funniest thing in the video. replayed that part 5 times or more. and the last couple minutes of it was funny too.

Joshua Dowden says:

Fuuuuuck omfg he is so fuckiing funny

FillVinf06 says:

You should be a teacher! I’m actually being educated and entertained at the same time, this is awesome, you’re awesome!

SirJoseCanseco says:

I never have any fucking idea what you’re talking about, I have zero working knowledge of electronics, tools, manufacturing, or whatever else you’re going on about in your videos – yet I can’t stop watching. Thank you for filming your insanity and for providing me with hours of entertainment. I’m learning nothing, I’m simply entertained.

Matty's Garage says:

i fast forward a little through the video to watch a man open a coffee box with a milling machine (O)_(O)

Sportscars_BE says:

That’s a way to open a box.

Mark Cunningham says:

I was eating my Toast and started Laughing!! 🙂

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