Ask a Mechanic: Basic Workshop Tools

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Ever wondered what tools pro mechanics take to a race? Find out with former Highroad team mechanic Greg O’Keeffe. The same tools that Greg uses to keep the pro’s bikes working great are the tools that most riders need in their home shop. Get a complete list in this short video.


Todd Lastname says:

Don’t skimp on a repair stand. I went the DIY route, then the cheap Sette stand, and now I have a Feedback Ultimate. I should have bought a nice repair stand from the beginning. Nice video!

Dhimiter Tumbe says:

The last tool is the most important.

mtlnascarfan says:

“…and last but not least…a bottle opener.”

I literally LOL’ed!

tymbrimi0 says:

Adding the bottle opener at the end? Pro tip…especially when you need to relax a bit after you can’t get your rear derailleur adjusted properly. 😛

David Gruver says:

Uhh, how do they plan to remove the cassette without the a wrench t for the lockring tool?

MacGordonify says:

Every tool basically is a tool opener.. I have opened a beer bottle with a credit card. So yeah. But I get your point.

Erik Voldengen says:

Pedal Wrench?  Is it 1990?

이형범 says:

You definitely need a bottle opener. The most important tool…

Pablo Ciclovida says:

thats is true, and a lots of patience

Sam Tan says:

Serious? the bottle opener is for a bottle of beer?

rastAsia says:

Love a clear vid with straight forward message and super clean audio edit. Great bicycle tool tips to boot! 

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