Architect’s Studio Essentials – 10 objects + tools

Here’s a peek inside a few of the personal effects and tools I use to run 30X40 each day. This is a sampling of my favorites, there are more of course, I’m interested to hear what makes your ‘essentials’ list.
Sources can be found here:

As presented in the video, they are:
1) Muji A5 dot
2) Pentel’s Sign Pen (black + gray)
3) Bienfang 12″ x 50 yd trace
4) Froebel blocks
5) Alvin 12″x18″ self-healing cutting mat
6) OLFA L-2 + 18MM blades (the L-2 has the rubber handle, which is nice…)
7) C-THRU cork backed, stainless steel ruler (6″/12″/18″/24″ lengths)
8) Guitar Strings (D’Addario Extra Heavy – Drop C tuning is my favorite as the gauges are heavier)
9) Gaffer’s / Painter’s tape
10) Canon pancake lenses – 24MM + 40MM provide great variety. NOTE: these are not zoom lenses, these are fixed focal lengths – that’s important! Future video to describe why…

What are your favorites?

Please watch: “Another Day in the Life | Architecture vlog”


Daniel The Bassist says:

U earned a subscriber because maybe I will gonna take architectural course after my highschool 🙂

nadeem F says:

Hey! Eric i love watching your videos keep it up. I am gonna start my architecture journey soon , would you please tell me the best drafting start .

Wilson Solt says:

I’d never have guessed anyone works on paper anymore.

mykael82 says:

You wouldn’t happen to have any good recommendations on a drafting table

Adam Pierce says:

This ended up sounding like a MAC commercial.

Arc. Shafaqat Ali says:

ماشاء اللہ

Tim Lee says:

Regarding item 7, I highly recommend an AlumiCutter ( The raised edge is especially helpful when you’re using a larger Olfa blade. As someone who’s cut their finger pretty bad using the C-THRU at first, I found that the AlumiCutter does a significantly better job protecting your fingers.

R. Mercado says:

Not bad at all! I like your presentation. I am looking forward to more!
Semper Fi

aflah ghozi says:

what a good board to make a table but it’s cheap ?

Pinwheel Builds says:

Eric, where do I find the video on documenting your work, that you mention when introducing the lenses? Why did only present the lenses, not alongside with the camera? At first I thought you may be using them to get better perspectives when looking through your models.

JamieACD says:

where do you store you “essentials” ? For example your cutter, transparent paper and pens. Do you have a little bag or regal/shelf for it?

Cassie Gray says:

Here’s a question on software. I’m finally ready to buy a new AutoCAD program, and lo and behold it’s a subscription! Clearly this is their attempt to circumvent the court ruling allowing 3rd party resale of their product.

How comfortable are you with this and would you hesitate buying a program off eBay or amazon?

fabroc8 says:

Hey Eric! two questions here…
First, would you consider doing a video showing models of your projects and talking about model making? And second, what do you do with all your models after they’ve accomplished their job? Because it’s really not green to dump them all away, so I try to recycle them when I can. I had a profesor who hanged them on his office wall (when they were small enough of course) so I started doing the same with the ones that I really liked. Thanks for reading!

Frank Peter Olaco says:

I watch ur videos everyday when traveling to school. I’m currently working on my thesls and ur videos helped a lot especially in my overnights.

Albert Adomako says:

Thanks for your video, it is very helpful. How long have you been a pro architect?

salman yusuf says:

if you create architectural models and replicate them in 3d can u make money from it

Grahamhg says:

No Molesine?

MaZEEZaM says:

I am about to look through your videos to see if you may have already done this. But what would be awesome if it was possible if you could show us or create a mock client scenario, from design phase to complete model showing us all the steps. I realise this would be a lot of work on your part but it would be really great if you could do this.

D # says:

Just get used guitar strings from a guitarist for free, they change their strings quite often.

AlGangsta Vlore says:

1st of all I thank you for the content of the video.
2nd I’ve noticed in some of your videos that you use Autofocus or even Automatic settings in the camera. Well, I would recommend you to fix it in Manual or Aperture Priority Mode, so the focus will be stable and if you fix the ISO (or define a margin) the quality in the video will be way better and we wont see the the disturbance in the background. Hope it helps.

Kevin Trout says:

I bought some Pentel sign pens after watching this and I have to say I’ve tripled the amount of hand sketches I do. They are a perfect tool. Inexpensive, unpretentious, and effective. Thanks for the recommendation.

Traian Sime says:

What is the point of phisical model making when you have a 3D virtual one?

The way I see it is a lot of work that doesn’t pay up.

Traian Sime says:

What is the point of model making when you have a 3D virtual one?

The way I see it is a lot of work that doesn’t pay up.

R. Mercado says:

A revisit some months later, I received much enjoyment on learning from you!
Semper Fi

Jose Medina says:

my firiend great video !! i am a interior desing student and this is very practical ( in. designer and architect do the same ecept arquitech works with the structure )

universalblob says:

Love it. Subscribed. It wasn’t very clear to me what you actually do with guitar strings. (I am a guitar and bass player myself, but never felt compelled to use the strings for a model)

Nirmala Nanjundappa says:

excellent work!!!

Tita La chatte says:

Amazing video sir ! i am wondering if you can tell me how to be quick in draw or work ; i am soooo slow even with instruments and tools ! when the teacher gives us an exercice; i’ve never finished it at time !!! and so that i lose the challenge and make me sooo dump of my self ! wwhat should i do plz sir.???

Troy Olmos says:

I thought the Muji notebook was my secret…lol

Traian Sime says:

What is the point of model making when you have a 3D virtual one?

The way I see it is a lot of work that doesn’t pay up.

Tin oux says:

Man, aren’t you missing something pretty importan? … a computer and a printer! , no?

uhmhaylee s. says:

I love your videos continue what your doing:)

Dr Shahoo says:

is felt nib and porous tip the same? can you share link for exact same pen. Also what pencils to use for sketching? thanks

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